Thursday, December 17, 2020


 Julian is still alive and missed his bus. SaSon are on their way to see him.  Julian tries to buy a ticket from a rando guy in the bus terminal. Then a giant thug walks through who's texting Cyrus. Cyrus texts back a gun emoji lol. He tries to shoot him but the rando guys steps in front to sell him his ticket. The guy goes into the shadows. Julian stands up to go to his bus and Jason and Sonny step out. They go to take Julian. The Goon steps out and shoots. Hell, it scared me! I jumped LOL They shoot..Julian runs, Sonny goes after him and Jason keeps shooting at the guy. Julian runs to a bridge (oh brother)..and Sonny has a gun on him. 

Laura is in Florence's room. Martin comes in to see her. Laura hides.  He says it's her birthday and brought her a cake. When he goes into the bathroom Laura jumps out: I hope you have enough for three! Marty is shocked LOL . She says she wanted to talk to his mother. Curtis comes back. Asks Martin not to tell anyone he saw the mayor. He goes back to PC. Laura stays with Marty and says she wants to talk to him. OK...MY TEENAGE INNERFEELINGS ARE DYING RIGHT NOW. Laura and Tad. YOU HAVE NO IDEA. OMG. WOW. :love: THEN they talk and she ends up telling him SHE IS HIS HALF SISTER! They talk about Cyrus and why he has Florence there. Then CYRUS WALKS in and says it's his mother!! Oh wow. 

Temp-Taggert is on. He's in with Mac. Mac wants to know who helped him. He wants a lawyer. Why would Jordan take him to the PCPD? Wouldn't everyone see him? WHAT? This makes no sense. Oh yeah, they are going to tell everyone.

Trina's trying to tell Portia her dad might be alive. Portia says no one on the staff of GH would do that to her. 

They go to the PCPD. AND OMG but Taggert walks out. You know, something bad must have happened with Real Andrews. This was an important show and he's not there. He was taping. Hmmm...I hope he's ok. Anyway, they hug and Trina is thrilled. THEN she gets really angry "How could you let me see you be buried"?? She runs out. Oh then Curtis comes in and sees Taggs and looks at Jordan ..ut oh. 

Shirtless Michael and Chase are at the gym. :eyeroll: whatever. Michael bitches at Chase for what he did. Then he punches him in the stomach hard. I think to "Settle" things between them. Michael says that makes him feel a bit better. 


  1. I am a HUGE fan of Real' - follow him on everything and Patreon - and he has never acknowledged missing any work so it must have been just that one day????? I cannot wait to see Laura and Martin/Tad together!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. starting to really like Tad Martin. laura and curtis have chemistry, more than with their spouses. can sonnny and jason please loose a fight.

    1. Technically Sonny never fights =========== giggle.....

  3. Loved today's show. Laura and Tad...what more could you ask for. Great scenes. I too am liking Tad Martin...oh wait. Accent and all. Such possibilities ahead for the three of them.
    Read today that Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are producing an All My Children spin off prime time show. Interesting.

    1. "Zazu says, I too am liking Tad Martin...oh wait. Accent and all."

      Yeah at first I wanted the accent to go, but now I got used to it! If the accent turns out to be fake, I won't be happy!

  4. Isn't that the exact same bridge that Ryan flew off of with Ava? Also wh6 do the writers havevl great set ups for a murder mystery (Shiloh, Nelle, Julian) and cop out every time? I love the show right now, but damn, give us a good old fashioned whodunnit.

    1. I know what you mean. I said the same thing. We need a good whodunnit, not another is he or isn't he dead.

    2. Totally agree about a whodunnit! They have had so many opportunities to have a great one and like you said, they cop out. Boo!

  5. The bus station: Wow! Jules was fading away bleeding out, and today he got strength and grabbed that guy!! Jules was sleeping and you woke him up stranger! How rude! Oh look it's a shoot out wackamole! ROFL! Did you see the bad guy ducking and his head goes up? ROFL! Modern day shoot out wackamole!!! Sason cannot shoot very well. They have to be close to the person in order to shoot someone.


    Jules and Sonny: Oh goodie a bridge. Is Jules going to jump into the water? :) Will he disappear? Will Sonny get one last shot at him? Will Jules tell Sonny I love you? Will Sonny tell him I love you too?

    The hospital:

    Portia and Trina:

    Tina: I know there are drugs to simulate death and slow peoples heart rates.

    Portia you have got a very very smart girl on your hands. :)

    Trina: I know the staff here. They are good people. I just don't believe that they would join some conspiricy that would inflict so much pain.

    ROFL! Uh Portia, you are new to Port Chuckles. People come back from the dead! If you stay here long enough, you will see that.

    Police station:

    Temp recast Taggart and Mac:

    Announcer: The role of Marcus Taggart is temporarily being played by Asante Jones.

    Now was that too hard to do? That's all I'm asking for!!!

