Friday, March 23, 2018

False Alarm

Sam told Drew she loves Jason and him. Cries. Drew looks pissed. Or hurt....or both 

Drew: You love us both...why did we get married? 

Sam crying a lot... Drew gets all teary eyed-- "you said..your vows"... 
Crying crying...Drew's not having it. Sam's trying to explain, he's like why didn't you say anything!!? He starts crying.."I can't stay here" ...more bawling from Sam. She mentions Scout. He's like, yeah, I love her. BUT...he leaves and puts his wedding ring on the desk. 

Spinelli is in town, he brought Georgie to see Maxie.  He's going to pretend to be Henrick. 

Carly's got an office all of a sudden?? So, Nello puts a "morgan" scarf in her office--complete with dried blood. Then, she pulls the fire alarm, forcing Carly to leave the office. Carly tells Jason about the scarf and when she goes to show him--IT'S GONE!!  Jason, Spin and Carly are going to figure out it's Nelle in about 2 minutes. Geesh, at least make Nelle be a BIT crafty. 

Mike's getting in an angry stage of the disease... and Sonny also uses it as an opportunity to tell Michael what a great Dad HE was.  Because you know, Mike wasn't... whatever. Sonny actually learns a lesson: Make Mike feel good now, despite the past you remember, 'remember' his past. Nice touch.

Jules is out to eat with Kim.  They kiss. 

Maddox sees Sonny-- I think Sonny might think he  can help Mike? Yes, he's going to ask him about his experiments. 

Anna and Finn: UGH... Anna 'There's this THING in between us" yada yada.. and then Alexis shows up.  I guess Alexis and Finn were pretending to be a couple? 

I spotted Brad at Kelly's!!  He and Nelle talk about his adoption. They are in the "processing" stage. 


  1. Why are Brad and Nelle talking about adoption? Is she going to give hers and Michael's up?!

  2. Thanks for the warning. Not really up for another Sam bawlfest today. Then again, I'm never really up for that kind of hot mess. lol...

  3. Billikers, I can’t imagine Nelle giving up her “meal ticket” as she probably considers the baby. I do think maybe the baby Brad and Lucas are adopting is Hayden and Finn’s. I cannot believe Monica had Nelle come live in the mansion given the situation with Michael. I’m glad Michael moved out.

  4. The pier:

    Finchy and Anna: What in the hell is this mess?!!?!?! Anna is acting like a school girl who can't talk to the boy she likes! UGH! Awful scene just awful!!!! Oh thank Goodness Alexis arrived to interrupt the hot mess!

    Paint and Wall's home:

    Paint and Wall: Oh well they weren't boring today. Actually felt so bad for Drew. :( Poor guy! I just want to hug him! The one thing that bugged me, was Sam wanting Drew to look at her.. LOOK AT HER! Why? Gonna hypnotize him?

    Metrourt restaurant:

    Carly and Michael: Awww love the scene. Glad Michael is moving temporarily to the hotel! :) Oh and there is Jason.. So basically,


    Carly and Jason: Oh no! More Sam talk! Does Carly have an off switch? ROFL! Has it been added yet? :)

    Jason and Spinny: OH!! Spinny!!! Pretending to be Hiney? Okay but be careful cus remember you have a daughter now!

    Carly's office:

    Carly, Spinny, and Jason: Janey do you want Carly to lose her mind? Cus it's not working. You just confused her. And Jason will get to the bottom of this, and you will be in huge trouble.

    The hospital:

    Sonny and Mike: Hmmmm. Maybe Mike was watching Sonny when he was a kid kicking cans, and Sonny never knew!

    Anna and Maddox: Hey! Anna! Don't be blaming Maddox for his advice! It was really good advice! You are the one who screwed up!


    Julian and Alexis: I am glad Alexis lied to Julian! Now you can move on Julian!!! Julian wins the line of the day.

    Julian: Just like the one before him. Dr. Belch.

    ROFL! First Ted for Ned, and now Belch for Benchy hahahahaha!

    Julian and CarlyKim: Great scene with them!!! Love that they were eating the pie and then kissed later! He can move on with her!!! :)

    Janey and Brad: HUH?! Why is she talking to Brad? What does she want from him?

  5. LiamAZ said...

    Thanks for the warning. Not really up for another Sam bawlfest today. Then again, I'm never really up for that kind of hot mess. lol...


    "KT4GH said...I do think maybe the baby Brad and Lucas are adopting is Hayden and Finn’s"

    Ohhhhh! Interesting theory! I didn't even think about that!

  6. Didn't finish watching yet, but just need to say what I said before, that it is selfish and crazy for Sam to do this. She needs to grow up, stay married to Drew and keep her mouth shut, for all of their sakes, including the kids. However, I know it is now too late, as she told Drew of her feelings of love for Jason, now it will just be a hot mess.

