Friday, September 8, 2023

Fighting In the Ward


It's FRIDAY PEOPLE!! GH has been not a lot of action this week and a WHOLE LOTTA TALKING 

Nina and Ava talk to Anna at the Metro about Sonny and the case and the shooting. Anna gets upset about Curtis and leaves. Ava tells Nina that even if Sonny gets out, it's still his life and it's going to happen again. Then Ava jokes that Sonny could buy Wyndemere. She really wants to sell. 

Portia goes to GH to sign papers and get wings. Marshall comes out and tells Curtis he's going to The Savoy but when he finds out Portia is gone, he says he'll stay with Marshall. They think he can't be alone. Curtis is mad. Marshall says ok and decides to go...Curtis wheels around alone. Then Anna shows up! She's sorry he got shot. They talk. Portia gets home and goes out when Anna leaves. Is really snotty to her and is like "WHY are you HERE"?? Portia tells her not to come back. She's really mean to her. 

Cody yells at Dr M and figures out his connection to Gladys because of the gambling room. The doctor tells him to get out of the room. They fight. Fist fight. Then we see Cody trying to get Sasha out in Dr. M's suit. Dr. M is tied up naked in the room HAHAHHA. They get outside but Janice the nurse sees them. She calls Security. Damn it. They make it to the garage and SAM left a van for them..they drive off. 

Eddie goes with Olivia and Leo to a recording studio "thanks to Sonny". Um, rando but ok. He wonders where Sonny is. Olivia can't say because Leo is there. Eddie meets the producer, Johnny and engineer, Kira. Then he goes in to sing. He starts singing and forgets his place. He's having trouble. Is he remembering the past? Then he sings it GREAT... nice job. 

Dex is moping on the docks, Joss comes up. He thinks it's all his fault Sonny got locked up. Joss says no...not your fault. You were protecting ME!! He thinks someone saw him throw the zip drive in the trash can. Joss says she'll always worry about him. They kiss. Dex says if Sonny goes to Prison he'll HAVE A HOLE IN HIS LIFE!!!!1 ahahahahahaha. THEN he says what a great role-model Sonny is, he has principles and he's just GREAT. :EYEROLL: 


Eddie's song is over the ending. Dex goes to the hearing, so does Nina. Anna cries and leaves Curtis' house... Eddie's singing really well and Curtis just stares/cries into the backyard. 

LOVED that song of EDDIE's!! WOW. I don't usually like the made for GH songs but I loved that one. 


  1. okay it was a good day I thought but let's talk about the horrible part = Nina Reeves......she is so childish and whiny--------------and I just mute Joss and Dex
    ------and santimonious PORTIA is on my last nerve.....
    ------way to go CODY!! WOOHOO!! the spoilers were right - they hide out while Sasha detoxes but I still want Gladys gone/gone.....
    -----STILL think Curtis COULD run the club - now they might need a ramp but he is not mentally incompetent.......
    -----I feel it folks--------------------Eddie remembering is just around the corner in the next month and that is how Nina is caught (IF Ava doesn't spill it) - today I think Ned was showing up...
    ----one more thing about that stupid flash drive - again it was IN THE GARBAGE for 24 hours at the most and NO ONE would take that long to get infomation SO I going Sonny deliberately set this up (YEAH!)

    1. "Mufasa says, (IF Ava doesn't spill it)"

      Nahhhhhhhhh. Ava isn't going to say anything. :)

    2. I only mention cause every single time Nina says "you know' and Ava says 'I'm not gonna tell anyone'...........but she says it out loud in every dining establishment!

    3. "mufasa says, I only mention cause every single time Nina says "you know' and Ava says 'I'm not gonna tell anyone'...........but she says it out loud in every dining establishment!"

      Hahaha. Well, that's because Nina won't shut up about it and keeps talking about it!! ROFL! Someone is bound to hear Nina!

  2. Poor Curtis. She has him under house arrest and no visitors allowed.

    The rest of the show was Ok. Nothing I really disliked. Small talking scenes that moved things on, a beautiful song. (Subconsciously I think his brain is trying to remember.)

    And a great rescue for me to cheer about. I was glad Cody finally revealed the connections between Dr. Psycho and Gladys and Sasha's money and that Sasha seemed to be taking it last. Drive Cody drive..... Hit the freedom traill till she's completely lucid again. Great Friday show!

    1. "Di says, Poor Curtis. She has him under house arrest and no visitors allowed."

      :( Awful! Just awful!!!!!!! :(

  3. Boy a lot of stupid people on GH today!

    The pier:

    Jex: Oh Dex stop whining!!!! Wait Joss was drunk? So another thing off camera! Dex is so in wuv with Sonny! Dex wins the line of the day!

    Dex: If Sonny goes to prison it will leave a hole in my life. Sonny has principles. He has more values and integrity than most men who work legally. I never had anybody in my life like him. He has taught me so much on how to be a man.


    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Nina on the phone: I thought at first that this was a repeat.

    Nina and Anna: NINA! STOP IT! Leave Anna alone!!! You should really listen to Carly!!!!

    Nina, Ava, and Anna: Well, I'm glad the conversation was changed to talking about Curtis.

    Nina and Ava: NINA! STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT! People can hear you talking you know!!!! Oy! *Facepalm*

    Recording studio:

    Vampire Eddie Maine, Young uncle Leo, Olivia, Johnny, and Kira: I thought Johnny was TJ at first. Oooooo is Vampire Eddie Maine remembering?!?!! :D Hmmmm. Well I enjoyed the scene and the song. :)

    Purtis home:

    Mr. Hat man and Curtis: I need for them to say I love you and hug.

    Anna and Curtis: Geez when Curtis was wheeling around with the cup of coffee, I thought he was going to spill it in a rush to open the door. Glad he didn't! No reason to rush. Curtis could have said who is it!

    Anna and Portia: PORTIA SHUT UP!!!!! GAHHHHHHHHHH! Come on Tribbles, Green beans, and Badger Bob! Throw yourselves at her!!! Anna can't even come back?! GRRRRRRRRRRRR!

    Anna alone: :( I want to hug her! :(


    Cowboy Cody, Sasha, and Evil Dr. Monty Q: Cowboy Cody what the hell are you doing?! Don't confront him you idiot! I was thinking is Evil Dr. Monty Q going to give Cowboy Cody the drug to make him not remember anything? Ooooo a FIGHT!!! YAY! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT WOOT WOOT!!!! GO COWBOY CODY! :D Oh my! Evil Dr. Monty Q all tied up and in his underwear! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That made me laugh hard. :) Great scene!!!


    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to July 20th 2001* Gia, Nik, and Queen Helena*

  4. Boy, they are writing Portia as a real b-word lately. Also, Eddie's song was actually decent. Whoever wrote/arranged it deserves some kudos.

  5. Leo is the best thing on GH right now.
    Portia is the worst.
    Why isn't Curtis managing the Savoy? Ridiculous.
    Also why is everyone so absolutely convinced that someone turned Sonny in? Ridiculous.
    Go Cody!


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