Thursday, March 1, 2018

Friz Wedding

Epiphany is her maid of honor.. Awww..Felix and Kiki come in with surprise champagne. 

Drew and Franco on the stairs.... Franco's crying like a baby-- trauma!!  Drew holds him (yes, HOLDS him) , tells him to breathe. Franco says "Drew--I remember--the RUNS"!!  He stops...tries talking and says "We were little kids" then Kim calls Drew and Drew says "We ok"? and leaves. Franco flashbacks to a guy's pants on the stairs. You know it's Harvey. 
Franco shows up in Harvey's construction trailer. "It's about time you showed up" He confronts Harvey and says "Can you tell me why Betsy sent Drew away"??  Harvey says no..why would I? Franco says: "I remember" -No one is leaving here until you tell me exactly what you did. 

CAMERON IS ON!! This is not a DRILL!! CAMERON! Not aged, same ol' Cam!! 

Guests: Ava... Griffin...Scotty... Kevin.  

Some crap going on about the Charles Street thing--- Harvey is mad Curtis stole his map. He wants Jordan to arrest Curtis...she does to keep up the pretense because she has him working for her.  Curtis tells her later that the map shows Harvey wants what's BENEATH Charles' Street. Hmmm, is this where the earthquake is coming from? Fracking?? where are the kids going to have their cool dance?? Oh! Anna gives her party venue up. She and Finn pick up their medals at PCPD. 

SO, I found out the WSB got Andre out to do the brain mapping?? Welp. Ok. 

Frizz wedding: Frizzled out

I guess Tristan Rogers is back in June?? 


  1. Poor Liz is having like her 100th wedding, and no sister or parents in sight . . .

  2. ...and now Varni is back-peddling saying GH wants Genie for a major Laura-centric storyline...we shall see.

  3. The hospital:

    Anna and DocFinchy: Oh Anna!! Cut it out and just tell him how you feel!!! GAH you used to be so strong! You have changed over the years.. Now you are just all weeepy!

    CarlyKim, Oscar, and Julian: Why can't the hospital just give them a big room to go in and have the dance? Oh glad Oscar has a place to go to. :)


    Drew and BobTodd: Oh oh! BobTodd having a panic attack!!! Awww touching foreheads. :) You can feel they are in wuv. :) Actually this was a great scene.

    The wedding chapel:

    Ava and Kiwi: Knock it off Kiwi!!!!!! Stop being so damn self righteous!!!!

    Scotty and Ava: Scotty are you all jelly? :) Scotty wins the lines of the day.

    Scotty: Well well well, Ava and her gigalo as the story goes. So he still prays. Does that mean when you two get down to business smoke appears? This guy he's got no personality. You should take him to the circus or something.

    ROFL! I love you Scotty!!! He is making Ava laugh too! :) She knows he doesn't mean anything by it. :)

    Scotty: With everything that you've been through, if you're happy, then I'm happy.

    Awwwwww. :)

    Scotty and Doc: I am IN LOVE with this scene!!! :)

    Liz's room: YAY PARTY TIME! YAY FELIX!!! You still with your boyfriend? :) Kiwi what the hell are you wearing?

    Police station:

    Jurtis and Harvey: Oh what a joke! Arresting Curtis! ROFL! I bet you are so happy Harvey!

    Jurtis: Hmmm so there is something underneath? Are there bodies buried? Or the truth buried?

    DocFinchy and Anna: Oh cool they got medals! Too bad we didn't see it all happen and it was all off screen.

    Harvey's office:

    Harvey and BobTodd: Hmmmm. Why did little BobTodd want Little Drew to go down the stairs so badly? Was Harvey after them? Were they hiding from him? Was Harvey abusing the two boys or just 1? Maybe he was abusing little Drew and that's why little BobTodd locked little Drew in that chest. And he didn't mean to push little Drew down the stairs, he just wanted to protect him? Adult BobTodd's voice in the flashback. Hahahaha. Strange.

  4. They needed to add Lucy into the Scotty and Kevin scene for a little Port Charles throwback!

  5. kdmask said...

    I guess Tristan Rogers is back in June??

    ** All I've been able to find is that he starts taping on Mar. 19. With the 55th Anniversary at the beginning of Apr, I was thinking that might play a part in his return. After having read FV say in several interviews over the last few weeks, that he want's to do something "special" for that. In any case, I'm just VERY thrilled about his return! Having loved him since he first appeared during Ice Princess days!! We've been over due for some GOOD news for awhile now!


  6. AntJoan said...

    Poor Liz is having like her 100th wedding, and no sister or parents in sight . . .

    ** Nor even a mention of her grandmother!


  7. OMG, that's right! Audrey should have been invited to the wedding!

  8. Finally getting to watch, Kikis dress is hideous. Roger did a great job in his scenes with Billy Miller.

  9. AntJoan, she probably saw the opportunity to NOT be watching Liz's kids for once and went on a vacation! :p

  10. Question:

    Liz's half-brother, Steven Lars, has Heather for a mom, right? And so does Franco? So for him, it would be like his half-siblings marrying each other?

  11. AntJoan said...

    OMG, that's right! Audrey should have been invited to the wedding!

    ** Yes!! Her name never even came up ONCE. That's just plain wrong, and it really surprised me. (Though, it probably shouldn't have, sadly)




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