Thursday, March 22, 2018

Short and Sour.

The two Carlys are talking... about JossCar. Tams mentions almost losing Oscar. "I can't imagine losing my son"... and Carly cries.  THEN SHE tells her ALL about losing Morgan. How Morgan was great... yada yada. 

Michael and Nelle.  GET THIS IN GEAR!! High gear!!  She's just NOT PSYCHO enough yet. I don't want to hear about damn birthing classes every. other. day.!!  Michael's moving out of the Q mansion. Into the Metro Court. Which further waters down the story. 

Anna and Maddox joggin on the pier. Guess we have to use that set since it's out. She's talking about finding her kid. I have NO interest in this at all. None.  Done with babies from the past. I've seen over 40 years of them. 

Franco and Drew got the ok to leave the hospital.  They told Sam and Liz about the Harvey past. But they don't know all of it. 

Alexis and Finn were eating lunch and Julian interruptus. 

Geesh, I guess I'm not interested in much. 


  1. Can I just mention that DAY ONE when Dr. Kim met the Sonny and Carly - she said OScar and Joss wouldn't be together long - because of Sonny's mob relations - and did she or did she not say she wouldn't break them up because she knew it wouldn't last BUT if it did, she would do something about it? Now suddenly she's okay with it?
    did I miss something?

  2. Barbara -
    Maybe because she is falling for someone who was in the mob herself? Or Oscar's dad has mob ties now? Or more likely, the writers forgot that they wrote that to begin with.

  3. Kind of ironic that Carly#4 is crying about Morgan's death to Carly#2, who actually gave birth to Morgan back in the day. Hmm...making my brain hurt a little.
    How exactly did Nelle have keys to Carly's office? And aren't there security cameras in that freaking hotel? not to mention ugly scarf is covered in her DNA. Guess pregnancy brain has made Nelle really stupid instead of forgetful.
    So glad that Franco didn't hold back with Elizabeth when talking about his PTSD, so tired of the "can't let Liz find out" song and dance. She's a rape survivor, so she does have some perspective on how to deal with trauma. Will be interesting to see how much of the abuse route they go with Harvey, physical, emotional and/or sexual. Could further help explain why Franco did the messed up stuff he did. They seem bent on redeeming Franco's character and this would be a good way.
    Actually feel sorry for Drew because Sam is going to break his heart into a million pieces. Hope he ends up with someone better in the long run.

    1. Nell may still have keys from when she was Carlys assistant.

  4. Billikers said:
    the writers maybe forgot -

    EXCELLENT POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Barbara: the writers seem to forget a lot of things. I'm still waiting for some fallout over that stolen prom dress.

    Alicia: When Franco descriped Harvey stroking his back and tousling his hair I instantly thought sexual abuse. Up to that point I wasn't sure.

    1. With different writers on different days I sometimes think that they only know what is going on the show when they are writing.

  6. Metrocourt Carly's office:

    Carly and CarlyKim: Are they gonna be besties? :) Oh Carly! Don't warn CarlyKim about Julian! It's not her business since CarlyKim and Julian are not a couple! Awww talking about their kids and being all sentimental.. Much more like it. :)

    The hospital:

    Janey and Michael: Janey!!! Michael is over you and moving on and moving out, and there is NOTHING you can do about it!!!

    Paint and Wall, and Friz: YAY! The guys are okay!!! WOOT WOOT! :)

    Sam and Liz:

    Liz: Well I guess we know that Franco never wanted to hurt Drew.

    Sam: Do we?

    OH SHUT UP SAM!!!! GAH! If Drew and BobTodd become friends, then you have got to get over it!!

    Private room:

    Friz: Awwww great scene!!!!!!! Made me cry! :( Are they back together? :)


    Anna and Maddox: Blah blah talking about the rewrite baby.


    Finchy and Alexis: Alexis wins the line of the day.


    Alexis: And Roxy? Did her beard go down?

    Julian, Finchy, and Alexis: Julian all jelly!!!! Oh leave them alone Julian!!! Go find CarlyKim!



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