Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April 1st..Happy 51st Bday GH

AHAHAA..NJ bridge reference.  Felicia for mayor!! The four friends sit together until Lucy leaves to go see Scotty at Kelly's

Bobbie cries in Scott's arms. Annie Logan is hookin' up with Noah!! He and Bobbie broke up. hee hee Annie the virgin! 

Carly believes AJ and Sonny has flahsbacks to all the Carly's..then the actresses playing each sit with him and talk.
I SO miss SARAH!! Hate sex and the love and the up and down. I love her as an actress.
Tamara is up next. When she first appeared, Sonny had the bomb strapped to himself. Sarah started the scene, then Tams stepped in. She never could cry. Do you know she left the show NINE years ago!!!
The Carly now-- I actually liked her with Jax the best. 
Of course today was 99% Carly and Sonny, not AJ and Q flashbacks.

POOR MONICA...and there's Emily and she mentioned Dawn. wow. DAWN Anyway, Emily is there to comfort her. Then AJ.
Ho-hum Whatever. 

They all go up to heaven with look alike Alan, Lila and Edward.  Which is kind like they did it before.  So, the impact is lost.

I've watched GH too long. LOL

The Carly thing was done well... but the rest of the show? eh..


  1. I actually loved it. Was nice to concentrate on the characters who's been on so long, and yeh that does include Sonny, thought the flashbacks were cool and how they included all but one Carly. I'm not a Sonny fan by any means but I did like how well doen it was. Loved SB as Carly, the hot hate sex and of course my most fave Carly LW. I liked Tamara but you're right, she never could cry....Laughed at the bridge reference and Annie. LOL!! Tomorrow it's back to normal.

  2. The floating rib: Felicia, Mac, Doc, and Lucy! YAY! NJ bridge closing? ROFL! Felicia for Mayor? :) Lucy is so far away in her thoughts about Scotty. Mac wants to bring Mr Marbles back at the nurses ball hahahahaha! Oh there is Lucy running out of the place like the place is on fire.

    Kelly's: Bobbie is crying. At first I thought she was crying over AJ's death. Noah broke up with her for Annie Logan?!?! ANNIE LOGAN?!!?! WOW! Yes Scotty the virgin. :) Wait Did Annie Logan lose her virginity to Noah?! Damn how old is she?! Bobbie wins the line of the day!

    Bobbie: Who's home are you wrecking?

    ROFL! Oh and there is Lucy. :) Wait why did they show a flashback of Lucy and Scotty talking, when they should have just shown them talking. Makes no sense. Oh Lucy! You are nuts! You pick your husband. Are you sure? Oh but Lucy still wants to have her cake and eat it too! She so NEEEEEEEEEDS Scotty in her life or she will die! Come on Lucy!!! You should really pick Scotty.

    The hospital: Sonny with all three Carlys!!! And flashbacks too! I LOVE IT! :) Oh they didn't show Carly number 3 hahahaha. I guess the writers didn't think she was a good recast either. :) How come the sheet is not over AJ? Awww poor Monica! :( Ghost Emily and Monica scene awwww! :(

    Ghost Emily: But I was happy mom. I had Nicholas. I experienced love. True love.

    Oh shut the hell up Emily and don't ruin the scene! Oh forget it. Just get the hell out! Oh ghost AJ. :'( They had a lot of time, but as soon as Monica asked who shot him, they had to go quickly ROFL! Ghost AJ and Ghost Emily have to leave. They see Lila, Edward, and Alan! I burst into tears! :'(

  3. Ok...this episode was miles better than anything else recently although the AJ death STILL pisses me off badly.

    Lucy and Scotty = schemers at heart made for each other. This storyline ain't done yet, mark my words!
    Liked the way Bobbie and the Noah/Annie references were worked in to her and Scotty's scenes.

    The Carlypalooza was well done I thought. Each actress brought something a little different to the table. SJB is still great - the lady is a natural and TB was a good replacement too. Enjoyed how they worked them into the scenes. Good homage there to their time on the show and it even made Sonny bearable to me.


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  5. I can't believe how much time has passed with the Carlys this side by side is something else. LW is truly my fav probably because she want really with Sonny.

    I HATE Emtwit but they keep bringing her back!!!! Poor Leslie these endless ghost scenes must be torture.

    Speaking of torture JZ makes me sad. I don't judge and I think she's great but I wish she hadn't felt the need.

    I wish they didn't feel the need to ruin Lucy and Kevin. Since they aren't really on it just sucks. But compared to HIMYM i have a new perspective on awful.

  6. "Carrie says But compared to HIMYM i have a new perspective on awful."

    Oh man Carrie! That ending was AWFUL! UGH!

