Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Day of Catching Up

 Dev's funeral prep. Sam's all weirded out by it. Joss gives a bracelet of Dev's to Brando. Portia comes to pick up Trina. Sam and Joss pack up Dev's stuff. Joss wonders what life might be like if they were a "safe, normal family" 

Jordan and Curtis are home; Cyrus knocks on the door. He wanted to make sure Jordan and her kidneys were ok. He says he missed her. He leaves. Curtis says he has to find out Cyrus' ties to "Gray" Patient. BTW, Laura's Bio-Dad was Gordon Gray. Can Cyrus be her 1/2 brother? And-- Tad's last name is Grey too! I'd love for him to be her 1/2 sib. 
Cyrus patient at his house was named "Florence Gray" she used to live in Port Charles. And looking at WIKI, that's Gordon Gray's wife! 

Franco see Cam and Liz in his hospital room. Franco's tumor got 'shaved' a bit so he might get radiation to help. Cam and he talk about Dev's death. 

Finn and Anna are home. Peter and Maxie are there too. Maxie wants to know why Alex is so obsessed with she and the baby. Anna isn't telling them that Alex is Peter's mother.

Sonny tells Jason Sam has to find out Julian almost blew up Danny. Jason is like "um that won't go over well". Sonny says he'll meet with Cyrus but Cyrus has to come alone. 

Today was mostly catch up because I think we had such a whirlwind 2 days we needed a breather LOL 

Portia and Trina having coffee at the 'coffee corner". 

Cyrus is meeting with Sonny. 

Franco is hearing Peter's voice in his head ? 

Some strange guy talks to Trina.


  1. Wonder if they will find the fake journal in Dev stuff or if he threw it away

    1. I kept waiting for Joss to find that page

    2. I wondered the same, that has to be the only reason Joss is packing up his stuff and not Sonny and Carly.

    3. He did throw it away. Maybe he took it out of the trash and put it somewhere. *shrug*

  2. kd said: " And looking at WIKI, that's Gordon Gray's wife! "

    *** Unfortunately you can write anything on Wiki. It's not edited or checked for truth. Several fansites claim that's his wife too, so it could be true.

    And I heard Peter's voice too. I'm hoping he's recalling something he overheard.

    And you're right, Sam. It's not safe. Take your kids and run far far away.

    1. Yay! Maybe Franco will out Peter!

    2. Well, true, but here is the Gray family tree.

  3. is there something about a candy bar? First Franco passed out after eating one and then he hears Drew's memories? I called it months ago when the spoiler said Franco's medical condition leads to history and a past everyone wants to discover...I HOPE he remembers at the wedding and screams it out!
    Can Sam go away? I cannot deal with her injected lips and she used to LOVE the danger - she just mad cause Jason won't include her....

    1. I totally agree about Sam. Both comments. I try really hard not to comment on the plastic surgery on anyone but they did weird camera angles on her and on my big screen TV.....Yikes!! It's good she's having 2nd thoughts about her kids's safety, but she is also pouting because she's out of the loop!

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  5. Jurtis home:

    Jurtis and Cyrus: Oh how sweet! Cyrus wants to see if Jordan okay.. Come on Jurtis! Invite Cyrus for Christmas at your house! ROFL!

    The hospital:

    BobTodd's room:

    Friz and Cam: Awwww my loving family. :)

    BobTodd: Oh they just took a little bit off the top and little bit off the sides.

    ROFL! Too bad Liz didn't laugh when he said that. I would have. BobTodd would have won the line of the day, but Sonny wins it.

    Cam and BobTodd: What a great talk that BobTodd gave Cam!!! :) And that hug made me all emotional! :(

    Sleeping BobTodd: Oh my! He must be dreaming of Hiney!!!! :) Are they running through the meadow with the Tribbles? Well I hope BobTodd remembers everything that jerk said!

    Nurses station:

    Cam and Trina: Awwww Cam feeling all the guilt feels! Listen to Trina!! She is giving good advice!!! She is like a 40 year old! :)

    Chandler Mansion:

    Anna, Finn, Maxie, and Hiney: UGH! STOP IT! STOP IT! STOP IT!

    Central Perk:

    Portia and Trina: Awwww! :) Family. :)

    Man and Trina:

    Man: Excuse me. Are you Trina Robinson?

    Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Say NO! 00

    Carson home:

    Carly and Brando: Hmmm it looked like Sam was about to pass out.

    Joss and Sam: Uh where are they taking turkey boy's boxes? I like their conversation. Obviously Carly HATED it!!

    Carly and Sam: So basically,

    Carly: Come talk to me Sam if you are thinking about leaving Jason, so that I can change your mind about leaving him. He loves you! He is so amazing. He is a superhero. Even ask the Tribbles!

    Cyrus's home:

    Cyrus and Brando:

    Brando: I would do anything to get my hands on the bastard who killed my son.

    You are lookin right at him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sonny's office:

    Sonny, Jason, and Cyrus: Well there ya go. Sonny wins the line of the day.

    Sonny: CYRUS!

    ROFL! Sonny seemed really excited seeing him! Hahahahahahahaha.

    Yesterday: Oops forgot 1 thing from yesterday.

    Wyndemere grounds: OH THERE IS JULES! Wake up man! Hurry!!! Wake up, get up, and RUN!!! HIDE! Get the hell out of Port Chuckles!!

    1. Trina does act like a 40 year old. Wise beyond her years. She was giving out the sweetest smiles yesterday, she is so very pretty! :)

      Line of the day....Bwhahahahahah! Yup!

    2. "Julie H says, Trina does act like a 40 year old. Wise beyond her years."

      Yeah she has always acted like that.. She is very wise! :)

      "She was giving out the sweetest smiles yesterday, she is so very pretty!:)"

      Yeah!!! She should have a love interest! :)

      "Line of the day....Bwhahahahahah! Yup!"


  6. I wonder if the surgery made Franco get some of Drews memories back and that's what he's remembering.

  7. Seemed so long ago I could not remember who kidnapped Maxie and shot Finn. lol
    This Gray family thing looks promising. Unless it goes on for years like the baby story, which still lives a bit.
    The character of Sam has had it's run. She's tired. When was the last time we ever saw her with either of her children. Including prepandemic. She is a walking coma.

  8. I LOVE that they are going back into the archives and pulling out things from 40 years ago. Who would have thought when Martin Gray was introduced he would eventually have a tie to Laura? I am impressed with these writers - coming up with new storylines and new characters but still keeping with thev past. I would like to see them wrap up the Peter storyline, it has been dragging out way too long.

    1. I am liking the latest batch of writers also. They are injecting new life into the series.

  9. More on the Gray family --


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