Sunday, December 6, 2020

Sunday Surgery: Letting Go


Another great week for the show! I was surprised and SO entertained. Plus it featured my favorite part of Wyndemere!! I guess the appropriate term is "Turret" that they are standing on but come on, we know it as Helena's Parapet. It's caused more non-death-deaths on GH than anything else besides guns. 

Going to the GH vending machine for a Mr. Goodbar. Did you see the size of that thing that Liz bought Cam? Whoa. 

So much to unpack. So much to talk about. I think the main point is WATCH MONDAY AND TUESDAY'S SHOWS... that's your first mission. Then, get in the rest of the week. It's worth it. Friday was more of a catch up but a ton of secrets are exposed so dive right in.  


LULU LET GO OF THE WEEK: Everyone came in to see Lulu. Even Charlotte showed up on the set. She's grown!! It was of course heartbreaking and Dom brought all the feels. Genie killed it at the elevator when Lulu made her final exit. I think the entire GH timeline was losing it. Now, question is: Will Lulu return as Julie Marie Berman or....??? Hmmm, I'm putting odds on that as yes but it might be awhile. 

JULIAN LET GO OF THE WEEK:  Oh boy oh BOY! Ava and Julian. Two of the best siblings on daytime. Do I actually buy that Ava would really kill him? No.. Did I appreciate the scenes out on the parapet before he jumped? Hell yes.  Jason and Sonny run out and Julian jumps. The rain in that scene was OVERWHELMING LOL!! I think the actors were having a hard time saying their lines. Maura was soaked!! We did see Julian later on the shore then show up at Martin Gray's office which surprised the heck out of me. Julian got money and a car. He's getting out of town! 

DEV LET GO OF THE WEEK: Ah, when your life can be put into a cardboard box one day after you're blown up you know you've had a weak character. Poor Dev. Started out promising but never caught on. He was just getting interesting with his devious ways however and now, we will never know.  

TUMOR LET GO OF THE WEEK?? So.. what's happening with all this?? Franco's tumor was 'shaved' during his surgery after the bombing. Now it can be treated with some radiation. BUT!! He's also hearing voices. The voice was Peter. Which leads me to believe he will have some buried Drew memories in there? Oh lordy. WHAT.?? 

WALLS LET GO OF THE WEEK: Oh know I love these two. What a great week to be a NAva Fan!! WOW..not only did they declare their love for each other but Ava told him the entire truth about Julian planting the bomb. What could be BETTER? Not a lot. Unfortunately for us they have to COVID-kiss but we will get the real thing some day! Squee!! Ava is HEAD-MISSTRESS OF WYNDEMERE! 

BEST USE OF HISTORY IN FOREVER:  Oh, the Gray family! Hmmm, Gordon Gray was Laura's biological father. Doctor and mentor to Leslie. She got pregnant and he told her her baby died at birth. (Which in the 60s was pretty easy to do as the women were often out during delivery). Curtis and Jordan found out that Florence was the person that Cyrus was paying to keep in the house in Portland. Florence was married to Gordon Gray. Could they be Cyrus' parents? Making him her 1/2 brother? And since Martin Gray has the same last name and a mysterious photo popped up, could they be siblings as well? Oh!! SO interesting and such a great use of Laura's past. Love seeing Genie get more material! And if Tad Martin Gray is really her 1/2 brother--whoo hoo!  Photo stolen from Soaps in Depth. 

SCENE OF THE WEEK/YEAR: When everyone turned that corner and came in to hug Laura, I just LOST it!! WOW..and Tracy!! gah! Icing on the cake. I really thought she just was going to have scenes in the airport! The whole family and the pizza and... :sobbing: Sorry, can't see. Having Monica, Robert, Alexis, Nikolas and extended fam rally around Laura was just perfection. 

RUNNER UP: Genie was fabulous in this scene as well. You could feel her shaking through the TV!!! I think true anger for any woman to show is tough; especially the rage-anger done here. It either comes off as shrill or too weepy. This is just right. 