    1. She is so selfish....blubbering and making it all about her.😬 I hate her and felt so bad for Drew. Granted this was all done to her Drew and Jason by Raisin but she should have told Drew how she felt from the beginning.

  7. Seriously. Doesn’t the metro court have security cameras??

  8. AntJoan, I couldn’t imagine staying married to someone if in love with my husband who returned from the dead. It’s a horrible situation for her. Likewise, if the situation was reversed and my husband’s long lost love came back from the dead, I would not stay with him while he loved another. The kids will remain alright because they are already connected to all the key players in this dibacle. Sam was damned if she did or didn’t tell him the truth. She was honest with him. That is always good. I just don’t understand why the writers had them get married. Bad move. Also, the thing is, Sam and Drew wanted to be rid of danger- they never will be. Drew got his feelings hurt when he wasn’t included in knowing everything re: Faison and Sam will always want to be in the middle of dangerous situations. The whole media thing... with those two, I don’t see it. I’m very happy Sam was honest with Drew. He will recover his memories with Kim (perhaps) and be blissfully in love. I’m enjoying Tamara Braun in her character role. She was in a lifetime movie I just saw- stalked by my ex- she did a good job.

  9. KT, well, we have different opinions on the Sam situation. She DOES love Drew, and has a safe life with him, that is the best thing for her kids. Now what are her choices--be married to them both? I do agree about TB, I just was thinking yesterday that she must be a really good actress because she is so believable as Kim Nero that it is hard to remember that she ever was Carly.

    1. I like her as Kim, never as Carly but I hope that they don't pair Drew and Kim. I like her with Jules.

  10. i find sam the most unlikable character on gh. she mourned jason for about 1 minute,then she fell in love with silas than patrick and now she must be regretting taking fake jason from liz. now we get to listen to sam cry and mumble.

  11. True, Witch. Sam has not been very likeable the past few years. The writers did not do Kelly Monaco any favors. I can’t stand when writers test actors’ chemistry so often. It ruins stories. Testing behind the scenes more often between actors to check chem test would do actors justice for character integrity and believability. Writers cannot make us their minds and run with a story without thinking it through many times, in my opinion.

  12. "Michelle Latta said...She is so selfish....blubbering and making it all about her.😬"

    And she was trying to hypnotize him! She kept saying look into my eyes! ROFL!

    "I hope that they don't pair Drew and Kim. I like her with Jules."

    Yeah I like CarlyKim with "Charlie" too!!! :) I love that they kissed! :)

  13. Loved your article on Roger, Todd, Franco.I love how he is taking Franco to a different direction

  14. Steve Burton, Billy Miller, Tamara Braun...the other 3 folks in this "quadrangle" are ALL Daytime Emmy winners. Kelly M - Oh hell no. She can't act and furthermore the Sam character is LAME and has been deadweight to GH for years. Her lack of acting skills really sticks out now as she tries to emote being torn between thug hitman Jason and the dumped on Drew. Sad.

  15. Sam married Drew after already knowing that Jason was back, so she should stand by her vows, she made her choice. I've never seen a problem with KM's acting, I think the problem is how she is written . . .

  16. I do see your point AntJoan. And I agree the writing is awful for her, including when she tried to kill Sonny... so dumb. Now, zilch interaction with Sonny who she claimed to love. I do think Drew will regain his memories and feelings for Kim.

  17. I was actually really glad that Drew walked out on her instead of staying and waiting around for her to pick Jason. All of the blubbering and crying about how she had to "find herself" is just crap. You have to make yourself feel better for making a bad choice, cheating on your husband and lying about it. And yes I do consider kissing someone else cheating, not to mention the "emotional cheating" she totally had going on with Jason. If you weren't sure who you wanted, don't get married, idiot. I don't blame him for leaving his ring either, no doubt they'll string all of the Dream fans along for awhile before calling it.
    Really was hoping for Franco/Betsy scene, but guess I'll have to wait for next week.

  18. I agree with many that the Sam character has been poorly written for. However, that is I guess what happens when you pimp the hell out of a character that isn't tied to the canvas in any way. Then they created a family for her, gave her a slutty background as a character with more crimes than most, made her slutty when she slept with both Sonny and Jax in a 24 hour period (likely 3 hours) and then made Alexis her mother - that I believe was such a horrible mistake. I think Alexis was once a great character and is now just a hot mess - ever since they threw her into bed with Sonny, but it's been worse in recent years. So, back to Sam-centric. Then they tied her to the Jerome family . She's already tied to the Q's. I'm just not sure that making her such a pivotal-central character, along with Sonny, Carly, and Jason was such a wise decision. There are many characters in the history of GH that had much less airtime who will remain more memorable to many viewers.

  19. LiamAz-I totally agree with you. Lets not forget she slept with Ric, her mothers husband.


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