Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Polar BEARS!

POLAR BEAR PLUNGE! People jump in the lake almost naked!! Chase is there ...people in speedos lol..And I see Willow. Michael is home taking care of Wiley who has sniffles. Chase's Dad comes to watch him jump. He introduces Willow and Greg is like "OMG I wanted to meet Chase's girlfriend" LOL..whoops he didn't tell him.  Oh he did tell him but his Dad just assumed they were back together because they are at the event together. 

Finn and Anna talk about Chase...and if he should tell him about the Jackie thing. She says..well, sometimes it's the thing to do. They go to the Polar Jump.

Polar jump finally happens and.. Chillow hold hands and go into the lake. Awwwwww. We DO have a Polar Bear Jump here in Rochester BTW. 

Carly dreams of Sonny coming come. She's bummed it wasn't really him. She's like "SONNY"!! sniff.  

Jason meets Brando. He asks if Cyrus knows about Sonny. Jason thinks so.  Brando leaves. Dante walks over to Jason and asks about Sonny. Jason tells him the story. 

Then Jason and Dante go see Carly.  They still have hope Sonny will be found. 

Laura tells Cyrus she was in NYC to see Lulu. He says we are family now. She's like Buzzz off
Jackie gets off the elevator to talk to Laura. They talk about Lulu and the Rib explosion. Jackie asks about Luke. Laura says he's 'grieving from afar". Jackie tells her that her son is Harrison Chase. 

It was mostly Finn-Family Day. 

END: Laura goes to see Carly, tells her the two of them have to have a plan to get to Cy as well, one he won't see coming. Jackie goes to visit Anna. Willow says Chase can text her "as a friend". 


  1. do not care for gregory or jackie. get rid of them. other characters I would rather watch than these 2 newbies.

    1. Disagree. Kim Delaney has Jackie's mannerisms down pat. Looking forward to seeing her interact with other characters with whom she had a history like Scotty (during the Susan Moore murder mystery). And I think it would be a hoot for her to have a scene with Jason, since he was Susan's baby and she investigated his mother's murder. Gregory Harrison is a pro. I can't tell for sure, but my gut tells me his character knows he isn't Chase's father.

    2. I like them both, too. And it's giving us another actual family on the show.

  2. did we skip Christmas? It was Christmas Eve......

  3. Chandler Mansion:

    Anna and Finchy: At first I thought Anna wanted Violet to join the polar bear club with everyone! I was like are you stupid Anna? Oh she just wants her to watch whew. :)

    Polar bear plunge: That guy in a bear coat, I thought he was naked until I saw he was wearing a speedo! ROFL! Sparkly Chillow!!!! :) Gregory really really really REALLY wants Chillow back together.. ME TOO SIR ME TOO!!!!! :) Chillow still love each other!!!

    Rice Plaza: Gregory notices that Finchy gave Chase great advice, like a father. :) Gregory notices Chillow are sparkly and want them back together!!! :) YES YES YES!!!! They need to get back together ASAP! :)

    Carson home: When Carly saw Sonny I thought she was daydreaming, but nope she was sleeeeeeping SHHHHH! :)

    Jarly: Carly is scared that the love of her life is going to die too!! She wuvs him! You can tell can't you? :) ROFL! I mean the way she is acting!!

    Jason: Carly! CARLY! I have to go.

    Carly: You promise me you come home?

    Jason: I promise.

    My Jarly heart just exploded!!! Wait Jason bring the Tribbles they can help you!!!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Brando and Cyrus: Oh boy!!! Cyrus's threats!!! You don't want to mess with Cyrus!!!

    Cyrus and Laura: Oh boy!!! Laura just won't give you a break Cyrus! Too bad they weren't twins. ROFL! OH MY! Jackie just called Laura, miss star eyes!!!! :) Great use of history! :)

    Jackie and Laura: Oh great scene! I love how they are talking about what is going on in their lives! :) Jackie wins the line of the day.

    Jackie: Cyrus is Luke's brother?


    The pier:

    Jason and Cyrus: Oh nice bromance bond here. ROFL!

    1. Loved the Miss Star Eyes reference!!!

    2. "Paul773 says, Loved the Miss Star Eyes reference!!!"

      Me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  4. GH Co-Head Writers Chris Van Etten and Dan O’ Connor Interview – “Soapmakers of the Year” Honors 2020


    Congrats to them!!!!! :)

    1. That was a great article. Congrats to them both.


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