Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Don't Come Home


Yesterday was too much of "The Four"..but Violet? Delightful! 

If you haven't watched The Queen's Gambit--ya should (NetFlix) 

Curtis and Jordan are at home and she made the house look "Mexican"-- and Curtis is shirtless. They talk about their anniversary and missing Thanksgiving. 

Danny and Sam playing a board game. Danny wins. Sam and Jason talk about Julian planting the bomb at the Metro Court. AND about the entire baby WILEY STORY!! ahahahaha.  She freaks out. AND he tells her that he jumped off the parapet. She's so upset and sick and sad. Of everything.  Says Mobsters never get happy endings. EVER.  Jason leaves. Danny talks to Sam about Jason being gone and how they can never plan anything. 
Jason comes back later and tells Sam he has to leave. She gets all upset and says she's done and not to come home. Okayyyyyyy? 

Martin Gray runs into Sonny at the Metro Court where he invited Cyrus to meet him. Sonny asks if Julian came to him for help. "Marty" says yes. Sonny then calls Jason because he thinks he might know where Julian is.  **PS Someone on Twitter reminded me that Moe was on AMC as Nico! Nico and Tad LOL 
Sonny sees Martin and Cyrus together. 

Sasha gets released from GH. She's going to do a trunk show --Epiphany wants to know if she's going into treatment. Sasha says she'll look into it. Sasha goes to Cyrus' to get her her coke from the bathroom. IN the meantime, Curtis is telling Brando his first assignment is to get Sasha hooked on drugs because "addicts are easier to control" and then she won't tell on them. Sasha is pissed at Cyrus for not visiting her. She thought they had a 'connection'.  Cyrus leaves. Sasha tells Brando she wants to find her drugs to turn in Cyrus. Brando tells her to leave. SHe's in danger yada yada. 

The kids are skulking around trying to find out what happened to Taggert when he "died" at GH. They are trying to break into the system with Liz' log in. They get in after 3 tries. GEESH, great security LOL 

Trina distracts Epiphany while the other 2 are doing the computer stuff. She asks what Epiphany did to help save her Dad. Epiphany looks sheeepish. Um.. WHOOPS.  She catches Cam with the laptop but he says his mother and he have the same one. Then after they leave, Epiphany notices someone logged into Taggert's records. 

***NOTE: The actress that plays Jordan tested positive for COVID! I HOPE Curtis is ok


  1. Do you mean Cyrus wants Brando to hook Sasha on drugs? It says Curtis. Tnanks

  2. The Queens Gambit is fun. Watch it.

  3. Was anyone else weary after watching how close Jordan was to Curtis in today's ep?

    1. Wouldn't be surprised to hear that more test positive. These folks are out and about and at greater risk.

    2. "Di says, Was anyone else weary after watching how close Jordan was to Curtis in today's ep? '

      YES! *Cringes*

  4. Last night I again saw the Law & Order:SVU with Jeff Kober/Cyrus. He plays a cult leader with perfection. Episode is "Charisma".

    1. Do you know from what season that SVU episode may have been? All SVU episodes are available on PEACOCK TV.com, but unfortunately there is no way to search on an episode title, or a guest star's name. If I knew the right season I could just scroll through the titles until I came to "Charisma". I vaguely remember that episode with Jeff Kober and would love to see it again!

    2. It is from 2004. If you google "Law & Order: SVU Charisma" it will come right up. It's a good one!

    3. Wow! Thanks, ZAZU -- I hadn't thought of doing that!

  5. I STILL think that KM must have it written in her contract that Sam and Jason can never be together - like I said a year ago - NO ONE cares anymore - there is no JASAM - they just rehash the same storyline of 'danger'.....and why all of a sudden does Danny say he wants his dad around??????? Jason and Britt all the way.

    1. I used to love Jasam a LONG time ago. Was happy when he came back initially.

  6. They've written Jasam SO badly since Steve Burton came back. Write them boring and they'll be boring. And Sam suddenly unable to take it? Totally rushed and out of nowhere. Put us out of our misery already. I love them together and I'm saying this....It's just painful to watch now.

  7. Jasam home:

    Danny Cheeto, and Jasam: Hey hey Jason!!! No cheating!!!

    Jasam: Sam wins the lines of the day.

    Sam: Jason is just makes me so sick and sad. When you live a life of a mobster you don't get a happy ending. You just don't!

