Friday, March 16, 2018

So, How's It Goin??

I saw some pics of Franco in distress. I take it he was abused. OF COURSE he was! I love Roger so I'll want to watch the scenes...

How's Julian and Alexis going? Is he with Kim???? 

Is Maxie away from Pete? We need a good nickname for him.  I just don't like him. 

The Finn brother thing is so funny. 

She's the Mary Kennicott of know, Nelle Bad...She good. 


  1. "Is Maxie away from Pete? We need a good nickname for him. I just don't like him."

    Nope she isn't. I call him Hiney or Auggy. :) I like him. I don't like Harvey and Chase.. Chase never smiles and looks so stiff! UGH!

  2. OK, I call him Hiney, and Peter means, well, you know what it means . . . So someone must not like the character if they think he is a d--k and an ass. That said, I am not clever enough to come up with a nickname for someone named after 2 body parts . . . anyone??

    1. Hiney is perfect for his character IS an ass. I don't care if he is Anna's kid. DO NOT LIKE HIM as being our precious Robins brother!

  3. I can not stand how sam talks to liz.sam is a miserable B. she must of forgotten all the things she did to liz, cause of her jealousy of jake. and I like peter he has chemistry with maxie.

    1. Thank you finally someone who feels like I do about Sam. I am so tired of her holier-than-thou act she must have forgotten all the thing she has done and is still doing.

  4. "AntJoan said...and Peter means, well, you know what it means . . . So someone must not like the character if they think he is a d--k and an ass. That said, I am not clever enough to come up with a nickname for someone named after 2 body parts . . . anyone??"


  5. Carson home:

    Stella, Carson, Michael, and Mike: GAH! This is HEARTBREAKING!!!!! Made me cry!!! Stop it writers just stop it! :'( Great scene! Love that Stella is part of this.

    Stella and Sonny: Stella gave great advice! I love that the writers didn't treat this like a forced advertisement! Felt so real!!!!

    Stella and Carly: Get brochures from your car?!?!! HUH?! Why weren't they in your briefcase Stella? How odd.

    Michael and Mike: GAH!!!! So very sad!!!!! Especially when they talked about Lila and Edward! :'(

    Carly and Michael: Michael has a date! YAY!!!!! Surprised that Carly didn't bring up the girl before. :) Carly is right thought! Janey is NOT going to be happy about Francesca!!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Anna and Maddox: Blah blah blah! Talking about the rewrite baby. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    The hospital:

    Griffy's office:

    Griffy and Hiney: Oh oh! Griffy is figuring things out!!!! Yes Griffy, Hiney's mama is Anna! Yes get that DNA TEST!! :) Glad Hiney doesn't have Huntington's!

    Nurses station:

    Nina and Maxie: Nina reading the article about how women can catch their own babies! HAHAHAHAHA! I was thinking like a football? Then Nina says it! ROFL!

    Sam and Liz: SHUT UP SAM!!!! GAH! I want to knock your block off!!!! ARGH!

    Maxie and Hiney: Whew glad Nathan Jr doesn't have Huntington's! :) I don't want Hiney with Maxie! I want him with Lulu!!!!

    Nina and Griffy: When Nina was crying, I was thinking it's either crying of joy and relief, or crying because baby Nathan Jr has the disease.

    Nina, Maxie, and Hiney: Maxie wins the line of the day!

    Maxie: He's here to talk to someone about getting a vasectomy.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! PRICELESS!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Anna would have won the line of the day with this ding dong, this ding dong comment, but Maxie's line took the cake and stole it! :)

    Ava's art gallery:

    Ava and Janey: Ava's lipstick vs Janey's lipstick! Who's is better? :) I choose Janey's.

    Janey and her plan: HAHAHAH I LOVE IT! :) Although the dripping of her blood, ewww.. :) But besides that, Evil genius!!!

    Police station:

    Anna and Jordan: Are they still Besties? :)

    Liz, Sam, and Jordan: Uh okay forget Jordan you two! You just go and work together!!!

    Liz and Sam:

    Sam: I work alone.

    GAH! I still want to knock Sam's block off!!! Liz is right you idiot! This isn't work! It's family!!!!

  6. Great nursing job that Liz has though. She can just walk out of the hospital and go look for her missing man.

    1. That's what i was thinking the doctors and nurses can just leave in the middle of their shift without permission every time they have a personal issue.

  7. Yes, it is crazy that Sam now wants to tell Drew that she still loves Jason. Yes, she has a problem, but now she is making it her husband's and kids' problem. She is not ready to leave Drew, and, as she loves him and married him and her kids now have some stability, she just needs to suck it up and stay married, for the sake of her kids, if no one else. What other options does she have when she loves 2 men? Does she want NY law to make an exception for her so that she can be married to both of them?

  8. Yeah Sam. No brother husbands allowed.

  9. Well, AntJoan, for someone who can't do funny names, you did pretty well.
    And as for two husbands in NY state, why not brothers? Heck, our Brother Hubs would be ACTUAL brothers, unlike the sister wives.
    It is so strange to see one of "My Two Dads" as such a villain, and he is doing a great job of it. I hate him! But unlike Nelle, who I would like to see just suddenly self-implode, I am merely waiting to see him get his just come-uppance.
    The scene last week between Sam and Jason was so nice and so well done, and then they had to let Sam be such a PIA. Maybe now that Franco and Drew look as though they might be friends, Drew could "accidentally" lose Sam in the desert, and Franco would cover for his new BFF?????
    Happy St. Patty's day to all.

  10. "Di said...Yeah Sam. No brother husbands allowed."


    "ishouldreadmore said... and then they had to let Sam be such a PIA."

    What's a PIA?

  11. I think maybe she means pain in the a... lol

  12. Di, funny, I was going to say that--brother husbands!! That is what I thought when I was writing about her marrying both of them!! Love the concept!

  13. "Di said.. I think maybe she means pain in the a... lol"

    Oh! ROFL!


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