Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Today: must watch

 Willow and Sasha. Willow is mad about Sasha lying. "You were my first friend that was a girl" ...Sasha says they did it for Wiley. Willow tells Sasha that she should go to GH and find a counseling group. 

Michael and Carly.. Carly wants to apologize for not telling him about the Sasha/Chase lie. He says NOPE. She thinks he likes Willow now. He says that's between he and Willow. 

Sonny and Diane at the Metro Bar. He wants her to find out about Martin Gray's connection to Cyrus. They go sit and talk with him. Sonny asks if he's working for Cyrus. "I have no idea what my brother is up to" says Tad! OH HE SAID BROTHER!! Diane is like WHAT!! @@ !!! LOL Sonny wants to know where they are from and why they are in PC now. Martin says he doesn't know what his brother does but he's helped their mother out with her medical expenses now so he does talk to him. 

Laura is at the firing range, shooting off a gun. Cyrus is next to her. She says "oh I was just thinking of you"!  He says he wants to hear about her history from her own point of view and he'd never hurt she or Lulu. "Then get out of Port Charles' she says. YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS TOO. He tells her she has a wild streak, just like him. 

Curtis and Jordan blabbing away about the Cyrus case. Cyrus has a lead on the Gray name. He leaves the apartment. Epiphany comes over and tells Jordan the wheels are coming off her cover-up about Taggert being alive. She tells Jordan he's been around town. LOL Jordan didn't even know he was back!! 

Curtis goes to the gun range. He and Laura figure out that Florence might be in Vermont based on what Cyrus said. My friend smoosh name for Laura and Curtis is: CURLA They are going to Vermont to find her. 

Sam tells Jason the bomb was the last straw for her. She couldn't take it if one of her kids died like her brother did. "If you want out I won't fight it". They cry.. so if you're a JaSam fan you should watch. Jason basically says he can't leave the biz. WATCH IT..Steve and Kelly are good. Sam and Jason decide the kids must come first. He says he's loved every day with her. Thanks for giving me a family...yada yada. 

END: JaSam break up. Curtis and Laura are going to Vermont. Jason and Sonny are going after Julian. 


  1. I really don't want them to be Laura's brothers but looks like they are. Laura would NEVER give someone drugs.

  2. So over JaSam......this story just drags, no chemistry with Steve, she was much better with Billy. I think she should get together with Brando. Isn't Jax a super sharp guy........he hasn't figured out that Wiley is Nina's grandson? and he's keeping it from her? Carly surely does........Carly needs to be held accountable for her actions.......the writers seen to keep her as goody good girl.....I love Laura, but lets make her pay for once.

  3. sorry, but sam and jason do nothing for me. I was cheering for the end of jaspam. and yes to carly paying.

  4. this came out of nowhere than Sam is unhappy.....if she was helping Jason, she would be all over it...…...tupid stupid storylines...…..SM needs to one cares...…...she doesn't even try anymore.

    1. I found her scenes so painful to listen to. It was like nails on a chalkboard. I really hope they're not playing with us and her character will be gone.

    2. KEMO was definitely phoning it in vs what she was before.

  5. Jasam home:

    Jasam: Hmmm they are both wearing black. That is appropriate for the break up. Awww it's okay Jason! You can go and be with Britch now. :) I used to love Jasam. Used to be a huge fan.. Not anymore.

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Diane, Marty and Sonny: I love how Sonny wouldn't let Marty leave hahahaha!

    Marty: I have no idea what my brother has gotten into.

    BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) *Mic drop* I KNEW IT!!! :) BIO BROS FOR LIFE! :) Diane wins the line of the day.

    Diane: Well I have to admit that is not at all where I thought this line of questioning was going.

    ROFL! Shocking eh? :)

    Carson: Carly is in shock too!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Jurtis home:

    Jurtis: Stop being so close you two!!!!

    Jordan and Piffy: What do you plan on doing Jordan?!!?!? Go and talk to Taggart and and tell him off? :)

    The park:

    Sasha and Willow: Awwww Sasha was Willow's only girlfriend.. Will they be besties again?! :)

    Q home:

    Michael and Carly: Carly is giving great advice!!! After awhile Michael forget Sasha and just go find Francesca and ask her out on a 2nd date!

    Cyrus and Laura: Mmmmmmmm they are the same huh? :) Oh my when Cyrus grabbed his gun to leave, Laura was shaking a little! Great scene! Great acting by Genie! :)

    Curtis and Laura:

    Laura: Florence Gray here we come.

    ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    1. Line of the day....perfect. Diane always makes me laugh and nod my head in agreement. She is my spirit person, lol!

      Really enjoyed Sasha a Willow, and felt the heartstrings tugging when Willow said Sasha was her first female friend.

      Laura is the bomb! :)

    2. "Julie H says,Line of the day....perfect."

      Yes it was!!! :)

      "Diane always makes me laugh and nod my head in agreement."

      Yeah she is so funny!

      "She is my spirit person, lol!"

      ROFL! Which animal? :)

      "Laura is the bomb! :)"

      YES SHE IS!!! :)

  6. The parts of today's show that weren't hogged by Sam/Jason were so good.
    Why wouldn't Curtis have questioned Martin Grey when his name came up days ago? It was a fine 'out' today anyway. Love Diane.

  7. Love the smoosh name of Curla, perfect!

    Like the others here, Jasam did nothing for me. The hypocrisy from them both and the fact that Anger Boy is all about Sonny and Carly, made his dialog worthless. All I could think about was Liz getting crucified by Port Chuckles about Jake. And I will not comment on Mumbles.

    I am so loving Martin Gray. All the scenes with him, Diane and Sonny were great!

  8. Really pathetic that Sonny is more important to Jason than his family. More Morgan mention. Love tough Laura!

  9. Producers: Please, please, PLEASE use this opportunity to write Sam off the show.

  10. Or rewrite Sam and bring her back to life like we have witnessed previously when she is paired with other actors. We know she's a good actress but the current storyline is dull. Bring Billy back she was smiling much more around him! I for one would like to see Jason & Brit have a fling.


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