Sunday, October 1, 2023

Not-so Sunday Surgery: I Dream of Genie


(This was put together months ago, we've been just sitting on it. This video is really worth watching) 

The other night I found an interesting video that spotlighted 12 of the prime time soaps that didn't last. I commented to Karen how Genie was front and center on Bare Essence. Then Karen mentioned North and South. And I couldn't help but wonder exactly how many other soap roles Genie's taken over the years. Here are a few: 

General Hospital, 1977-Present

Laura Spencer

Our Girl Laura that we all know and Love!! Year she came on the show as Laura Vining? 1977

Young and the Restless, 2011-2012

Genevieve Atkinson

Karen Says: I never saw her on this show!! I had no idea she was on it at all. I didn't ever watch anything but ABC soaps so, I had no clue. 

Dave: I did tune in, mainly because it was Genie. But to my surprise, Tristan Rogers was on the show and PAIRED UP with Genie. Robert and Laura together. Now there was something interesting and worth watching. 

North and South,  1994

Brett Hazard

Karen: I DO remember this show. It was a big Mini Series back in the day-- She looked so pretty in hooped skirts! 

All My Children, 1990-1992

Ceara Connor Hunter

Karen: Yes, not a good time for me because I only saw Genie as Laura if she was going to be on a soap! I also remember her name being spelled weird. Cierra or Sierra was what I expected. 

Loving, 1991

Ceara Connor

Ceara jumped to LOVING for a brief time in 1991 

Days of Our Lives, 1987-1989

Diana Coiville

Bare Essence, 1982 TV Movie 

Patricia Tyger Hayes

This interview is given by Genie and it explains why she left GH to go expand to other roles.  This is a small clip from an Oprah show in 2016. 

Genie also had a rich Hallmark Channel career too but that's a blog for another time! 


  1. Love Genie - she's the main reason why I watch GH!

  2. She is always a pleasure to watch and seems like a lovely person IRL.

  3. I actually enjoyed Genie as Genevieve. If the writers had gaven her better material, I think the part would been fantastic. But, the "CainTwin" thing was just ridiculous and choke-held her character.

  4. Genie is my most favorite actress ever. My husband for our anniversary during the pandemic went online a bought me a greeting from Genie wishing me a Happy Anniversary. She sang and also wished me a Happy Mother's day. It's something the actors were doing for the fans. I loved it and I love Genie. She's great. She and Finola are the reasons I watch.

    1. Oh my gosh!! :) How fun!! Those are "Cameos" I think? Too cool

    2. I started watching Genie when I was 12. She and Scotty making a wish on the Christmas tree star. I like them until she met Luke

  5. Genie was totally the reason 15 year old me started watching. She was everything. The combo of Bobbie, Scottie and Laura?? Damn!

  6. Why have you been sitting on this! This is perfect!! :D Too bad we don't have the video of Genie Frances's first episode on GH in 1977. I've been trying to find it, and the OG Laura Stacy Baldwin. I stopped searching. I'll start again. in 2011 when AMC ended, I started watching Y&R and Genie Frances was on it, and also Tristan Rogers and I was so happy!!! :) But then they left and I was sad. :( I never watched North and South the tv series. I watched North and South the movie and loved it. Oh great now I have to watch Billy and Brett love story on youtube. I want to see their love story now.. Yes I remember her on AMC! It was really strange at the time seeing her as a different character. On Loving I don't remember.

  7. Genie met Jonathan Frakes on Bare Essence. Also was in North and South with him. They married in 1988. My husband and I are Jonathan Frakes and Star Trek fans too.

  8. I watched a lot of soaps in my teens including y&r, I don't recall seeing genie but I watched during the Danny and Cricket days and not for long. I remember her on DAYS. ❤️ I kinda wished (on GH) that back in the day they would have paired her with Robert. 😂



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