Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Double Mint: Two SHows in One


Maxie fires Sasha!! She has to get clean...but... you know, there's some conditions to her contact. 

Tracey trying to get Alexis into trouble LMAO and Chase shows up!! ahahahaa. 'YOU KNOW HIM"? says Tracey. It was hysterical. 

Alexis doesn't GAF anymore. 

Franco: I'm saved!
Scotty: Hold My Knife. 

Oh Dr. O is going to save him? 

JULES!! I love when Sonny calls him that. Julian gets shot by some masked man and crawls away? OKAY

Britt and Cyrus talk about a new pain medication. 


Finn and Violet. Anna comes in and Violet is SO happy with a double wedding! LOL TWO bouquets!  Chase comes in with Papa. Violet is so happy. She asks about her Papa's wedding and wants to see a photo. Oh boy..Finn gets really bummed seeing it. 

Marin and Valentin....um, did I get the feeling they are..related?? Oh it was more "we are business family" . Yes they make up. You can tells JPS and MEK are friends in real life. Martin tells Valentin that his brother is Cyrus .

The kids are talking about Taggert. Trina is getting mad that they don't support her. 

Jordan wants Carly to tell her where Taggert is.  Carly finds out the kids think Taggs might be alive. She calls Josslyn to come to the Metro. She wants to know what she and the gang were doing at GH. Joss tells her that Trina thinks Taggs might be alive but won't tell her who told Trina. 

Curtis and Laura are trying to get into the facility to see Florence. OMG He goes in as a doctor and Laura goes in as the patient and she looks JUST LIKE SHE DID WHEN SHE WAS IN that wheelchair in the 90s!! oy vey. They do get her admitted. She's in bed, with an IV and PJs lol. Curtis leaves a phone and Laura will be looking for Florence in the facility. Oh, the doctor is going to give her a shot to make her 'transition easier"! 

Jordan sees Taggert. She wants to know who saw him and might have told Trina. He says Julian.

Joss tells Carly that it was Cyrus that told Trina that Taggs was alive

Laura is going to get a shot from the doctor

Trina 'senses" Taggert in the park  


  1. Oh no. They better not mess with Laura. This worries me.

  2. I haven't seen it but I am screaming - did Curtis and Laura HONESTLY THINK Laura wouldn't get drugs??????????? SO SO Stupid - VERY unhappy with this storyline - and how is Curtis getting BACK IN?

  3. They're really bringing Laura's history into this! I love it.

    1. Me too! But I never wanted to see Laura look like she did in that catatonic state ever again. It gave me the willies!

  4. Central Perk:

    Joss, Cam, and Trina: Trina!!! Listen to your instincts!!! Dig deeper!!!! Shut up Cam and Joss! This is Port Chuckles! The land of people coming back from the dead!!

    The park:

    Jordan and Taggart: Jordan and her constipated face not happy with Taggart! ROFL! Jordan take an ex-lax and call your doctor in the morning!

    The park bench: TRINA!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( I feel so bad for her! I want to give her a hug!!! I love the plaque!! In memory of those who gave their lives in the line of duty. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Jordan and Carly: Carly will you please give Jordan some ex-lax!!

    V.C. and Marty: Great scene! Love that they are working together again. I have gotten used to MEK's accent for Marty, and if it turns out that Marty's accent is fake, I won't be happy!

    Joss and Carly:

    Joss: Would have that stopped you from doing it?

    Carly: You are not going to win any argument by comparing yourself to me.

    ROFL! Oh I think she can Carly! Like mother like daughter. :)

    Joss: It was Cyrus Renout.

    Carly: :o


    Chandler Mansion:

    Anna, Finchy, and little V: Oh little V is adorbs! I can't stand it!!!! :) I love her jumping up and down excited for a double wedding hahahahaha. Sounds like the little actress has a cold hmmmmmm. That's worrisome. Anyway, Little V wins the lines of the day.

    Little V: Daddy, does fun give you a headache?


    Anna, Finchy, little V, Chase, and Papa Finch:

    Little V: Daddy is going to get a really big headache.

    ROFL! I can't stand it!!!! SHE IS ADORABLE! :) And I love how happy Chase is to see Finchy..

    Chase: FINN!


    Vermont: Ohhhhhh! Great shot of Vermont! :)

    Curtis and Laura: Uh Curtis, you should wear a hat!!!! BRRRRRR!

    The psychiatric hospital: NO NO NO NO! I don't like this! I hate it! Very traumatizing!!!! I was not comfortable at all with this plan!!! Then she had to make moaning noises.. NO! JUST NO!!!! It should have beeen the other way around!!!! Makes me have a bad flashback of when Laura was catatonic in 2006!!! Where is Leslie in all this? She should be with Curtis and Laura!!!

    Laura's room: Okay whew.. :) I was able to relax.

    *Doctor shows up and Laura in fake catatonia.*


    *Doctor gets a huge needle out*


    Laura after she was awake and back at home, but then she was back to catatonia state in 06. Remember? :(


    1. Hated the Laura catatonic state. Hated that whole story. Never wanted to see it again. That being said, like Paul said, great use of history.

      Little Vi has to be the youngest winner of line of the day. And getting 2! HAHAHAHAH!

      You gotta stop with Jordan and the ex-lax. I keep spitting coffee on my screen, lol!

    2. "Julie H says, Hated the Laura catatonic state. Hated that whole story. Never wanted to see it again."

      Yeah I never wanted to see it again either!!! :(

      "That being said, like Paul said, great use of history."

      No! Not THAT use of history! It was fine talking about David Hamilton.. THAT is a great use of history. Not the catatonia storyline. :(

      "Little Vi has to be the youngest winner of line of the day. And getting 2! HAHAHAHAH!"

      ROFL! I think she is!!! :) She is so adorable I can't stand it!!!! :)

      "You gotta stop with Jordan and the ex-lax. I keep spitting coffee on my screen, lol!"

      ROFL! OOPS! Sorry. :)

    3. That kid is so damned adorable! Loved those lines of the day! The Jordan actress is so bad - obviously hired only for her looks.

    4. "LSV422 says, That kid is so damned adorable!"

      Yeah I hope we watch her grow up! :) Just like Robin!

      "Loved those lines of the day!"

      Me too! :)

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  6. Genie is a great actress but NO dont mess with her. The catatonic thing broke my heart back then.



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