Wednesday, December 16, 2020


Brooklyn:  Sonny and Jason talk to Brick about finding Julian 

Julian is at the bus station, bleeding with a ticket to Canada. AND: 

HOLY SHIT. OK, HOLD UP. WOW...DUKE Is there next to Jules???????? WTF. WHAT. I had NO Idea Ian was filming!! I love it.. THEN Kate/Connie shows up! Megan Ward is there to taunt Julian too!! She has on her bloody dress!! Then Alexis shows up (in his mind) and talks about him trying to stab her. 

GH: Nikolas goes in to look at Ryan. Britt asks him what he's doing. They talk about Ryan and how bad he is. She thinks Nikolas is going to try to kill him. He laughs. 

Portia is looking for Trina... she blames Ava? Hmmm....She thought Ava was at the Gallery all this time skipping school. Ava says Trina hasn't been to the gallery since the explosion.

In the park, Jordan finds Trina who thinks she 'Felt' Taggert (he's in the bushes). Trina is angry people think he's a dirty cop and she's going to prove his innocence. Trina goes to see her mom at GH ..she is taking a "ride share" that a good idea?? oh she does make it to GH ok. Whew. 

 Carly tells Cyrus to stay away from Joss and her friends.  Grumble grumble. Cyrus orders someone to shoot Taggert. 

At the facility where Laura went, she's going to be injected with a sedative. Curtis stops him just in time, tells the doc she's allergic to that medication. Curtis tells her she should go back to PC. She says no way. Later, she makes her way into Florence's room. Then someone else tries to get in (is it Cyrus??) 

MAC DADDY to GH...Ryan is AWAKE! BUT he's a vegetable...Ava goes in to make sure LOL He's just laying there...but when she leaves his mouth moves a tiny. 

Alexis tells Julian to die already (in his mind lol) ..Julian slips down and drops his ticket he dead?  He's in the previews but ..??? 

Jordan shot and killed the guy and Mac comes out to see her and she says she killed the guy to protect someone..and TAGGERT WALKS OUT! 



  1. Really good show today. I just hope they're not playing with us when it comes to Ryan. Everything else is moving along quickly.

    And just as a little aside, I alwys find it hilarious that the writers think it's so easy to get into Canada, and while bleeding like a stuck pig too. lol

  2. obviously Julian isn't dead - cause at some point he will come back for his baby - otherwise WHY have Kim have a baby UNLESS it's Drew/Franco's baby?
    I think Ryan is pretending and honestly aren't we tired of the rerun storylines?
    Alexis drunk

    1. I kept expecting Ryan to grab her! I was covering my eyes! 🤣😂

    2. Michelle L, lol! But me too!!

  3. Duke was a very pleasant surprise!

  4. Laura and Curtis don't even know that Martin and Cyrus are brothers. This institution scenario is kind of dumb and these two smart people are walking into something they've done no research prior.
    I read about Ian being on set. Now I know. Thought maybe we'd see Griffin again. Guess not.
    Waiting for big snow.

  5. Great show with those wonderful surprises! Very clever!

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  8. Bus station: What the hell man!?!?! He goes all the way to New Jersey with a bullet wound? ROFL! I looked up New York to New Jersey, that's an hour and 57 minutes away!! And now he has to wait another hour to get to Canada!!! What is he thinking? Go to the hospital!! Oh look someone with a newspaper. I'm thinking is that Duke?

    Duke and Jules: DUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I did read there was a past vet returning and a scene was shot on a closed set. :) GREAT TO SEE YOU DUKE!!!!!! :)

    Connie and Jules: CONNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Love the dress! :) I didn't recognize her at first, because the camera angle was strange.

    Alexis and Jules: Alexis meh. I rather Faith show up. No Julian and Faith never had a scene together, but maybe they knew each other as teenagers!! :)

    The park:

    Jordan and Trina: Jordan! Enough is enough! Just tell Trina the truth!!!! Trina wins the line of the day.

    Trina: You really shouldn't sneak up on people like that. They might have a heart condition.

    ROFL! Trina! You don't have a heart condition!!! :) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    Jordan, Taggart, and bad guy: See? Trina isn't safe any way you slice it, so just tell her the truth!

