Monday, December 14, 2020

Cuomo on the Go Go

 And... I had Cuomo on for most of GH so I'm going to watch the whole thing tonight. SORRY I WAS HERE ... 

We just started getting vaccines so there was a whole roll-out thing going on. That's important, I know..but still. OY. 


  1. Hmmm. That's strange Karen. Cus I was able to see it!

    The fake "accident"

    Tracy on the phone: Help!


    Alexis, Chase, and Tracy:

    Tracy: You know her?

    HAHAHAHAHA! Tracy would have won the lines of the day! I mean the way she said help! And you know her? Hahahahaha. But alas Scotty wins it. Oh boy! Chase is arresting Alexis! Alexis may be drunk, but she is an observant drunk! Hahahaha. She knows that Tracy is lying! :) Tracy wants to call someone for her. Alexis says nobody cares about her. :( Great scene!


    Dr. O and Scotty:

    Scotty: Don't just sit there.. Fix him! Get some paddles on him. Zap him!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Give Scotty line of the day award. :) Just wait. The other line he says is coming up. :)

    Dr. O, Scotty, and BobTodd: YAY! BobTodd and Dr. O again! :) She is going to help him with his problem!!! Well he wants Dr. Kirk. He brings up how he treated her, but she forgives him. Awwwwwwwwwwwww. :)

    Scotty: We are talking about my son's brain. You know the little house up there that harbers all of his little thoughts and creativity.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! Give Scotty 2 line of the day awards! I was laughing so hard I had tears!

    Metroourt restaurant:

    Maxie and Sasha: A new contract!!! Sasha keeps saying she doesn't have an addiction, but she can't stop thinking about her love affair with the drugs and Cyrus. But hey she will sign the new contract to prove she isn't addicted. Oh and she has to tell the media what happened to her.

    Sasha, Cyrus, and Brando: Brando is a tough hombre! Won't let Sasha talk to Cyrus and he told him what Sasha did at the apartment. Lost your chance to get some drugs eh Sasha? :)

    NYC shootout: Sonny talkin to much to Julian. He doesn't want to kill him yet! He wants to take Julian to the police station so that Julian can tell all about Cyrus. OH OH Julian gets shot!!!

    Sonny, Jason, the shooter, and Julian: Jason shows up!!! Who the hell is this shooter? Shooter is dead, but JULIAN IS GONE! Where the hell did he go? ROFL!

    Sidenote: From she knows website.

    "The ABC soap will air an encore of its September 16 recap when Mike’s family said a final goodbye to him."

    No way I am going to watch it!! This is so wrong! I want to see a happy Christmas episode!!

    1. Scotty was an absolute riot yesterday. And Dr. O's German use was excellent!

      I also enjoyed Alexis and Tracy. I would forgive them both anything because I love the actresses. Lol!

      Sick of Sonny talking people to death. I laughed out loud at the end when he told Jason he would be the one to kill Julian. In what world, I ask. HAHAHAHAH!

    2. "Julie H says, Scotty was an absolute riot yesterday."

      He was!!!! :)

      "And Dr. O's German use was excellent!"

      Yes!! And when she called the body the carcass! Hahahahaha.

      "I also enjoyed Alexis and Tracy. I would forgive them both anything because I love the actresses. Lol!"

      Haha. Yeah I love them too! :)

      "Sick of Sonny talking people to death. I laughed out loud at the end when he told Jason he would be the one to kill Julian. In what world, I ask. HAHAHAHAH!"

      ROFL! That's what they do on soaps and shows. Talk to people to death! :) Also Sonny and Jason are terrible shots! They would have to be up close to actually be able to shoot someone hahahaha.

    3. Oh!!! I forgot about carcass, that was so funny!!

    4. "Julie H says, Oh!!! I forgot about carcass, that was so funny!!"

      Hahahaha. Yeah it was. :)

  2. I'm just gonna say it. Alexis is becoming annoying. Everyone was sick of Anna and her crying well I'm sick of Alexis acting like this. So over this sl.

    1. Being a drunk is annoying so she's doing a good job. Tracy's scheme was stupid but I have a feeling it may work well for Alexis. I hope.

  3. I think NLG is unhappy with this stupid storyline and THAT is the person where the rumor began a major character unhappy - I don't think is KM.

    1. I wouldn't be happy either. She's supposed to be a strong character and they keep having her be a hot mess. She should have been investigating Neil's death.

    2. Totally agree. She and Diane should have had a law office together with many unusual cases coming their way. Intricate story lines can make a soap opera shine. Not always violence, sadness and deception.

    3. I agree zazu. Alexis and Diane with a law office would have been excellent. And funny at times. So sick of them making women dumb on this show.

    4. I don't think it is Nancy who is unhappy. She always so grateful to have a job and at least she isn't back burner. I would venture to guess it is Ingo who is not happy. Jax hasn't much of a storyline.

  4. Dr. O and Scotty are such gems! I am so glad she is back!


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