Monday, December 7, 2020

Monday Muse

 Oh I just got behind today! I will have to watch the show tonight!! Here's a great pic I found on Twitter that Jackie Z posted for Kin's birthday. SORRY!! 


  1. so when I read this yesterday here I don't think it was KM/Sam - I think it might be NLG/Alexis - SURELY she is tired of the same-o, same-o...…..I still can't believe she didn't question Neil's death - that she didn't try to figure out what really happened.....or maybe it's "Jordan" - not really many from which to choose...BUT if it is a guy, then I think it might be Finn/Chase/Franco...

    --------So, a little jibber-jabber from behind the scenes puts someone who's not happy with their material right in the middle of a squabble. That's all I can say and it's not even 'out there' but perhaps watch for a character shift happening soon.

  2. Why does Hiney always whisper? He is just so darn annoying.
    Violet is way too cute.

    1. "zazu says, Why does Hiney always whisper?"

      Well, he is a Hiney, so maybe he is farting! ROFL!

  3. Metrocourt restaurant:

    Dante and V.C.: V.C. doing some clicking clicking with his pen and you know what THAT means!! NEED TO COMPLETE THE MISSION!

    Dante and Hiney: Just kill him already Dante!!!! Dante thought he was losing his job, but I guess not? I was confused with this scene.

    The hospital:

    BobTodd's room: Oh! BobTodd is hearing Hiney's voice in his head! He is hearing it so much that it's making him get out of bed and stand up! Oh hi Liz! He tells her all about the voice. He isn't sure who's voice it is! Maybe it's the Tribbles trying to brainwash him into sleeping with Carly! :)

    Friz, Doc, and Scotty: Scotty does NOT trust Doc!!! :) There is a doctor in Geneva who BobTodd can go see. Scotty don't like it!! Scotty wins the lines of the day.

    Scotty: Hey Kevin. What is the Swiss word for Malarkey?

    Doc: Stolofogolgum (sp?)

    Scotty: Oh brother.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Great scene..

    BobTodd: Stop dad. I want to hear what Kevin has to say. I'm desperate here!

    Great line! :)

    Sasha's room:

    Michael and Sasha: Michael has a visit with good ol Sasha. Man they are so boring. Visiting hours are over, but of course he can stay because he is still on her emergency contact list! EEP!

    Maxie and Sasha: Maxie was going to give her a huge speech about getting her act together, but she doesn't have to now!!! Sasha is grinning from ear to ear to ear! All because of Mikey poo!

    Chandler Mansion:

    Papa Finn, Finchy, and little V: VIOLET!!!! :) Man the set must be very very safe since the little actress can be there.. Oh man this scene is so adorable I can't stand it!!! :) Papa Finn told little V a story! :)

    Papa Finn and Finchy: They are talking about Papa Finn and Jackie's seperation. Didn't Jackie say divorce? Papa Finn talks about how it wasn't because an affair. Hmmmm does he know about Finchy and Jackie's one night? Hmmmmmmm.

    Q home:

    Chillow: GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! :) Just kiss already!!!! :) They are so sparkly!!! Stop talking about the same thing already, and get back together!!! :)

    Michael and Willow: Boring!!! Sasha talk. Sasha this and Sasha that. Same ol same ol.

    Central Perk:

    Maxie and Hiney: Oh sure let's move up the wedding!!! Maxie just wants to move move move it on up! *Facepalm*

    Maxie and Anna: Talking about Maxie and Hiney's wedding.. She wants to get married before the baybay is born.

    Maxie: Unless we have a double wedding!!!

    SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Wouldn't that be just so much fun?!!?! (Sarcasm) *facepalm* The look on Anna's face though! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Anna's thoughts: I don't think so bitch. This is my wedding and I am not sharing it.

    V.C. and Anna: V.C. knows something strange is happening with Dante and is telling Anna ALL about it. :)

    1. Loved, loved loved the line of day. I was just dying laughing! And if I was Anna I would be telling Maxie to slow her roll. She's been getting on my nerves for quite a while now because of all the Peter malarkey! :)

    2. "Julie H says, Loved, loved loved the line of day. I was just dying laughing!"

      Hahahahahha. Yeah Scotty cracks me up!!! :)

      "And if I was Anna I would be telling Maxie to slow her roll."

      Yeah me too!!!!!!

      "She's been getting on my nerves for quite a while now because of all the Peter malarkey! :)"

      Malarkey hahahahaha. You just HAD to use that word didn't you? ROFL!

    3. Yes! Malarkey is a great word, same with hooligan! I also forgot to mention that I thought of you when Willow said she needed a time machine. Why don't you loan her yours?! :)

    4. "Julie H says, Yes! Malarkey is a great word, same with hooligan!"

      Hooligan! Yes another great word. Edward used to use that word. :)

      "I also forgot to mention that I thought of you when Willow said she needed a time machine. Why don't you loan her yours?! :)"

      Hahahahaha. Great idea!!!! :)

  4. do not like sasha, kill her off. keep michael with willow.

    1. I wish I could agree. To me, Willow seems tolerable with just about everyone (including Sasha) EXCEPT for Michael. Watching the two of them for me is about as exciting as watching paint drying and then cracking.

    2. "witch says, do not like sasha, kill her off."

      Well, if they kill Sasha off, I wouldn't be upset about it.

      "keep michael with willow."

      Nah. Michael needs a new love interest. Preferably Francesca or Maxie.. Willow can go back with Chase.

    3. Agreeing with witch on this. I like Mikey and Willow, so there. LOL!! Sasha is the one that puts me to sleep. And she's pretty pathetic. But I do like Chase he has come such a long way as an actor and character.

    4. "Michelle L says, Who's Francesca"

      She was a nurse. She had long brown hair who had scenes with Michael.

      Their first date. They were so adorable together.

  5. Violet is the cutest! I still like Willow with Chase - Michael is just so boring. Love Valentin and Anna working together. Sorry but Maxie and Pete have no chemistry and she needs to do something with that hair. I like Anna's long hair though.

  6. "General Hospital Star Briana Nicole Henry Positive For COVID-19"

    Oh oh!

    1. They were sure lucky to have recovered so quickly. Thanksgiving being less than 2 weeks ago.



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