Sunday, December 20, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Bridge Over Troubled Waters


ANOTHER Great week! Goodness..I really couldn't wait to get watching. Friday's show went so fast, I didn't look at the clock ONCE!! GH is proving to be a great narrative driven show at the moment and I'm here for it. 

I tell you what. It's way harder to write when you love a show than when you're unhappy. Snark is cheap and easy. LOL 

Sit back and grab something, we have a lot to get through today.  Photo thx to: @crimsonrum 

WUBSY FELL OFF HER CHAIR THIS WEEK: I did. YEP. I had no idea 'ghosts' were showing up for Julian so when DUKE Lavery put that paper down I just.. died. I LOVED it. Ian looked fantastic. I don't care how he was back, he was back! Then Kate Howard walks out in the Connie Falconeri bloody dress? What!!? Be still my heart. Alive Alexis got in on it to tell Julian to kill himself already LOL. Oh I was having a joyful day that day on Twitter! 

GOOD BYE OF THE WEEK:  Kudos to Willam DeVry who filmed some harrowing material before leaving the show. Julian became the town pariah (even to his sister) and was just made to endure all sorts of wounds and falls. I liked WDV in the part of Julian and truly believe if he wasn't written into the corner over trying to murder Alexis, he'd be viable today. Alas, he's floating down the river with 2 slugs in him. BUT--hey, never say never right? 

REUNION OF THE WEEK (GONE BAD): Oh man, LOVED that Taggert finally saw Trina but for reasons unknown, Real Andrews had to be out temporarily. REALLY? ON THIS DAY? It had to have been something pretty big. I mean, the actor was ok... but he wasn't our Taggs. 

GIGGLE OF THE WEEK: Yes, I did giggle during the gun battle for SO many reasons. First of all, the guy missed all three even tho he was right behind them. Secondly, the cops took forever to get there and when they did, there were TWO. Jason stayed there, called Diane and she happened to be in the 'area' so she came over. Guess what. Jason got off because the cop watched the security video and decided it was self defense. He even THANKED St. Jaysus! I mean.... why not!? 

UMMMMMMMMMM of the WEEK:  Ummmmmm...that's all I got.  Michael and Chase settle their score like men. A quick punch to the googlies and... things are getting back to normal. 

SCENE I DIDN'T KNOW I NEEDED OF THE WEEK: Oh, I did love the whole Tracey and Alexis thing. Tracey switched her to the driver's seat and called the cops. What made it even more delightful was Chase. The three of them did these scenes just perfect. Tracey realizes that Alexis isn't just going to go away but probably to jail. 

PAIRING OF THE WEEK:  Dr. O and Scotty!! Hey, Dr. Kirk is stabbed by Scott and Lesil cleans it up for him! Then she goes to Franco's hotel and lets them know she will perform the procedure on Franco's brain. Why? Well they don't want to tell him the doctor's dead so she says he's out of town. Franco isn't happy. 

  Oh, wll Brando and Sasha fall for each other? I think Brando is already smitten and into "protecting her". Sasha has to follow some guidelines to go back to work for Deception but she still wants to get Cyrus charged for giving her drugs. 

MOVEMENT OF THE WEEK:  Portia tells NavA that Ryan is a vegetable because his brain was deprived of oxygen. (who believes that?? LOL). Ava goes in to tell him off one last time. I was expecting his hand to shoot up but instead we got a little lip lift after she left the room. That's all I need to know that he'll be back! 

BEST SCENES OF THE WEEK: Oh the Gray Family was glorious!! In a couple of scenes, I cared so much about the backstory I was transfixed. That's on good writing and stellar acting. I'm not going into the entire story here so I urge you to watch Friday's show. Cyrus is basically estranged from his mother because of a fight he got into with his father when he was a teen. Cy accidentally ran over his dad with his car, killed him and Martin and Mama believe it was deliberate. I honestly am ready for a "Gray Family" spin-off!! 

DON'T EVER DO THIS AGAIN OF THE WEEK: NOPE. NOPE...and I talked about it before but this storyline was so traumatic for us I don't ever want to see Genie like this again. GOT IT? 


Carly and Joss talk about their complicated life

Everyone finds out Taggert is alive. 

Sonny and Jason track down Julian; have a shoot out and then Sonny and Jules fall into the river

Laura finds out Martin and Cyrus are her 1/2 brothers on her biological father's side

Jordan and Curtis get into a bad argument over her not telling him about Taggert 

Sasha wants to nail Cyrus for drug trade

Dr. O tells Franco that SURPRISE! She'll be operating on him because Dr. Kirk is "out of town"

Britt and Cyrus talk about a new pain medication they can possibly sell through GH on a legitimate basis. 

Ryan is a 'vegetable' and Ava goes to tell him off. We see his mouth move after she leaves. 

Michael and Chase try to patch things up. Shirtless. In the gym locker room. 

Finn is willing to patch things up with his Dad for the sake of Violet 

SPOILERS: Diagnosis Daytime has TWO WEEKS of scoops up!  Jackie Templeton comes back on the show, it's the holidays in Port Charles and What's to become of Sonny? 

