Wednesday, December 23, 2020


 Yesterday's Show:  my "LADY" appointment went over... :eyeroll: 

LOVED Diane and Alexis. Diane is telling her LIKE IT IS!!  Oh, Alexis has to go to rehab or jail? LOL 

LOVED SCOTTY AND DR. O!! LOL They said a mugging going wrong? 

Finn and Anna. Will he tell her? Oh yep!! Great scenes. 

Dante shows up at the Q house..He's like WHAT IS UP with you two?? Olivia finds out Julian is dead. 

Carly and Jason go look for Sonny.  You know if Sonny died it would open the canvas right up. Michael could get all mobular, recast Morgan for a power-struggle and then Kristina wants in. Oh, I can think of a million things. 


OMG Molly bailed Alexis out of jail and they are going to TJs' and Jordan's! Alexis immediately steals some vodka. Molly pleads with her not to spill the secret about Brando. LOL I totally forgot Alexis knows!! Alexis drinks more vodka. She brings up that Taggert is alive. Pfffffft. TJ and Molly don't know. Alexis says to Jordan: You must have been surprised? Jordan is like Um, NO. I knew. Anyway.. Jordan leaves to go find Curtis. Molly figures out that Alexis is drinking-- she kicks her out. Alexis is like: It's Christmas. Molly says you're a mess, get away from me! 

Sam ID'd Julian's body with Lucas. They talk about how bad their Dad was. 

Laura and Kevin. They run into Marty. Kevin knows he's her brother. They are going to see the elderly patients at GH because Martin brought them gifts. Then they will have dinner at Kelly's before Laura goes to see Lulu. Um, I HOPE they remember Laura's birthday. 

Sasha and Brando. Still chem testing. They are at the coffee place in the park outside. Getting Hot Cocoa. 

At Corinthos: Wiley Michael and Willow... Joss and Jax. Carly and Jason come home without Sonny. They aren't telling anyone he's missing.  Jarly talk about having each other. He gets a text from Sam though and she tells him to go.  Carly keeps it together for awhile but Jax finds her crying outside. She tells him Sonny is missing. 

Sam tells Jason she wants him to stay the night at the house. Weird. Oh! He has to sleep on the couch with Danny tho. 

Trina yells at Curtis for lying to she and her mother about Taggert being alive. He says he never lied to her. He didn't know. Trina is like: WOW, your wife didn't even tell you?!!  making him feel worse. Portia convinces him to go home. 

MUSIC MONTAGE-- people doing stuff..yada yada. Alexis sees that Julian is dead when she looks at her phone. 
Cop cars show up at Carly's... 

Kelly and her friend say Merry Christmas on Twitter! 


  1. I liked the scenes with Laura and her brother. Marty looked so happy. He's definitely growing on me now. I also liked the fact that Martin was bringing gifts to forgotten seniors. Great idea for GH to use the show to mention that seniors are often forgotten at Christmas too.

    Sam and Jason scene was ridiculous.

    And I hope the shock of Julian's death has a reversing effect on Alexis because I am now FFing through all her scenes. watching a drunk ruin someone's Christmas is not something anyone wants to see.

    I think Jordan's marriage is going to unravel now and hopefully she'll be the next one to leave.

    1. Yeh Marty is growing on me too. Him being connected to Laura helps.
      This Alexis sl I'm so sick of as well. Being that I was hit head on by a drunk driver it's not one I'm thrilled by. Reel or not. Alexis is being ridiculous! Molly was stupid to bail her out!

  2. I looked it up, Laura's birthday is the 21st and I don't think we'll get a mention. I did love that scene with Laura, Kevin and Marty. He is a shady lawyer though. Maybe his good side will win out. He isn't BAD like ponytail.

    I want to care about TJ and Molly but they are only on once or twice a year. Poor Jax. Where is Nina? Maybe I missed that part. No Christmas story or party at the hospital???? Just Marty bringing gifts for seniors. That is a nice touch though in this time of seniors in nursing homes with no visitors allowed :(

  3. Jurtis home:

    TJ, Molly, Jordan, and Alexis: Holy cow Molly shut up or TJ is going to overhear you eventually talking about what happened between you and Brando!! Jordan! Hide the alcohol!! I guess nobody can hear the alcohol being poured into the cup! Everyone is deaf.

    TJ and Molly: Oh my!!!! Is Molly going to tell the truth, or will they be interrupted or is this a red herring?

    The hospital: MARTY!!!! YAY! :) Marty wins the line of the day.

    Marty: Gravity in this hospital choose to torture me so!


    Marty and Kevlar: KEVLAR! YAY!!! :) Hey Marty, it's Laura's birthday, AND Kevlar's anniversary! Well the anniversary is on Christmas. They got married on Christmas!! :) 3 years! :) Happy birthday Laura and happy anniversary KevLar! Where is Leslie?!!?! She should be there!!! I want her to meet Marty! :) Uh Marty? Why didn't you put the Christmas gifts in a box or a bag? :)

    Lucas and Sam: Well, they both feel nothing for Julian's death. At first I was thinking who is this guy? Maybe he should date Sam. Oh wait it's Lucas. Nevermind.

