Thursday, March 29, 2018

The Life Train

Still rolling for me! Yesterday I got home at 2:45 and had so much paperwork to do I couldn't watch. Today is the "end of the month" so I will be home even later. I heard Dr. Bensch kissed Kiki. Now, think about it--if KRIS Alderson still played her--and he did that? Ewww. I mean, Max Holden and Starr would have been seared in my brain!! 

The show seems to be at a lull right now, imo. Too many thread stories and not enough focus on the Mike drama.  If I have to see Peter and Maxie all spring and summer I will hurl. I can just picture him while she gives birth telling her to breathe and push. 


  1. March 29th episode.

    Police station: Sam put the empty coffee cup nicely in the garbage! ROFL! Hahahaha yeah right. :) Oh glad they showed the flashback, cus I forgot how they met.. I remember now!! :)


    Sam: Oh boo hoo! I don't know who I am! I have to find myself! Boo hoo!!!! Jason can we have eye sex just one more time before I leave?

    Jason: If that's what you want. I just want you to be happy!

    *Jasam has eyes sex for a few minutes and then she leaves*

    Maxie's home:

    Hiney and Maxie: Oh come on really!!?!?! He stays for dinner?!?!?! UGH! They are so boring! They talk about the same damn thing!! Oh Hiney sticks up for his Lulu. :) That is sweet Hiney, but don't please!

    Outside CarlyKim's apartment:

    Carly and Drew:

    Drew: You got your wish. Go ahead and celebrate.

    Oh she is Drew! In her head!

    Carly: To help them not to hurt you.

    HUH?! That makes no sense!!! Shut up Carly!!!


    JossCar: Love that she is taking care of him.. Awwww. :)

    Drew and Oscar: Awww more bonding moments. :)

    The hospital:

    Liz and CarlyKim: Gee are they besties now? They are so close that Liz can tell her what the problem is?

    Private room:

    BobTodd and Kiwi: Wow! Kiwi is so wise!!!! :)

    Friz: Great scene!!!!! Yeah Liz is right.. She can't help with the process. You have to do this yourself BobTodd. Find out the truth THEN get back with Liz. :)

    Dr. Benchy's office:

    Benchy and Kiwi: Oh man! When he kissed her, I yelled out OH NO! At first I thought she was seeing things, but then I realized it really happened!

    Storage room: Oh Kiwi!!!! :( Be strong and go tell Monica, and then BobTodd!!!!! Man he is going to be so pissed!!!!

    1. Ohhhh he really is going to be pissed. Someone else had mentioned that without the recast it would've essentially been Starr kissing Max. I think that would've made me scream and throw up all at once. Could you imagine Todd's reaction to that? Alas, I miss OLTL. Hope Franco can come up with something better than a dog crate to stick him in. Maybe they can stick him in sub-basement 6 and reseal the concrete

    2. I was hoping Kiki would go find Franco, he's always been close like a surrogate dad, but she found a stairwell instead.

  2. Michelle, you made me laugh out loud!

    1. LOL! I seriously just LOL for real KT4GH 😁🤣😊

  3. "Alicia said... Someone else had mentioned that without the recast it would've essentially been Starr kissing Max.'

    Yeah I read that.. It's true!!! Gross!!!! :)

  4. I will never feel as though Sam is "finding herself" or "growing as a person" as long as they keep playing the great-Jasam-love song every time she & Steve Burton are in a scene together. It truly feels as though TPTB are forcing that pairing on me. What makes it even WORSE is that, literally, the week before SB came back they were playing that same song for her and BM.

  5. Ava's home: Auggy is Faison's son! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

    Grava: Oh! I like their scenes. I like that Ava helped him to decide what to do! And I like that as tempting as she was, she didn't read it! :)

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Lulu and Spinny:

    Lulu: Whine whine whine. Maxie. Whine whine whine whine.

    ValeNina: Keep digging Nina! You and your cleavage keep digging for the truth. :)

    Nina and Lulu: Oh Lulu! You have some nerve!!!!! Good for you Nina! You tell her!!!

    V.C. and Lulu: Hmmm working together eh? Interesting.

    Maxie's home: OH COME ON!!!! SERIOUSLY!?!!? He freakin slept over?!?!! I can't! I'm done!

    Spinny and Maxie: I love you Spinny, but really shut up about Lulu!

    Georgie and Maxie: GEORGIE!!!!!!! :) Awwwww. :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Jason and Anna: Blah blab blah. Talking about the rewrite baby.

    Corinthos table: Awwwwww! Love the scene!!!


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