    Taggart and Trina: Run to him Trina! RUN TO HIM!!!! :)

    *Trina runs to him*

    YAY!!!! :) Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. :)

    Taggart, Portia, and Trina: Trina brings up her aunt Gia!!!! :) Trina made me cry. :(

    The gym:

    Michael and Chase: They were arguing, and I was too distracted by their shirtlessness.. :) Awww just kiss and make up. :)

    *Michael punches him in the gut*

    I love angry Michael. :) Chase wins the line of the day.

    Chase: When you first leaned in on me I thought you were going to kiss me Godfather style.

    ROFL! I thought he was going to kiss you too and not Godfather style. :) Just a normal I love you kiss. :)

    Vermont hospital: I was thinking I bet Marty is thinking hello mama.

    Marty: Hello mama.


    Flo's room: Tracy I mean Flo is still sleeping. Marty putting lotion on his mother's hand is awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. :)


    Marty, Laura, and Cyrus:

    Cyrus: She is my mother too.


    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to watch Nik and Gia's love story.*

    This is part 1. You can watch the rest of the love story on youtube. :)

    1. Thought of you when they announced the temp recast of Taggert, lol! Seriously, it wasn't that hard. Just like you said!

      Again I agree with the line of the day, I too thought there was going to be smooching!!

      I really need Curtis to be pissed as all get out with the constipated-one. She's played fast and loose with everyone and everything for way too long now. She needs a cell next to Taggert 2.0.

      Have a good day Sonya!

    2. "Julie H says, Thought of you when they announced the temp recast of Taggert, lol!"


      "Seriously, it wasn't that hard. Just like you said!"

      Yeah!!! Just let us know!!! Don't just drop a new recast on us without saying anything.

      "Again I agree with the line of the day, I too thought there was going to be smooching!!"

      ROFL! The look of confusion on Chase's face hahahahha!

      "I really need Curtis to be pissed as all get out with the constipated-one."

      The constipated-one! ROFL!

      "She's played fast and loose with everyone and everything for way too long now. She needs a cell next to Taggert 2.0."

      Yeah Curtis needs to yell at her good!

      "Have a good day Sonya!"

      Thank you! You have a good day too! :)

  6. I don't think Michael punched Chase in the gut. I think it was a kneee...and little lower.

    Warming up to MEK as Martin. The small touches today (Hummingbird Cake, frustrations with Northerners) are making him more than just a Southern stereotype. And, Michael seems to be enjoying it. Also, the "family" connection between two daytime icons is joyful.

  7. I read where the Marcus Taggart actor is on temporary leave because he is immune compromised.Now what do we do with the dirty cop (Jordan)- she has done so much illegal crap it is unbelievable. Love watching Martin, Laura and Curtis.What does Sonny do that makes him a feared Mob Boss. Does he make counterfeit Girl Guide Cookies,get protection money from Politicians or maybe buy coffee from Costco and relable it under the Corinthos brand??

    1. I was thinking the same thing about Réal Andrews. When Trina saw her dad alive she had to go hug him. There was no way to have a covid greeting under those circumstances. And Réal would be immune compromised if he's undergoing cancer treatments. I think they'll bring him back when he's able to film in safer circumstances, like from a jail cell.

    2. LOL, Girl Guide Cookies! Seriously what does Sonny and company smuggle??

  8. I for one have never heard of a Hummingbird Cake (I'm a northerner!) and now I want one very bad! Banana, pineapple, cream cheese frosting, what's not to love!

    Southern Martin was just perfect today. The reminiscing, the chat about the cake, lotion on mama's was like reading an old time southern novel. I loved it! And he and Laura together were fabulous. I could watch those 2 all day! Then ponytail walked in and ruined it, lol!

    1. Ya. Martin Gray is growing on me too. Didn't really care for the character until they gave him a background. Dont like ponytail at all. Don't care for drug pushers AT ALL. Dont see Ponytail with redeeming qualities

    2. "Julie H says, I for one have never heard of a Hummingbird Cake"

      Me neither!!! :)

      "Banana, pineapple, cream cheese frosting, what's not to love!"

      I don't like bananas and I don't really eat pineapples, and I'm lactose intolerant so I can't eat cream cheese unless it's dairy free. But I would try it once. :) It could surprise me. :)

    3. Gracious Sonya, no cake for you lol! It would wreak havoc on your system. :)

      And yes Lindie, no redeeming qualities AT ALL for Ponytail. Though I have always been a fan of Jeff Kober since China Beach days. He must be doing his job since we dislike him so. :)

    4. "Julie H says, Gracious Sonya, no cake for you lol!"

      ROFL! Awwww. :(

      "It would wreak havoc on your system. :)"

      Yeah it will! But there is dairy free cream cheese, so that will work. :)

  9. Didn't the actress who plays Jordan recently test positive for COVID? I thought I read that somewhere. If accurate, maybe while waiting for her results, they wanted to keep Real away from her due to his real life cancer treatments.

  10. I think she did have COVID. Anyone with immune system issues, like a friend of mine has, are told to stay home. Missed having the Real Taggart for the big reveal. Not thrilled that ponytail is Laura's half brother, too. Not only is he a drug dealer but he is a cold blooded killer commander.

    1. Wonder if Cyrus is the BIG boss or someone else. Remember Mr Big? So good and suspenseful


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