Monday, September 11, 2023

Moving Day


Going o try to watch #GH and just blog.... so no twitter today. Social media is draining me at this juncture. LOL 

Curtis at The Savoy. I guess he can wheel in it!! N'neka is on!! WHOOHOO.  She always brightens up the set. All of the staff comes out and applauds Curtis. TJ comes in too. Curtis misses the club. It opens up and Curtis is all playing the host. Molly and Jordan come in. Molly and TJ tells Jordan and Curtis they'll know if the surrogate is pregnant in a few days. GRANDMA Jordan LOL. 

Spencer at Laura and Kevin's. I think he's putting out snacks and stuff for Trina and him to eat. Esme thinks it's for her BUT! Trina shows up! ahahhha. Spencer invites ESME TO STAY? What a dolt. She's deciding to leave though. Trina's pissed at Spencer for inviting Esme. Trina feels like the assumptions that Esme makes about being with Spencer feels like the boundaries are blurring.  Spencer says he knows the old Esme is in there and might come out one day. He has NO romantic feelings for her at all. He just wants to be with Trina. Spencer finally gives her the turtle doves that his uncle Cyrus gave to him. Trina has Spencer take one and she's going to take one as a reminder they are a matched pair. 

Maxie is moving into Lulu's. Kids are happy. I'm glad Maxie brought her old bookshelf. Felicia and Mac are there too! Maxie tells Felicia about Deception and no money and that Tracey is suing them. Also tells her about Jackson Montgomery. Mac and the kids go to Kelly's for food while Felicia tells Maxie about breaking into Jackson's office. 

Mac and Georgie talk outside of Kelly's about the house and she wonders if Mom is ok. She says she thinks Maxie is worried. Then James talks about his Dad being dead and he was a hero. He also thinks Mac is a hero as well. They go back home with the food. That kid playing James is good. 

Carly and her blazer at Kelly's, she calls Michael about Sonny's hearing. She wanted to go but doesn't want to get sucked back in. Violet, Finn, Jake and Liz come into the place and have baseball outfits on. They are chowing down. Talking about the baseball game and who's going to play. Geesh, Jake is older!! Oh he doesn't want to go to the game yet. I think he's meeting someone. Yep--he's meeting Charlotte. They talk about him painting a horse and Charlotte likes horses. 

Esme also walks into Kelly's with Ace. Elizabeth tells her she's doing well and good to see her out. Carly gets a highchair. 

Sonny's hearing. Dante made it with Michael and Kristina. Nina shows up. Diane walks in. She's glad there is family there to show support for Sonny. He tells everyone "he's got this".  Dex talks to Michael in the hallway. He insists that he threw away the flash-drive and it couldn't be put back together. Oh judge is scary looking!! Old mean white guy with giant eyebrows LOL. The FBI wants to withdraw the evidence without prejudice. They don't have enough. Sonny is free to go. So I guess his plan of planting stuff is successful. 

WELL... :eyeroll: Sonny's NOT going to JAIL!! GEESH!! That was exciting for about 2 minutes. I mean it was executed SO badly. WOW. Shock factor: Zero. 


Sonny asks Dex why he wasn't on the docks when the FEDS raided it. He said Carly called him. Sonny tells Dex there were coffee beans in those crates that night. 

Esme asks Carly if she has any rooms to rent above Kelly's 


  1. Not a bad show today but I really wish they would have picked up Sasha's story right away so it could be closer to over. Just once they could do that.
    Seems that every single decision that NuMolly, can't stand her, and TJ make are BIG announcements. LOL. Funny....many fake FB GH spoiler pages have click bait saying Molly dies soon. Mob hit. And Jason is coming back. And Julian. They can be quite creative.

  2. I think the surrogate dies - maybe that is why Kristina becomes the surrogate??
    -----I LOVED Sonny's face and the whole set-up----we KNEW IT - even better that Diane didn't know.........we knew the Feds never opened the cases/we knew PIKEMAN wouldn't be on the boxes.......what a farce with the FEDS....although in soap time it was the next day right? The hearing?
    ------I just cannot stand Nina...........
    ------Jake growing up!!! I can't even remember who is dad is???

  3. Maxie's new home:

    Maxie, Georgie, James, Mac granddaddy, and Felicia: Great scene!!! Awww family bonding togetherness. :) Sounds like James has a little lisp. BBQ!!! YEAHHHH! :D

    Maxie and Felicia: Maxie don't worry! Your mom and dad has got your back! :)

    Maxie: I think this patient advocate thing is really cool.

    I don't!!! I like Felicia's adventure spirit!

    KevLar home:

    Vampira and Spencer: Are they bonding over cheese?!!?

    Vampira and Sprina: Looks like Vampira is about to cry! She is leaving pretty quickly.

    Sprina: Awwwwwwww finally the doves!!!! :) I'm glad Spencer is telling Trina he knows that the real Esme is still inside and he only has feelings for her. Awwwww. :)


    Georgie and Mac: Awww Georgie is so worried about her mama! Georgie looks like Felicia and a young Maxie.

    James and Mac: Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! His daddy is a hero and Mac is a hero!!! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Great scene!!!

    Carly, Vampira, and baby Ace: What did Vampira ask Carly for? Pictures? Huh?!

    Carly, Little V, Friz, and Jake: Liz wins the line of the day.

    Liz: I think Carly's sabotage days are behind her.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Are you sure? :)

    Little V: Okay, but I'm keeping my eye on you.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Little V don't trust Carly!!! I love little V so much! :) Hmm Jake wants to stay behind? Hmmm?

    Jake and Charlie: Ahhhhh.. He likes Charlie. :) Hmmm what shall we call them? Jakelie? :)

    Courthouse: Ummmm. Sonny is free!!!!!!!!! :D And Sonny knew that was going to happen. That judge yes is very scary!! You don't want to get on his bad side.

    Michael and Dex:

    Michael: Let's make this quick.

    Oh they are going to have a quicky. Gee Dex. Cheating on Sonny already!

    Dex and Sonny: Are they going to go on another date? :)

    The Savoy:

    Nekka, the co-workers, and Curtis: I love the cheering!!!! I love that Nekka wants to learn more from Curtis! Awwwwww. :)

    Curtis, Tolly, and Jordan: Oh 10 year old Molly is done having a tantrum okay good. Will Krissy get upset that she wasn't invited to this get together? Grandma Jordan and great uncle Curtis! If they were still married, Curtis would be great uncle grandpa Curtis! ROFL!

    Sidenote: Monty Q, Cowboy Cody and Sasha: Uh there should really have been a follow up today!!!! On soapcentral website, someone called Monty Q, Dr. Underwear. ROFL! I will have to call him that from now on. :)

  4. I think Dex got his feeings hurt that Sonny didn't tell him - LOL................I don't think he is in on it...............and it was beyond stupid the Feds hadn't looked at the shipment BUT so interesting that the fedd guy said 'our source has never been wrong before' so is that Cyrus or warden or Valentin?

  5. Is the new dress code for Kelly's a fancy blazer and blouse? Because God knows it won't ever get dirty working in a diner. Lol

    1. I was too busy watching Carly cradle the bottom of the coffee carafe with her left hand. Tell me it's prop coffee without telling me it's prop coffee.

  6. I'm glad that Jake is getting some airtime but does he have to date his little brothers bully. I know that it's been awhile but that pain doesn't just go away.

    1. That was a long time ago when she was a lot younger. V.C. made her realize she was wrong. She doesn't bully anybody anymore.

    2. I was actually thrilled to see them together! I wish it came earlier in the summer.


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