Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Scoops and Casting NEWS

For April 1st:

On the heels of Donna Mills surprise casting, they have decided to re-cast
Carly again ....this time with Morgan Fairchild!!!

Sonny will close the coffee business and open "Corinthos Cupcakes" to avoid jail time. Community service includes baking for the PCPD and local elementary schools. 

Ned, Tracy, Brooklyn, and Dillion are all presumed dead after an avalanche at the Swiss resort they are staying at  ...making Monica realize all hope is gone for any Quartermaine Thanksgiving Dinner in 2015.  She closes up the house and moves to St. Petersburg, FL 

Luke turns out to be a famous cabaret singer from France and is actually in town to open a new Moulan Rouge in PC.   Delia returns from NYC to bartend.

Kevin, Lucy and Scott decide to live a plural lifestyle and are one of the first to challenge bigamy laws in NYS.  Then, Mac and Flea decide to join the party too, making it Two wives, Three husbands.

Deciding his "talents" are being wasted, Anna fires Nathan and he's forced to seek employment elsewhere. Luckily Luke hires him as a nude bouncer.  That doesn't talk.

Ava and Morgan have twins... Bluto and Farva--one with a birthmark and the other with golden hair and rosy cheeks.  One evil, one great

Michael and Kiki move to Atlanta and take selfies you can view on Instagram daily.

Dr. Obrect and Victor convert Wyndemere into a clinic and spa, specializing in "Anti-aging" drugs and operations. Nikolas gets fed up and moves to Greece with Elizabeth, Cam and Aiden. Cameron grows up to be a firefighter in Athens. 

Guest Soap at the Metro

Badger Bob is the new show piece at the Metro Court, where there new decor is all Honey Badgers and woodland creatures. 

I've been financing EVERYTHING on GH and will take over the show
Starting July 4th with a GIANT FRONKEY Parade!

 Happy April fools! :) ....or NAW!


  1. You are friggin' hilarious!!! xoxo

  2. If you only you wrote the show! You rock my world!

  3. Haha....Corinthos should serve a Heather Weber cupcake......maple cupcakes topped with bacon and pecans....can't forget the NUTS.

  4. I love everything you wrote Karen!!! Especially Ava and Morgan's kids! Bluto and Farva! ROFL!

  5. I like it all except for Franco lol

  6. Funny!! Heads up, it's been 51 yrs YEAH GH! In the first 4 minutes I was loving it, teary eyed...

  7. If they hire Morgan Fairchild it will be all your fault!

  8. The line about James Franco really terrified me! What an awful thought...

    I love Sonny in the cupcake business!


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