FACE OF THE WEEK: The only person to react to Dev's dying in any major was was Cam. And he was fierce. Add on to that the whole Franco Tumor story and he's just doing a great job. 

PROP OF THE WEEK: Here it is! GIANT MR. Goodbar!! Holy heck! 

GLARING HOLE OF THE WEEK: Um.. so, who's place blew up and who wasn't around at ALL? Well, that would be MAC--acting police commish. You'd think he would have been all over the place.  Felicia too. So strange. 

WUBSHELL WEEK: (There's a LOT of it so hang in there)

Lulu was transferred to a long-term care facility in Manhattan
The whole Q family and Tracy rallied around Laura
Cyrus seemed over concerned about Lulu's injury
Laura smacked Cyrus--hard.
Julian was held at gun-point by Ava but ended up jumping when SaSon came running
Julian survived and went to Martin Gray's office. Found a photo he used to blackmail Gray with
Florence Gray was the patient that Cyrus kept in the house in Portland
Florence Gray was married to Laura's bio-Dad Gordon Gray
Notice all the GRAYs???? 
Nik and Ava declare their love for each other
Trina is told by Cyrus her dad is alive
Dev's stuff is boxed up
Franco's tumor was shaved in OR and he might be able to get radiation
Britt confronted Lucas about leaving Brad
Sasha had coke and speed in her when she had the heart attack
Willow and Michael don't know what to do about their 'sitch
Chase tells Sasha Willow knows about them faking the whole affair/sex thing 
Sam is becoming disillusioned with mobular life; afraid for her kids
Cyrus tells Sonny Julian is the one that planted the bomb
Carly tells Jason and Sonny Nelle is really Nina's daughter
Valentin fires Martin Gray and won't fight for custody of Charlotte while Lulu's in a coma. 

SPOILERS:  A speculation from me: Cyrus is Laura's 1/2 brother and so is Tad Martin Gray. Could totally work. Hopefully that means we'll see Leslie for a bit too? Please? 
Look for: More Brando Sasha scenes, Finn's Dad to make an appearance and Dante and Anna have coffee together. Look for ALL the SCOOPS at Diagnosis Daytime. 

So, a little jibber-jabber from behind the scenes puts someone who's not happy with their material right in the middle of a squabble. That's all I can say and it's not even 'out there' but perhaps watch for a character shift happening soon. There's also been a major ABC/Disney shake up in the more business office side of things but it may have a ripple effect on GH. 

Soon it will be Wub Award time for 2020. What a strange year!!  Have a great Sunday... Cheers! 

Photos thx to: @Pmekame  @Twynk @SoapJenn


  1. My guess it's KM not happy with her material. Who knows?

    1. Me too and hopefully it'll be the incentive they need to shift her out the door next.

    2. I hope it's her. She has been so hard to watch these last few months.

  2. This storyline with Laura is so great. But I don't want horrible men like Cyrus and lawyer Grey to be Laura's brothers.

    1. I think Martin Gray would be a good one. I LOVE Michael E Knight

  3. My guess is maybe GH will fire more people.

  4. Thanks for wonderful SS Karen. Really appreciate all you do

  5. Excellent SS as always! When Emme became Lulu wasn’t Lulu in a coma or something as played by Julie M. B. and then we got the recast when she woke up? Maybe the opposite will happen now. Great week for GH.

    1. It would suck for Emme, but I have always missed JMB. I just always saw her as being Lulu and having better chemistry with Dom Z.

  6. It was classic GH. I love when GH makes me cry. ��

    1. You know when you cry easily with this soap that it has to be good writing and acting. I cried over this story with Laura(great acting) and I cried over the story with Mike and Sonny (good acting).

  7. Genie is the best actress in daytime. love her

  8. Thanks so much kd. This is one of the few senses of normalcy in my life right now and I love your Sunday Surgery with my morning coffee. The show is getting so good now and moving along so quickly. I'm actually back to looking forward to it every day.