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!I'm dead. I'm dead!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! NOW she just realized that?!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Wait where is Danny Cheeto?! He went to go upstairs to get his sister to play the game too!! He hasn't come down in a long time. He must have fell in the black hole! Someone help him!!!!

    Sam: I can't do it anymore. So when you leave tonight, please don't come back.

    *Mic drop*

    Sam and Danny Cheeto: Awwww his sister don't want to play the game. Awww his friends can't come over because the parents are skeered of Jason!!! But but but did you tell them that you have tribbles?!!?!

    The hospital:

    Sasha and Piffy: Oh no Piffy. Sasha is fine. She isn't addicted to drugs. She don't need help. She is just fine! She just needs to buy some tribbles and have some fun with them.

    Joss, Cam, and Trina: YES YES YES! Dig my children! DIG!!!! :)

    Trina and Piffy: Oh Trina is working her!!! :) Too bad it didn't work.

    Cyrus's home:

    Cyrus and Brando: Gee I guess Cyrus doesn't have a problem if Sasha dies. ROFL! Love on the rocks eh?

    Cyrus and Sasha: What?!!?!?! She is mad that Cyrus didn't go visit her in the hospital?! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Awwww are you breaking up with him? :) She fell in love with you Cyrus!! And with your drugs! How could you not visit her!!!! So rude!!!!!

    Sasha and Brando: Revenge?!!?!! Yeah right! All Sasha wants is the drugs!!!! She IS addicted!!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Cyrus and Marty: Hmmmm interesting. :) Bio bros? :)

    Nico and Tad: SQUEEEEEEEEEEE! A reunion. :) Video of them on AMC! :) SO YOUNG! :) 1:02


    Jurtis home:

    Jurtis: Curtis shirtless and speaking another language.. YUMMY! SEXY!!! :)

    "Karen says **NOTE: The actress that plays Jordan tested positive for COVID! I HOPE Curtis is ok"

    Yeah I hope he is okay! She was so close to him today YIKES!

    1. Line of the day was so true. Very sad that it took Mumbles years to get to that realization! She can cry on cue, but her monotone/whispery delivery can just go now.
      I did love Danny voicing his opinion about the mobular world he lives in and not liking it. Good talk there.

      I am really liking Marty. Fake accent at all, lol! And I don't think Sasha is hooked on drugs, I really do think she wants to bust Cyrus. She's all giddy over Mikey and wouldn't risk it.

    2. "Julie H says, Line of the day was so true."

      Right?!?!?! :)

      "Very sad that it took Mumbles years to get to that realization!"

      I know! It's about time.

      "I did love Danny voicing his opinion about the mobular world he lives in and not liking it. Good talk there."

      Yeah poor Danny. :( Yes very good talk.

      "I am really liking Marty. Fake accent at all, lol!"

      ROFL! I'm getting used to the fake accent! :) I like Marty too!

      "And I don't think Sasha is hooked on drugs, I really do think she wants to bust Cyrus. She's all giddy over Mikey and wouldn't risk it."

      I don't know, that was a very strange scene. She looked frazzled and going through withdrawal. Her eyes are still twitching.

  8. Never liked sam from day 1. the character has been so forced. from jax, sonny , jason,ric lansing, lucky,silas, patrick and Drew. chemistry only with patrick. ok with alexis and her sisters. I would not miss her, put me out of my misery and have her leave port chuckles. and jason, sam will never be first. its sonny and carly for him.

    1. You know they won't.everrrrr. I don't know what it is but it is but they'll keep her on. Personally if they don't write her out I wish they'd bring her stand in back. I loved her!

  9. It must be asked? Is KM taking anti-depressants? She seems so messed up.

    1. It's her character lmao!!! She's acting. You do realize Sam the character almost lost her son Danny and now she's finally FINALLY waking up and realizing just how dangerous Jason lifestyle really is.

  10. I really wish the "GH" producers would bite the bullet and write Sam off the show.

  11. I used to like Sam at one point. Why do others get fired and not her?

  12. I can't say I dislike Sam as much as I dislike Peter, and we will never get rid of him. Bad actor and bad character. I thought KM's acting yesterday was horrendous. And GH please don't bring back Morgan.

    1. We are stuck with Peter forever. And NO to Morgan.

  13. KM doesn't even try anymore - her lips also look so weird that I can't focus on her mumbling words...….

  14. Sorry Sam - Jason is Danny's father. He's always going to be a target - and so will you and Scout. Making him move out just makes them easier to get to!


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