  7. I thought today was great. And it's true that Sonny and Carly really have been "The Couple" for the last decade+ so I think the flashbacks and stuff today were well done.

    And, ok, I'll be honest. Every time Ghost Emily shows up I start crying. Every damn time! I only saw a handful of episodes with NL playing her, and I don't care for her, but I grew up with AmTam... and Emily and Lucky and Foster and Annabelle and the Four Musketeers. And in my heart I really do miss Emily so seeing any version of her still makes me all weepy.

  8. So bored today, since my least favorite character was 80 percent of the show. I am SO very tired of Sonny and his whimmin. The scenes they chose were not typical of SJB on the show--her Carly was totally nasty and hateful, and I remember her rolling her eyes a lot and doing something with her head. Not a bad actress really, but it was a thankless role, and not any more appealing with Tamara. Current Carly has softened her and often I feel for her, which I couldn't with previous Carlys.

    I enjoyed the floating rib scenes. And it was good to see Bobby. They haven't shown her with Luke lately--Bobby would know in an instant something was off with him.

    I always liked Lucy with Kevin, they were a great couple, and certainly GH needs a good shrink. He even put up with Sigfried, her pet duck. But I think I heard the actor was not going to be always available. Hate that Lucy is cheating on Kevin. His friendship with Mac was always such fun.

    I am still pissed about having to lose AJ. I so wanted to see a redeemed and strengthened AJ--like Monica said today. He needed more time.

  9. Am I the only one that felt like they were kicked in the pants in the episode? Today for me was a nasty reminder of all that's been lost or neglected. Instead of an uplifting 51st anniversary episode I feel depressed! I miss the Q's more than ever, like Monica...it's too quiet! Watching the Carlypoluza or whatever reminded me how much I miss SJB. Her Carly has so much chemistry with Sonny. And it would have been good to see Bobbie with the three Carly's in similar fashion to Sonny's flashbacks...Mother's Day maybe? Just depressing!!

  10. Current Carly has softened her and often I feel for her, which I couldn't with previous Carlys.


    Huh? This Carly beds down w a serial killer, orders hits, covers up murders, and is the biggest sociopath of the 4 versions.

    SB was the teen/college Carly and cd get away w shooting Tony and blaming it on youth. 40something Carly can't.

    I agree it was a waste to have AJ's 'death' wasted w 3 Carlys although I was saddened to see how poorly Tams aged, relative to the others. She looked sickly. Hope she's alright and healthy.

  11. GH episode was a disappointment because in flashback they should have shown Alan Quatermaine . Monica Quatermaine wend she was young Leslie webber, Rick Webber, Jeff Webber, Ann Logan, Dr Hardy Alice Grant, Luke and Laura, Susan Moore. Jason mother and the 3 Heather Mary O'Brien, Georganne lapiere, Robin Mattson dressing up as a nurse. It was a Sonny Episode.Oh well Happy Anniversary General Hospital late 70's and 80's was the best GH under Miss Gloria Monty as the producer.

  12. I certainly hoped for more Q's to show up based on all I had been hearing, but overall, I believe the show was terrific. I wish they had gotten Stuart Damon to come on though. That was my only real disappointment. The Sonny/Carly stuff was excellent. Would love for that to be an everyday thing.lol. Each week, a different Carly... Bahahaha

  13. I have had enough of the Q ghosts. Emily appeared to Nik just a few weeks ago so having her back was ho-hum. Now lets get Michael to the mansion and bring back Dylan and or Ned to stir up some trouble.

  14. I also thought Bobbie was crying over AJ, which is what should have happened, but glad there was reference to Noah and Annie. And I couldn't believe Dawn was mentioned by Monica. I thought the scene with Monica, AJ and Emily was so sad. I hate that AJ is dead - he looked really good yesterday, too. The Carlys bit was good - SJB looked fabulous and she was the ultimate Carly to me and always will be. As much as I always hated the character she was amazing to watch. They all looked so young!!

  15. Karen, I almost NEVER disagree w/you, but it was NOT 99% Sonny and Carly, there was A LOT of time w/the Q's, and I was crying, seeing AJ acting like the good guy we always wanted him to be, and then going to Heaven.

    Re the Carlys, I thought the same: They all looked so young!! MB was, is and always will be the most handsome man in the world to me, but he looks DIFFERENT now than he did when he was younger. Still gorgeous, but DIFFERENT. The Carlys all looked the same, liked they hadn't aged at all. How many years has it been since the first Carly showed up?, I've lost track. I guess it's been decades, hard to believe.

  16. Ant Joan,
    Carly first appeared in 1996.

  17. I wonder if they tried to include Jennifer Bransford? Even though she was not well received as Carly, it was not her fault. It was a total miscasting. It seems she pretty much gave up on acting after that. Her husband is a working actor.


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