    Mac, Jordan, and Taggart: Love Mac's face when he sees Taggart! Hahahahaha!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Joss and Carly: I love when Carly is in mama bear mode! :)

    Carly and Cyrus: Mama bear is NOT afraid of Cyrus! :)

    The hospital:

    Portia: Trina Campbell Robinson you call me back the SECOND you get this message.


    Portia and Ava: Jumping to conclusion eh Mama bear? :)

    Portia and Trina: Trina! Of course your mom worries!!!! :) I'm glad you told her what Cyrus told you! :)

    Britch and Nik: Britch does not believe one word Nik says! HAHAHAHAHA! That's very ironic, since Britch was the one lying to Nik when they were a couple.

    Ryan's room: Hmmmm Ryan is a vegetable?

    Ava and Ryan: GREAT SCENE! I was waiting for Ryan to grab Ava's throat! :) Hmmm when Ava left, Ryan was smiling a little.. Is he faking the vegetableness? :)

    Sonny's office:

    Brock and Sason: BROCK BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Jason: That's right across the river. It won't take any time to get there at all.

    Of course not! It only takes an hour to get there! You don't need to go in your teleporter this time!

    Vermont hospital:

    Curtis and Nurse:

    Nurse: The doctor gives all the patients a sedative the first night here.

    Oh whew. :) Okay. Was very worried there!

    Doctor, Laura, Curtis, and Nurse: Oh! Well Curtis stopping the doctor giving Laura the sedative was good. :)

    Curtis and Laura: Love the hug they gave each other. :)

    Curtis: I have a better idea. I sign you out aaaand we find another way in tomorrow morning.

    YES! I love that idea! :) Come on Laura! Listen to Curtis!!!! Of course not. Hmmm I love the pj's! Can she keep them? :)

    Florance's room: WHOA! FLORANCE LOOKS LIKE TRACY!!!!!!

    1. Seriously, everyone knows Taggert is alive except for his family, sheesh! I think it's a fake out that Cyrus will walk into Flo's room. It's probably Curtis!

    2. And I forgot to mention it was so great to see Duke again. TPTB should have never, ever killed him off. Boo! And Megan Ward is still classy after all these years!

    3. "Julie H says, Seriously, everyone knows Taggert is alive except for his
      family, sheesh!"

      Yeah! It's time that Trina and Portia know the truth!!!!

  9. I thought Florence looked like Tracy too!!!

    1. "Di says, I thought Florence looked like Tracy too!!!"

      I did a double take! I saw her and said HUH?!! :0

    2. Me too. I rewound the PVR twice.

    3. I hope Jane Elliott never sees this! Haha.

    4. Me too! Thought that right off!!

    5. "Paul773 says, I hope Jane Elliott never sees this! Haha."

      Hahaha. That wasn't an insult! :)

    6. Any chance this is the original actress who played Florence in the 70s?

    7. I thought the same thing about Florence. And I laughed out loud about hoping Jane Elliot never sees this, lol!

  10. OMG! So I actually got to watch on Hulu!! It was sooo good! I bet that it's Cyrus who comes into Florence room! Sooo who doesn't know Taggs is alive? The list is probably shorter than the list of who does know! 😂🤣 Loved seeing Connie and Duke!! Todays was good!

  11. So so nice to see Megan Ward and Ian Buchanan. Loved Megan Ward as Kate/Connie.

  12. Megan Wards Kate had great chemistry with Coleman.

    1. "Megan Wards Kate had great chemistry with Coleman."

      Yeah she did!!!! :) Damn I miss Coleman!!!

    2. LOVED Megan Ward and I was so surprised and happy to see her! Never, ever cared for the other actress. And oh how I miss Coleman, too. He was fab!

  13. I can't remember, who killed Duke?

  14. Julian killed Duke didn’t he?

  15. I was a bit disappointed in the Florence reveal. Wouldn’t it have been great if Laura entered the room and the camera panned to Florence and it was Erika Slezak in that bed! The woman in the bed wasn’t recognizable. Anybody have any intel on her? Is it possible this is Anne Colllings, the actress who played her back in the early70s?? I still say a major hole in this plot is Denise Alexander/Lesley.

    1. It would have been better had they used a "name actress" for Flo. Missed opportunity.


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