Sunday, March 4, 2018

Sunday Surgery: You Shook Me


What happened? Here I was loving this show so much I was encouraging people to tune back in and --eesh. If it wasn't for the Mike story and some of the Nelle stuff, I could have skipped this week too! The show was so predictable I literally sat on twitter and called out what was going to happen. (And I didn't read the spoilers!!) 

So, here we are!! May as well have snow and maple syrup--a fave around here after a storm!

Let's talk about the one story that's working for me: Mike. I do wish it was Bobbie- but, I  love Max Gail in the part and Maurice is bringing it as well. Something different for him. And--hear me now, GH Writers: Why not have Bobbie help care for Mike since she's a nurse? Just a thought. Everyone can go over to Carly's old house which is way bigger than Sonny's. 

In one of the most heartfelt, real scenes in a long time, Carly tells Mike's GF Rita that Mike has Alzheimer's. Carly and Sonny are both assuming she'll just stay with Mike and they'll go back to NYC. Rita points out they are not married, she's an addict and they are basically just a couple that 'had a good time together". Oy. It was painful and so true for so many caretakers out there. I really hope with all my self that they show the harrowing toll caring for someone with this disease can have. Put CarSon right in the thick of it. Sure, they can afford to put him in a top memory care facility--but for now, show the nitty gritty of it all. 

These scenes are why I could basically just have this story be running for the entire show.  Not too choppy and not too rushed, Michael and Mike talk about how life will change. Mike asks Michael to remember things for him because he won't be able to for very long. This gets Michael thinking about his own child coming into the world. Great circle. 

Ava took advantage of her position to NOT have Mike charged with trespassing in her Gallery-- to wrangle some alone time with Avery. I didn't mind a bit. 

What could work WAY better?? Nelle....come on!! Go watch some Lifetime movies, will ya? There are a MILLION ways to gaslight a person-- and we don't have to see how she does all of it either! Just have weird stuff happen to Carly--a shirt of Morgan's in her bedroom...a shoe in her car. Just eerie things. Don't make it overly: "NELLE SNEAKS IN AND PLANTS AN OBJECT". Nope. Have Ava help her. Ava knows how to do devious stuff,. Have Ava do things to Nelle that makes it look like Carly's doing it so Monica lets Nelle move into the Q house!  This story could be so awesome. Now you have her trapped with Carly and I hope to hell they make NO PEACE!! Yep, I want my soapy bitches. 

Scout's birthday was cute --and at first I couldn't figure out why Oscar was there until I remembered DUH..he's her 1/2 brother. Even tho I'm not a big fan of the character as written, I'm glad he's connected to people on canvas. Bonus points for Monica. She and Drew have a special relationship and I love it. She's seen him as Alan's son--no questions asked. 

Friz Wedding: Mired in flashbacks of a "3 year old" (no way those kids are 3) -- the wedding was predictable as a groom not showing up. Bride gets dressed, bride is happy, guests arrive, people waiting on the groom. Bride biting lip in worry...eventually said groom misses the boat and it's done. Hey, Cameron showed up so, I think we can mark him down as gone for another 5 months. 

So, where IS Franco? He's in the stairwell, crying to Andrew about the past...without really telling him anything. They hug--- REALLY HUG for a long time and Andy consoles him. 'We ok"?? Just like they are long lost bros. Franco is reeling from the information that evil Harvey (Betsy's boyfriend at the time) was there on the stairs too. So, naturally he goes to confront him. 

Harvey tells Franco that Franco pushed Andy down the stairs and smirked-- Franco refuses to believe it. I'm' still wondering about that rabbit's foot. Did Franco kill a rabbit? Ha ha. Anyway, bet boots Harvey is the abuser. 

The Dance:  Ok..... this was an After School Special, right? I mean-- just no. I get the gender fluid issue...I get we're trying to be all progressive but... um...fell so flat. Some bully came in and threw red paint at the kid but it hit Josslyn instead. Oscar flipped out and started pounding on him. Drew had to talk Oscar down. Hmmm, am I sensing anger issues that son will have just like dear old Dad did?  
I'm still waiting for the day that soaps can get a teen scene right without making me feel like it's squeaky clean and made for a Disney show. 

The Earthquake: . I think this probably happened because ol' Harvey is fracking the hell out of the area, but ??? We are on a fault line in WNY--and  Port Charles did have one in 
Anyway...I predicted it all: 

JaSam are together--- at the Q house!! 

JossCar make out in the freezer--and you know they'll get trapped. And Joss!! With that Cartullo dress on!! She's going to be cold!!  awwww. whoops. 

Carly's going to be stuck with NELLE in the Art Gallery and we all know Nelle is going to have cramps or something and Grandma Carly is going to have to help her thru it. 

