Monday, December 28, 2020

Monday --It's still Christmas Eve on GH

 Police at the Corinthos to talk to Carly about the bridge collapse in NJ. "They found a body, it's Julian Jerome".  Then he says the cameras around there show Sonny chasing Julian so they think it was him on the bridge. Carly wonders what they are doing to find Sonny. She's a great liar. 

Dr O, Scott and Franco sneak into GH, Lesil looks up Franco's scans. He wonders why, if she's free, she can't be out in the open. Dr. O says it's because Anna Devane hates her. 

Paxie at the hospital about stuff..She wants to name the baby after Lulu: Louise and call her Lu. (Lulu's name is Leslie Lu btw)/ Peter agrees. ALL OF MAXIE'S KIDS ARE NAMED AFTER DEAD PEOPLE!! 

Michael and Willow in the kitchen...talking about...stuff. (boring). Brando comes in. They all go out when they see the cops. Chase tells him about the bridge accident and Sonny might not be ok. Tells them about Julian. Jason walks in.  

Molly tells TJ she slept with someone. Then she tells him when and that his mother told her not to try to contact him. Then they argue and she finally tells him it was Brando. He's super upset. Asks her to leave, he needs time. 

Curtis tells Jordan she's selfish and doesn't think their marriage is working. He says he's lost trust. She goes back home alone. When she gets there, TJ is waiting. Lays into her about the texts she didnt' tell Molly about and other things about his kidnapping. He realizes she probably knew about it all along. He's pissed. 

Terry goes to see Liz. She says her parents ask about Liz's all the time. Is she close to them anymore? Maybe it will change this year? (OMG Writers are trolling LOL!! LOVE IT) They talk about Cameron being sad over Dev's death. Franco comes home with presents. 

Britt and Jason... She asks if she got Julian killed because she told him about the baby switch and that Jules knew. Jason says no, not her fault, they didn't kill him. She tells Jason that Cy is trying to develop a new drug in the GH lab. He thanks her. 


Molly and TJ sort of make up

Jordan cries alone

Jarly Hug over sonny being missing

Britt's hand shakes...could she have Huntington's like Faison did? OH NO..Peter doesn't have it but she sure could!


  1. ---so obviously Molly will be pregnant - otherwise WHY tell TJ now if they make up so fast?
    ---What if Cyrus has a treatment or cure for Huntington' (is it a real disease) and he bribes Britt with a cure if she keeps quiet? they have NEVER explained WHY he chose Britt to come to GH
    ----I thought Dr. O wanted Peter to be destroyed so why would she do surgery on him before he remembers things as Peter?
    ----I don't understand when IS the double wedding - after New Year's??
    ----and finally, I STILL think NLG is the actress not happy with her storyline - the rumor that floated around that one major character was openly unhappy about the way their character was portrayed - I don't follow her anymore on Facebook but her 'likes' by others - she has lots of sarcasm that I thought were anger posts about her alcoholism...….I don't even think it's good or realistic???

  2. lol Franco came home with "unbreakable" presents.

    And if Molly was pregnant by Brando she'd definitely know by now, mufasa.

    1. "Unbreakable" presents??
      Man I can't stand Sonny and I'm glad for the break but Laura Wright is such a good damn actress she had me tearing up! LOL!!

    2. He walked in and threw the box of presets on the floor.

  3. that is SO funny - I forgot it was so long ago!!!!!!!!LOL~~ course it IS a soap!

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  5. The hospital:

    Jason and Britch: Oh man! The sparks are flying so hard and all over the place. And there is great lighting, because Steve Burton's blue eyes are really shown well. :)

    BobTodd, Dr. O, and Scotty: The spy movements that BobTodd was doing, cracked me up!!! Hahahahaha. Dr. O and her disguise was brilliant! I loved it!!! She looks good with that blonde wig. :) I'm glad BobTodd isn't wearing that bandage on his head anymore.

