Sunday, March 25, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Don't Touch Me

A short week for me because of life-- so here's a little something for you involving FREW.  Some tidbits at the end. Enjoy

Let's DO THIS!!
Bobby--you got the rabbit's foot? 
Nutter Butters?
You ready to be trapped and have an intense convo about the past? 
Didn't Jason get one last week? 
Yeah...with Sam...and here I am with you... 
Sorry, Dude..that's how it rolls..

So... I think I should begin by.....

Um, you're not going to sing are you?? Because this is bad enough as dialog, I couldn't take it. 

Nope, no singing ... but I do have deep, dark secrets... ones that involve an older man and a young boy...the dark... and a rabbit's foot. 

So, I take it the tumor Diane put in a jar didn't work? 

Not even close. People are STILL hating on Harvey. 

And if this doesn't work? 
Hell if I know.... maybe I can become Todd again? 
Todd who? 
Never mind, you had to be there. 

I guess we're doing this, huh? You want to hear my story? Or should we just jump...

GOOD Choice!! That was fun... kinda like a ....rebirth.
You didn't just say that did you? You sound like a soap opera!!
AHAHAHAA....and look, my belly is whiter than your's!
You did eat all the Nutter Butters, brother. 
Aw, aren't we adorable? 

Shut up...
No, YOU shut up...

And...there you have it.  Trying to redeem or at least explain Franco attempt number 78,000.  Great acting by both RoHo and Billy. 

Other things you should know: 

Stella schooled Sonny on Alzheimer's... and he went out and is trying to get Dr. Maddox to experiment on Mike. Ergo, he thinks he can overpower it. 

Nelle is doing a terrible job at trying to scare Carly--or make her think she's crazy. Really bad job. AND WHAT SELF-RESPECTING PSYCHO LEAVES THEIR DNA on the evidence?? 

Sam cried a lot when she told Drew she still loves Jason. And him. Both of them. He wasn't having it. He left in a huff and put his ring on the desk. BYE! 

FACE OF THE WEEK: Ut oh....did something move??? 

So, let's see how this week goes. I wasn't very interested in coming back-- not a lot was interesting. Bench is finally becoming the perv we thought he was. Such a strange journey for this character. Anna's still looking for that kid. People on the show that had secret kids: Monica, Leslie, Bobbie, Heather, Laura...Alexis.... yada yada zzzzzzzzz.



  1. The Few and Friz scenes were the highlight of the week. Followed by Drew walking out on Sam. Yeah!!! I try to like her but i just can't.
    Waiting for Kiki to find herself Port Charles next rape victim, Bensch will claim she slept with him voluntarily to get into the mentor program. Franco has PTSD attack from childhood trauma and freaks out and kills Bensch, Drew had childhood flashbacks and kills Harvey.
    Neither Nathan Jr or Henrik/Peter have Huntington's because the brain they autopsied wasn't Faison's, had someone switch bodies before body went to morgue or something. Really don't think this is a coincidence. If they were going to bother bringing Huntington's into it, they should have at least given it to somebody!! Peter would be my choice obviously. His creeping on Maxie is quite annoying and obvious.

  2. "Nelle is doing a terrible job at trying to scare Carly--or make her think she's crazy. Really bad job. AND WHAT SELF-RESPECTING PSYCHO LEAVES THEIR DNA on the evidence??"

    HAHAHAHAHA! She should have used pigs blood!!! :)

    "FACE OF THE WEEK: Ut oh....did something move???"

    ROFL! Seinfeld reference? :) It moved!!! It shrinks in cold water! Like a frightened turtle! ROFL!

  3. "Michelle Latta said...LOL Sonya!!"


  4. TOTALLY a Seinfeld reference :)

  5. "kdmask said...TOTALLY a Seinfeld reference :)"

    Hahaha! Love it! :)


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