GH is either a rerun or preempted for these dates:  Dec 24, 25th; December 31st and Jan 1st. 

I missed a couple of minor things I think. This week was just a whopper to watch!  Everyone on the show needs credit for keeping up the pace in this pandemic. Seriously, there should be a write up in some entertainment mag about how they are filming.  Hope you are enjoying the show as well. I'm busy writing the end of the year awards and it's taking awhile!! 

Photo Credits to:  @celebratessoaps @soapjenn @twynk 


  1. 100% agree with everything you wrote. The Gray family scenes were fantastic! And the (dare I say it) beginnings of a bond between Laura and Martin? I could watch that all day!

    Thanks as always for SS, I never miss it!

  2. Thanks for the great, as always, SS !!!!!!!!!!! LOVED this week. I didn't want them to be Laura's brothers, but it sure was some GREAT acting. I don't like ponytail actor but he did a good job as well. I am thinking that he did accidentally kill his father. I think eventually Laura will agree with him on that since she accidentally killed someone as well and kind of knows how he feels. One brother is a shady lawyer and the other is a mobster. Genie was perfect in those scenes. Laura was looking like OMG what have I gotten myself into now?

  3. Maurice B must be off for Christmas vacation or something. Seems that Maurice, Laura and Steve Burton don't take much time off. They SHOULD.

    1. I agree. maybe they can take a couple years off.

  4. PS. Was so happy to see Meghan Ward. Liked her better as Kate/Connie

  5. Excellent SS and such a great week! The writers did a fantastic job as did the actors. So exciting to see Duke and the real Kate/Connie. I’ve met both of them and they are two lovely people. The Gray family has started with a bang and will surely continue as such. Great opportunity for Genie to show her stuff. Looking forward to tomorrow’s show and hoping Sonny stays underwater for awhile.

  6. Thanks for another great SS. It's the only sense of normalcy around these days. I agree about the writing. There should definitely be awards for these guys (or gals) in the future.

    Can't wait for tomorrow's show. Maybe Sonny will be oxygen deprived for two long and have deficits or have to be sent away too.

    Thanks again. And stay safe everyone.

  7. that should be too long. I can spell, my brain just doesn't know it this morning. lol

  8. Another great SS following a great week on GH. Thank you!
    GH really seems to have this new way of filming down. Kudos to them. ABC should have some little news bit on their efforts.
    Enjoy your Sunday...

  9. I foresee Laura being kind and this paves the way for Cyrus to be rehabilitated and stay on the show...…..which I don't him but I don't think he can change?
    HOW many times are people gonna fall off a bridge and live??????
    SO is Julian really dead, ya'll????????

  10. I know that it's an old story, but i would like to see Sonny get amnesia after his fall and end up away from PC for a time to reset his whole story. I'm also ecstatic about Laura getting such a good story. It's about time that she was fully front burner.

    1. I too am SO glad that Genie has such a good front burner story now. I feel that she has gotten short changed all these years by others being allowed to be front and center.

  11. I hope that Jax has a storyline soon. Maybe he will comfort Carly when Sonny is missing.

    1. Yes, give Ingo a story. He is more interesting than Brando and Sasha and some others.

  12. Glad Genie Francis is finally getting a story that's central to her. I still blows my mind that past regimes have never thought to tap the history that lead to Laura being introduced on the show in the mid 70s (another actress actually played the part of Laura as a young girl before the character was slightly aged and Genie got the role). The only "hole" in this story so far is the missing Denise Alexander/Lesley and the fact that Gordon and Florence Grey didn't have any children when they were on the show in the '70s. Presumably, Cyrus and Martin are older than Laura. But that was 40 plus years ago so I'm willing to overlook that rewrite. I see a fascinating story developing between Laura and Cyrus: Both committed crimes as teens, but decidedly went in different directions as adults. If the circumstances were switched, who's to say how Laura would've turned out.
    Rather that continue to introduce new characters, I think GH would be better off mining its own history. The re-introduction of Jackie Templeton is a good example. Looking forward to this story picking up when Kim Delaney returns. Another story I would love to see is an examination of what lead Heather to become as crazy as she is. Again, another character introduced as a teen in the mid 70s with ties to current characters today. She had an interesting relationship with her mother but there wasn't a lot of backstory. Liz' parents are another hole. At some point, Audrey is going to die (Rachel Ames, I think is in her 90s). It would be great to reintroduce Jeff and have him take over the hospital his father once ran. Another character with ties to Monica (they were married in the 70s but that relationship was really never explored beyond those years).
    All in all, great show of late.
    My only criticism is that some plots get shoved to the side for too long and lose momentum (hello, Nina and the search for her daughter!).

  13. After watching today, I am not so sure that Cyrus is going to be rehabilitated. He seems to be bad guy through and through now. He probably was hoping Laura would "turn to the dark side" with him, or look the other way about his crimes.


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