    Jasam: Yeah I thought this was leading to Jasam getting back together.. I'm really confused about this scene. She wants him to sleep over? Danny sleeps on the couch? Why?! OH Jason's blue blue blue eyes has tears! Mmmmm. Sexy blue eyes. :)

    Sasha and Brando: That's funny that he is following her hahahahaahaha.


    Curtis, Trina, and Portia: Poor Trina. :( I just want to hug her!!! I want to hug Curtis too!!! :(

    Curtis and Portia: Shut up Portia! Jurtis can break up and then you two can be together. :)

    Marty and Kevlar: AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Family!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! :)

    The park:

    Sasha and Brando: Hmmmm. This is a couple I didn't know I needed! :) They are adorable together. Great scene! They are not boring like she was with Michael. Hmmmm I will call them Bransha. :) Oh I like the mistletoe kiss on the cheek. :)

    Carson home: Oh yes let's pretend Sonny is okay and in a business meeting. Sure Carly. Hmmmm Wiley looks doped up. He must be really really tired. Where is Nina? Willow should be with Chase.


    Jason: I love you Carly.

    GAH! My Jarly heart!!!!

    CarJax: My CarJax heart!!!! :) I'm glad she is able to tell at least him what is going on with Sonny!

    Michael and Lucas: Meh. I miss our old Lucas. :(

    1. Marty is FINALLY growing on me too. This makes him more human. Hope he takes on cases that are a little less shady now. Guess Laura forgot the he was helping her enemy Valentin.

    2. I liked the Sasha /Brando scenes. I think they were cute together. She definitely mellowed. She started out mad but at the end there was lots of sasdo. lol

    3. "lindie says, Marty is FINALLY growing on me too. This makes him more human."

      Yeah. I'm glad the writers wrote this scene. :)

      "Hope he takes on cases that are a little less shady now."

      Maybe. Or maybe it gives him a little bit of an edge. I want Diane and Marty working in court!!! :)

      "Guess Laura forgot the he was helping her enemy Valentin."

      I guess she forgave Marty!

      "Di says, I liked the Sasha /Brando scenes. I think they were cute together."

      Yeah! What a surprise the writers gave us. :)

      "She definitely mellowed. She started out mad but at the end there was lots of sasdo. lol"


  4. I don't like NuLucas. Did our old Lucas get a new job?

    1. I like the new one too but yes apparently the old one has moved on to other things. No explanation was given.

  5. Karen, in my fantasy world, Kristina is a mob princess with an alter ego who owns a string of high end jewelry stores. Her most excelllent cover lol. Of course, Jason and few select others know what she REALLY does. Yeah, jewelry is her choice lol. She takes no prisoners, either. She is deadly if need be. I seem to have thought about this a lot. I mean really! She's a Cassidine/Corinthos!!!! :P

  6. I really like Scotty and Leisl together too. Has she done brain surgery before? Don't think I'd want her doing surgery on me though. She is more like the mad scientist. LOL

    1. I also really worried about Dante since she knows how the doctor programs him. I see a bitter end for Peter. Hopefully not for dante.

  7. I was just thinking. I think GH has pretty much ruined every female characters career. Alexis, Monica and Bobbie got fired. Piffy got promoted (sort of) when she didn't want to. Who else am I missing? The only ones they haven't ruined is Diane (and she's crooked lawyer kind of already) and Robin who is not even on the show anymore. Oh, and they didn't have to KILL off William Devry. They could have let him leave town. WTF. I like the show but just WOW

    1. Watching the clip again with Alexis. They are destroying her like they did Julian. Alexis was always into the "bad boy" scene, but she was always a strong lawyer and yes sometimes a bit of a mess but not like this. Not someone who "almost accidentally" spills peoples secrets etc. Don't like this

    2. Lots of women haters on this show. I thought we were going to get some female writers and things would improve but they haven't. At least not for the older women.

  8. Also Elizabeth and even Sam had a career but now does nothing.

    1. Exactly. They have just ruined the women on the show. Sam is SUPPOSED to be a PI. Liz is occasionally seen being a nurse.

    2. Yeah but Liz was demoted by Britt. She should be in charge of all the nurses by now.

  9. Please if Sonny IS dead no more mob! LOL!

  10. wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays i really enjoy coming here daily i may not always post but, i always read and it puts me in good mood that never fails

    i'm really enjoying GH lately except for the Alexis storyline i say pair her with Valentin otherwise i like the direction GH is going

  11. Yes wsb, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone. Weird year. But am grateful for what I have.

    I am mostly enjoying the show too. Sorry for all my posts as I know I post a ton. I enjoy coming on here and reading and posting.

    I appreciate all of you and wish you all a WONDERFUL Christmas and Happy 2021 to us all.


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