    Dr. O and Scotty: They are alone!!!!!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Scotty had Bobtodd leave to go home! Awww Scotty wanted to be alone with Dr. O. :)

    Hiney and Maxie: UGH UGH UGH! Hate the scene.. Go away Hiney! Louise aka Lu! WHO THE HELL CARES! GAH! Oh hi Dr. O!!! :) YES YES YES! GET THAT SON OF A COW DUNG! GET HIM!!!


    "Karen says Britt's hand shakes...could she have Huntington's"

    OH! I didn't even think that. I was just thinking she was nervous!!

    "like Faison did?"

    No no no he didn't have it. Alex does. That's how Anna found out that Hiney wasn't her child he was Alex's!

    "Peter doesn't have it but she sure could!"

    Oh no! Is this going to mean that Anna is really Hiney's mother?! UGH!

    Carson kitchen:

    Michael, Willow, and Tribbles: Zzzzzzzzzzzz. Boring! Look the Tribbles are bored too. At least there are cookies on the island. Do Tribbles like cookies? :) Oh hi Brando!!! :) Good to see you. Give the tribbles a hug. :)

    Carson living room:

    Carly, Jason, Michael, Willow, Chase, Brando, and another cop, I didn't recognize Chase at first. Chillow are sparkly!! Someone should tell Tribbles that Sonny is dead!!! Brando can do it. Brando is so heartbroken that his love of his life could be dead!

    The park:

    Jurtis: Curtis just tell Jordan you want a divorce, give her some antacids, then walk away.

    Jurtis home:

    TJ and Molly: I read a spoiler that Molly was going to be interrupted before she got to tell TJ the truth. Guess it was wrong. Well glad the secret is out! Poor TJ. :(

    TJ and Jordan: Oh TJ. :( It's not Jordan's fault that Molly did the mattress tango with Brando! It was Molly's choice. I love at the end the way TJ said Merry Christmas MOM! ROFL!


    TJ and Molly: Or wherever they are. Geez they both sound like therapists! ROFL!

    Friz home:

    Terry and Liz: Is Terry still here? When is she going to go away? They never show her, so why bother keeping her? Then they showed the credits, and she is on there. So does that mean they are going to show her more? What is with Liz's hair? Cam hasn't picked up his guitar to sing in a month? How sad. :( Oh talking about Liz's parents? Hmmmmmm. :)

    "Karen says (OMG Writers are trolling LOL!! LOVE IT)"


    Terry and Cam: Awww nice scene. :)

    Friz and Scotty: The poor Christmas presents! HAHAHAHAHAHA! They are probably broken. :) Is one of the gifts baby Tribbles? :) Oh I so wish they have Tribbles! Then BobTodd can make funny remarks about them! ROFL! :) What does Scotty say? Where is the mold one? What?! Well, Liz wins the line of the day.

    Liz: Does your dad seem a little jumpier than usual?

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh Liz. :) Oh my Liz is a little sneaky one.. He got Cam to play his guitar, but he didn't sing. :(

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    2. Lol, your line of the day!
      I'm pretty sure that Faison had Huntingtons. I'm going to be really po'd if old Cy has a cure for Britt. My aunt, grandfather and other family had it. It's a horrible disease with no cure. 😔

    3. "Julie H says, Lol, your line of the day!"


      "I'm pretty sure that Faison had Huntingtons."

      Does he? I'm so confused.

      "I'm going to be really po'd if old Cy has a cure for Britt. My aunt, grandfather and other family had it. It's a horrible disease with no cure. 😔"

      :( *BEARHUGS* :(

  6. Sonya says: "What is with Liz's hair".
    It looks tucked...but I ask what is with Maxie's hair. And makeup.
    Dr. O rocks that wig. She and Scotty are a must. I hope.

    1. "zazu says, It looks tucked..."

      Yeah it is, but it looks strange. Like she just woke up. :)

      "but I ask what is with Maxie's hair. And makeup."

      Hahaha! I have no idea!!

      "Dr. O rocks that wig."

      Yeah she does!!!! :)

      "She and Scotty are a must. I hope."

      They ARE a must!!! I agree!!!

  7. Never realized that all of Maxie's kids are named after dead people, lol! And one in a coma!



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