Saturday, September 30, 2023

Hello From The UK!



Oh my- I'm trying this from my phone!! I'm almost home-- but for now still in England. We finally have a sunny day! Yes- it's been typical British gloom. 

Thanks to David and Sonya and ALL of you for continuing to read this little journal of GH. I have checked twitter and see her have Molly 3 recast. Kind of hilarious. Hope she works out!!! Also the writers are back. I am looking forward to seeing how things go from here. 

The only American news that has been on over here is -- ummm not much!! Lol. They have their own stuff. Nice to escape the chatter for awhile. 

I had the best time in Liverpool here- Beatles area was just full of music and joy. 

This is Arundel Castle! So gorgeous and such a treat to tour. Best one I've seen so far. Oh! We also went to Lake Windermere!! Lol - different spelling but I was thinking of the Cassadines the entire time. 

Well!! Cheers!! I'll try to jump back into the show at some point next week. Can't wait to see LOIS!!!! Squeeeee 


  1. Karen that looks like so much fun. You look happy and relaxed. Reminds me of like Downton Abbey or something. Safe travels.

    1. PS. I can't wait for Lois too. Hopenthe return is well done

  2. Gorgeous photos - so glad you are having a great time! Miss you but you left us in good hands. Other than the projected govt. shutdown you aren’t missing much.

    1. I read it is a partial shutdown. Whatever that means.

    2. At least it has been averted!

  3. Thanks for the pictures. So glad you're having a great time.

  4. "Thanks to David"

    Yeah thanks David! :)

    "and Sonya"

    You're welcome!!! Great pictures! You and your husband are such a cute couple!!! He is handsome and with that accent of his, you are so lucky. :)

  5. ya'll so cute!
    I think Mason is taking Ava to see Nicholas - not sure why
    -----My biggest thing is this ridculous Sasha storyline and I STILL HAVE TO BELIEVE it is a set-up to get Montague to confess....BEYOND ridiculous that a DETECTIVE AND P.I. wouldn't have a plan and that Sasha goes back to Fernhill actually made me physcially angry....
    -----loved Sprina but it ain't gonna last cause of Esme and Spencer is still a spoiled kid with lots of money and no job......just odd that Portia and Trina never talked about her trip.....
    -----good week though.....PLEASE let Michael go to the island and stop that wedding......cause he IS close to finding out it's Nina..
    ------BYE BYE Gladys and doctor ----------------or I am done.


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