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Does everyone remember when Stone returned and appeared to Robin in the well? What did you think of that? Was it just some kind of cheap ratings gimmick or was it a really good closure episode for the show?

Recent Photo of Michael Sutton
Age: 52
Can you believe it?

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  1. Robin being in the well was almost as silly as Emma in the tree, but I loved it! Stone coming back was everything to me as their love story (IMHO) was the best story GH ever did. I loved Kimberly and Michael's chemistry and boy did they have it! The last 3 weeks of that story I cried like a baby every episode they were in. Stone coming back gave me peace like it did for Robin, lol! It was so good to see him, and Michael was hot then, and he's even better looking now. So if you couldn't tell, I give that story a thumbs up. Thanks for the photos Dave! :)

  2. ---interesting that the interim MAYOR is talking to the warden - I somehow thought Pentonville was in a different county....WHY is Jordan dressed like a night out in a club???
    -----Wow Cyrus lies LOL but the warden also seemed like she wanted Drew out of Pentonville for good? NICHOLAS is IN ON ALL OF THIS????? Mason said Cassadine didn't want Ava hurt ---- that makes no sense.
    ----Joss and Ava were so good today!!!!!!!!!!! like them friendly BUT again at the end Ava said out loud to Nina 'so his death won't be on your conscience' - somebody gonna hear her.
    ----I'm an old fuddy-duddy but Spence and Trina drinking champagne was goofy for me/playing like adults
    ----elevator out of order means something --------- deliberate camera shot of it
    -----I kept thinking this has to be a plan of knowing Gladys would call the cops and it was a set-up with everyone at the station alone.....I DID like her saying Sonny would kill her.......leaving doctor and Gladys alone - but then she was Ferncliff again - SO CONFUSING unless they are awaiting Dr to show up with more drugs and try to kill her - it BETTER be the plan....cause I'm gonna lose it if Sasha goes back permanently...and where is Sam? I couldn't tell if Mac was in on it...
    ----in previews - Does Ava see Nicholas or Mason or Betty or who???
    ---another good show today!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. "Mufasa says elevator out of order means something"

      Where was the elevator out of order?

    2. Jordan and the warden - the maintenance guy puts the sign on the other elevator and we all see it and then he walks in front of Jordan and the warden

  3. forgot one thing - in this Gladys mess, etc. NINA is gonna have to explain to SONNY why she gave Gladys 50,000.00 and that he knew the doctor was drugging Sasha.....hope the writers don't drop that

  4. I had to fight myself to keep from turning the Gladys crap off. Either the writers have taken a few days off and sent a couple of idiots into the writers room or they're all dumb enough to think we want a rerun of the Sasha torture storyline. And given that we are only getting GH on monday and friday next week, I see no reason to keep watching. I'll check online in another week and see if there's been any movement....besides the B movement we got today.

    1. agree - I HAVE to believe it's a great set-up or I am done.

  5. NYC hotel:

    Sprina: Trina is still in what looks like her blue robe, then she changes to a robe. Why did she change into a robe? Spencer went to do an errand. I'm thinking going to get a box of condoms? ROFL! So when he comes back they have a little snack and drink wine. He says to the woman I love. HUH?! They haven't even said I love you yet, and he just says it like that? And she didn't even say it back!!! Is that all we are getting before they make love? What an odd scene. They go out to dinner and they are dressed up.

    Port Chuckles:

    The hospital:

    Drew's room:

    Nurse and Carly: Drew is out! The nurse says he is going to be out all night, but he wakes up. HUH?!

    Warden Garden, Jordan, and Crew: Why is Warden Garden there? What is she up to? Carly is upset with Warden Garden. Carly wins the line of the day.

    Carly: How can you let this happen?!

    BAHAHAHAHAHA! Carly! Drew is in a jail not a spa! Jail is a dangerous place! Oh the Warden is going to transfer Drew to some other jail. ROFL! Like another jail is going to be safer.

    Crew: Awwww they are cuddling. :)

    The jail visiting area:

    Cyrus and Mason Jar aka Telly Savalas: WHOA! The set is completely turned around. The left is usually the person visiting and the right is the person in jail. That has changed. Anyway Telly Savalas with his lollypop tells Cyrus that Betty has turned on them. Cyrus blames Ava and will face retribution he says. Cyrus talks about his nephew! HUH?!

    Carly's kitchen:

    Donna, Avery, Joss, and the Tribbles: Donna, Avery, and Joss playing cowgirls and playing with squirt guns hahaha. FUN! They are getting the Tribbles wet. The Tribbles were playing too! :D OH! Ava walks in and gets wet! Hahahahaha!

    Donna, Avery, Joss, The Tribbles and Ava: Ava has joined dinner with them because Joss invited her. Well that was nice of her.

    Joss on the phone with Trina: Trina is all excited being in NY with Spencer. :) Trina sees Ava in the house because Joss went outside to talk to Trina and Trina tells Joss to give Ava her best. :)

    Joss and Ava: They are being cordial. Ava brings up Dex because Joss was just on the phone with him. Ava brings up Drew is awake! The Tribbles are happy!

    Sasha's home:

    Sasha and Gladys: Sasha wants Gladys to prove to her that she is sorry, by confessing and turning on Monty Q! Gladys finally agrees and Sasha says to go do it now and that she has to stay there. Huh?! Gladys leaves and calls someone. I thought she was calling about Cowboy Cody! No no! She has called someone for Sasha!!

    Sasha and the 2 cops: WOW! Gladys called the 2 cops on Sasha! They are taking her back to Ferncliff!

    Police station:

    Mac, Dante and Monty Q aka Mr. Underwear: Dr. Underwear is so lying! He says that Sasha got those pills from Cody! THEY LET HIM GO!!!

    Cowboy Cody and Dr. Underwear: Cowboy Cody attacks him! Mac stops him. Cowboy Cody is so upset!

    Mac, Cowboy Cody, the 2 cops, Sasha, Dante, and Gladys: Wait what!? I thought the 2 cops were taking Sasha to Ferncliff. I was confused at first, but I'm thinking this is all a plan to get Gladys and Mr. Underwear to talk and him get busted.

    Gladys and Mr. Underwear: He wants to take care of Sasha then walks away. HUH?! I'm confused.


    The worker, Sasha, and Dante: That worker guy is tying her down. Is this part of the plan?!!?!?! Dante is trying to stop it. I'm so confused.

    Sasha and Mr. Underwear: He is staring at her in a creepy way!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to 1992* When Dillon Quartermaine was born! :)

  6. oh gosh VALENTIN Cassadine - not Nicholas?

  7. Thinking Carly's cameras outside may pick up Ava saying to Nina on the phone "Drew woke up and so his death won't be on your hands"

    I wish instead of Joss saying whoever turned Drew into the SCC is responsible for his almost death, she would say Carly is responsible since she put Drew in Jail by way of inside trading.

  8. I thought it was wonderful Stone showing up in the well. Always LOVED Robin and Stone. The actor is still good looking.

  9. Good scenes with Ava and Joss today.
    I thought it was a plan too , to let Gladys go off and incriminate herself but now I think that the "doctor" will try and kill Sasha, they struggle and she gets the hypo and kills him. And then she's charged with murder and sent to Pentonville. Sounds just horrible but with these writers possible.
    Spence and Trina are too happy.
    Confused about Cyrus and that crap.

  10. Lois is back October 10. Yippeeeeeee

    1. Oh and Robin in a well with ghost Stone, I loved it. Always loved them together. I think he was her first love. Wow 52! Damn! :) And damn he still looks good. :)


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