Friday, December 4, 2020

Little Bows

It's FRIDAY! I sure hope it's sunnier where you are than where I AM..ugh. GLOOM day after day. It will be gray all the way into May lol BUT I'm getting my fave PIZZA tonight so I am so happy. 

Trina tells Joss about her Dad maybe being alive. She's really excited and tells Joss that Cyrus told her about this. Joss is like: UM, CYRUS? You kidding me? 

Willow and Michael at the Qs. They don't regret the sex but the Willow thinks that the information that Sasha and Chase didn't cheat is important. They go on to talk and talk and talk about their relationship...AGAIN. 

Chase and Britt at GH. He wants the substance results that may have come in from Sasha's tests.

Nina visits Sasha. She says she cares for her, wants her to do better. The Chase comes in. She wants to know if he's there as a cop or a friend. He says a friend. Her coke was laced with speed. Also he told her that he told Willow they didn't really sleep together. She's mad.  Chase tells her also that Willow and Michael slept together. 

 Carly interrupts Jason and Sonny to tell them "you've got trouble" with Taggert. "he's bullheaded". Sonny says, yeah yeah but guess what? I found out Julian knew that Brad had Michael's kid for months! Carly is SHOCKED!! SHOCKED I TELL YOU! They tell her all about Julian and she figures out that's what Nelle had over him and that's why he married her. Carly tells them Nelle was Nina's daughter and Jax knows too.

Ava tells Nikolas she almost killed Julian. BUT! She only tells him about the Wiley baby thing NOT about planting the bomb. Oh then she does tell him at the end.  He's angry she even had him in the house. 

Jax and Nina are at the Coffee Corner and she tells him about Sasha. He wonders if she forgave Sasha , did she also forgive Valentin? 

Britt lays into Lucas about giving up on Brad. He says Brad was a jerk. She says Lucas is a jerk. lol She didn't tell him that Julian knew and Brad took the whole rap so that Lucas wouldn't lose Julian too. 


  1. i like michael with willow. hoping they don't switch partners again.sick of the 3 stooges. they finally backed off on sam, but still the 3 stooges are in your face. speaking of gray skies I also live in Rochester. can you imagine the interior of your house being all gray, cause thats the style. too depressing.

    1. Who are the 3 stooges? Sonny, Jason and Carly?

    2. And the three stooges are never on vacation either

  2. Carson kitchen:

    Joss, Trina, and the Tribbles: TRIBBLES!!!! :) I was wondering if Trina was going to say pinky swear hahahaha. The Tribblse can keep a secret too and can help you Trina! :)

    The hospital:

    Britch and Lucas: Well of course Britch is going to defend Brad. They are besties!!! But Britch, nobody else was in on it. Julian wasn't in on it from the beginning. He didn't even know until later.

    Sasha's room:

    Sasha and Chase: So basically,

    Sasha: YOU TOLD THE TRUTH!?!?! HOW COULD YOU?!!?!?!? What did Michael say? What did Willow say? Do you think Michael will forgive me and take me back? Oh no Willow and Michael slept together! Well that does it. It's over.

    Q home:

    Mildew: UGH!

    Chillow: CHILLOW!!!!!!!!!!! So sparkly!!!! :)

    Sonny's office:

    Carly, Sonny, and Jason: Carly throws Taggart under the bus!

    "Karen says, I found out Julian knew that Brad had Michael's kid for months! Carly is SHOCKED!! SHOCKED I TELL YOU!"

    ROFL! Shut up Carly! You are keeping the truth about Nina being Nelle's mother from Nina, So you have no room to talk! Jason wins the line of the day.

    Jason: I've got to admit. I didn't see that one coming.



    Nava: Love the scene! :) Glad Ava was honest with Nik. Awwwww they love each other. :) And Ava has got old school eyeliner on!! :)

    Centeral perk:

    Nax: Tell the truth Jax!!! Oh wait you can't now! Nina told you that truth is hard to talk about. So yeah now you have to keep your mouth shut right? UGH!

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to 1984* Robert, Luke, and Holly's Mexican adventure.

    1. Too funny. Robert can't drive a Jeep

    2. "lindie says, Too funny. Robert can't drive a Jeep"

      Hahaha. I wonder if he can drive a jeep now. :)

  3. Would be better if Cyrus was Laura step brother and not 1/2 brother

  4. This Florence Grey is probably Cyrus mother IDK

  5. Check this out! Rolex! Love the couple name, but no no no! Robert and Alexis don't have that kind of chemistry!!!! So no to Rolex!!

  6. Robert and Alexis have zero chemistry

  7. Have the Tribbles grown even more


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