Kim and Drew will be at the Floating Rib together, searching for their son...Dramazzz

Franco's with Abuser Harvey...will that prompt some more memories? 

Question is: did we really need this to trap a bunch of people together to move the stories forward? Meh... (which is how I feel about GH lately).  If you're not killing people off, I'm not interested. Where oh where did the fun pacing go from just a month ago?? 

Jordan visits a shirtless Curtis while he's in jail.

For your viewing pleasure. They are trying hard to involve Jordan in Curtis in this Charles street story. Where's Stella? Where's TJ? Sure Curtis looks gorge behind those bars but get something happening!! 

FACE OF THE WEEK: "un-named Bully" -- Who at first, looked like Jacob Young to me (Lucky #2)-- but now? Christian Slater in Heathers. Ooooooo, wait, wouldn't a "Heathers" type storyline be cool? this climate probably not. We just can't be cynical and dark anymore. Damn it. 

I saw that Julian is going to save Molly? Really? 

Other Notes: 
Peter August might have what Faison had-- do I care? Nope. 
Anna's going to go look for her midwife to find answers. Do I care? Nope. 
Maxie's story could be compelling--? I guess?
Lulu's journalism stuff...meh. 

And....that's a wrap!! 


  1. Like some others here, I also thought that the bully said, "Freeze," still not sure what he said. What a shame, Joss's beautiful dress. . .

    A friend of mine told me about a book called "The End of Alzheimer's." Yes, there really is a protocol out there to prevent/reverse cognitive decline. The author practices functional medicine, which treats the body as an organic whole (as opposed to Western medicine doctors, who mostly treat the various parts and deal with symptoms rather than causes), seeking to find the cause of the imbalance in the body that is producing the symptoms. This moves away from the disease model (with its pills and surgery), working instead in the healing mode.

    I totally support the holistic approach to medicine, and use it in my psychotherapy as well. I highly recommend this book--I wish that Sonny would find it to help to treat Mike!

  2. Great SS! Well, we can see why the ratings last recorded were almost as low as Days. The Mike storyline is well done and well acted, but not enough to hold the audience. The process of redeeming Franco has resulted in having him look more unhinged than ever. That storyline is also too long drawn out. The only good thing for me was that Cam was on and the wedding didn’t take place. They really didn’t need an earthquake to shake things up. I hate Kiki always turning on Ava, especially when she just wants to see her kid. Not a great week.

  3. Thanks for another great SS. I don't think we have to worry about fatalities. This is GH. They won't kill any of the characters, especially since most of the trapped ones are "new" hires. I'd personally love to see a few of them gone. Nelle being killed and losing the baby would give Michael some meaty stuff for a change.Lulu getting killed at the dance would have major repercussions too, on a lot of people.

    And Poor Curtis. He should have been out so he could be involved. Maybe Harvey ends up dead and there's suspicion as to how it happened. Was it Franco, Curtis, or the quake? But no. You know, more half naked guy on set was much more important. ( I love him and his body but that scene was ridiculous. He was in a cell for a few hours not wasting away in the big house and needing exercise.)

    And I bet they'll clear the aftermath up in one episode and be back to daytime boring.

  4. I really hope the Franco story meets it's end soon. Why does the character have to be so bad crazy when he can be good crazy. Loved him teaching art. So many stories could come out of that just like your idea of an apartment building with several characters living in it. Perhaps this unsurprising earthquake is a result of someone wanting changes in the set designs. We shall see.

  5. AntJoan, the bully said "Freaks!" It was laughably bad and horrendously acted. I don't think the intention was for us to crack up laughing.

    Great SS, Wubs. You pretty much nailed everything.

  6. The anti-bully campaigns are rampant now and throwing paint on someone at a private dance is weak writing, there were so many more ideas that could've come from this storyline, oh well. Of course Sam and Jason are trapped together and of course Josselyn and Oscar are trapped in the freezer, and of course there's no wedding because Franco is trapped in a trailer with Harvey. My guess is that Franco was trying to hide Drew from Harvey both in the toy chest and the basement. Would be super interesting if Harvey had sexually abused the boys and watching super Macho Drew dealing with the aftermath of finding out he was a sexual abuse victim. Probably too dark for abc to go there. Roger Howarth looked spectacular in that tuxedo though...damn

  7. Great SS again this week, Karen. Things just feel all over the place, is about the best way I can think to describe things. At least though, it isn't nearly as much of a jumbled up mess that Y&R has become over the last several months when their current EP also took over the duties of head writer, also!

    I'm still waiting for the day that soaps can get a teen scene right without making me feel like it's squeaky clean and made for a Disney show.

    ** It'll probably be around the time that soaps know and UNDERSTAND the way anything technological works.


  8. Just want to say I love your homage to Little House re: snow with maple sugar. Ma thanks you. Hee hee hee.



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