    Keep up the great work.

    P.S. Genie better submit this episode for an emmy.

  9. Thanks so much for SS. Always a great read! Genie and Jane are fierce. Their scenes had me bawling!

  10. Did Genie ever get an Emmy? I don't usually follow that closely.

  11. I do look forward to the SS each week. Thank you!
    Ava and Nikolas are perfect. I could watch MW all day.
    The pic above of Sam....this is basically all we see of her now. Different camera angles of her pouting. In every scene she's in.
    Yes to the old histories resurfacing. Such good soapy stuff.

  12. So ...when you say that's all you can say, does that mean you know who it is??? 😉 LOL! I too hope it's KeMo. Ready for her to be out the door!
    Great GH this past wk and great SS!

    1. I am sad about KeMo. I used to like Sam and Jason a lot at one point a long time ago.

  13. Thanks for the weekly SS! I always look forward to reading and you never disappoint!

  14. Pushing the 1/2 brother theory a bit more - what about if Martin is actually Laura's twin? (in real life he's what, two/three years older, close enough) - and is another tie to Leslie (who would be great to see) - if Leslie didn't know one child didn't die - maybe she didn't know that she had two children???

  15. The fact that Emme didn’t asked to be let go and they didn’t kill Lulu off, combined with Dante coming back makes me believe it is fact JMB we will see when Lulu wakes up. I totally sensed a Greg Vaughan/Jonathan Jackson Lucky switch coming. It does suck for the actor when they are let go in favor of the original actor, but honestly Lulu and Dante have not been the same since JMB left. Ditto for Lulu and Maxie. I can’t wait to see what happens!

  16. "LULU LET GO OF THE WEEK: Everyone came in to see Lulu."

    You are not even going to bring up Lulu's alien head? ROFL!

    "Even Charlotte showed up on the set. She's grown!!"

    She has!!!!! :)

    "BEST USE OF HISTORY IN FOREVER: Oh, the Gray family!"

    I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT! :) If Cyrus and Marty are Laura's brothers, I would love it! :)

    "PROP OF THE WEEK: Here it is! GIANT MR. Goodbar!! Holy heck!"

    Hahahahaha! They got huge candy bars in that machine! :)

    "GLARING HOLE OF THE WEEK: Um.. so, who's place blew up and who wasn't around at ALL? Well, that would be MAC--acting police commish. You'd think he would have been all over the place. Felicia too. So strange."

    Well Mac was there and he was upset, but yeah Felicia should have been there too. :(

  17. Genie delivers award winning performances in every scene. She never slacks.

  18. And Jonathan Frakes (Genie's husband) directed the last episode of Star Trek Discovery

  19. I’m wondering if Cyrus is actually Gordon. When Gordon and Florence Gray were on in the early ‘70s, there was no mention that they had children. I think both actors who play Cyrus and Martin are older than Genie. So it wouldn’t be out of left field for Cyrus to be old enough to be her father. Laura has never met him. Maybe Lesley showed her pictures but Cyrus could’ve altered his appearance. Doesn’t explain Martin but perhaps he’s Gordon/Cyrus’ brother. Cyrus’ reaction when Laura slapped him appeared to be more than what a brother would react. As soon as they cast Florence we’ll probably have a better sense of what’s what and I imagine that’s being closely kept under wraps. Or if Lesley shows up. She seems to be the one that would hold answers.
    Genie is phenomenal. I feel she’s always been over looked by the industry and had to fight for recognition much harder than her peers who dominated the Emmys in the 80s and 90s. With her character’s ties to GH’s early 70s history she should be the center and heart of the show.

    1. I don’t think Cyrus looks remotely old enough to be Laura’s father.

    2. No. Genie is 58 and actor that plays Cyrus is 60

  20. And, Michael E. Knight is 61. So they are all around the same age.

  21. Take that back, now I saw something that said Jeff Kober/ Cyrus is 66.

  22. More on Laura's family tree --


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