Tuesday, September 5, 2023



JANE, GENIE... 1980s 

I can't really believe I start back to school/work/therapy TOMORROW! LORDY! Plus it's 90 here and hotter than heck. Doesn't feel like fall. 

Sonny's being questioned by the FBI. At least the got the lighting right. He's not saying ANYTHING UNTIL his lawyer gets there. SURPRISE! Diane finally comes in. This is so not exciting because Sonny planted the evidence and we KNOW about it. 

Nik and Austin at the cottage. Austin wonders what he's going to do going forward when he's 100% healed. They talk about Ava. Austin tells him about the Hook and Heather Webber and being at Wyndemere. Nik wonders how close he is to Ava. Austin flashes back to sex with Ava. Austin says Nikolas has to go back. Nikolas says no. Austin lists the fact that Esme had the baby and the whole trying to kill her thing and yada yada. 

Carly and Michael talk about Sonny. Carly wonders if he changed his mind and turned Sonny in. He says no. They try to figure out who had the flashdrive. Dex comes in and says he didn't use the information. THEN Dex thinks Josslyn may have. Joss walks downstairs and asks what they are all doing there. They ask her if she turned Sonny in. She says no, she would have but all the evidence was destroyed. Dex realizes he picked up the flashdrive after Carly smashed it. 

Cyrus tells Drew that Sonny's with the feds. He says the charges are federal. Then he gives Drew a chess set. Explains chess. Good lord. 

Maxie tries to tell Lucy to settle the Deceptor thing and give Tracey the 75% of the company she wants. Lucy thinks it's personal with Lucy, that she wants revenge. There is an Erica Kane mention and Enchantment but she doesn't think it's them. 

Mason is in Ava's Gallery bugging her. He says he can't move the body yet. He leaves. It was so pointless. 

Sam and Dante just talk about Sonny. Then Sam calls the hospital about Cody and he's on a 24 hour hold. 

BORING and confusing dialog today for sure
They said "THE FEDS" so many times today it was nuts lol


  1. School started here August 4th------LOL
    -----I just HAVE to believe the Feds either planted something to get Sonny AND especially to find out head of Pikeman - they hadn't even OPENED the stupid boxes until after the arrest??? in 50 years of watching, this not addressing the fake shipment schedule has pushed me over the edge....(OR Sonny knows nothing was there)
    -----since new writers completely changed Mason/Austin involvement --- I don't understand why Nik has to wait 'some more time' before he can come back - surely it's not about Pikeman either?? I wonder if Austin caves and tells Ava that Nik is alive....but I need more to start coming out in order for me to care - Nik died Feb 7th................
    --- the whole thing about 'flash drive is still alive' is also stupid cause that was MONTHS ago and Sonny DID do a Pikeman shipment once or twice since then - in order to retrieve FROM THE GARBAGE woulda been 24 hours after Dex threw it out - I am just screaming - ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh- #notevenrealistic
    -----too much Lucy 'it's personal'........so IS Lucy an ex-wife? even if Blair is ex-wife, why does Tracy wanna get even with Lucy by sabotaging Maxie and Brook Lynn?
    -----lots of potential but it's like rearranging chairs on the Titanic - nothing is finished or keeps changing....

  2. So Sonny is going to be locked up for a few days. Is this a plan to fake his death so he sees who comes out of the woodwork after?

    I just hope we don't have to sit through hours of titillating chess moves. *rolls eyes*

    1. "Di says, I just hope we don't have to sit through hours of titillating chess moves. *rolls eyes*"

      But but they are having eye sex and bonding! New bromance! :) ROFL!

  3. Karen said it. Good Lord. Confusing.
    Why are they talking about the old flash drive? That's history. Why would they arrest Sonny for that now?
    I really thought Nik was being held hostage. MasonJar/Austin/theboss = crap. Plus AH gives me the creeps. At least they should have casted a new one.
    Many wearing black today. Was Sam trying out her Elvira Halloween costume? And please get Maxie a nice natural looking wig.

    1. Adam gives you the creeps? Seriously. Why?

    2. Seriously. I'm not sure. Something about his constant sneer and that he looks dirty. Besides that he is a lousy Nikolas. IMO.

    3. I hadn't noticed a sneer and I don't find he looks dirty. He's always well groomed. I'm not a fan of the scruffy beard look but his is no worse than others on the show...Dante, ROHO , Chase and several others have just as much facial hair but theirs is lighter. His is more noticeable because it's so black, and paired with the black eyes and darker skin it does give him a darker look.

      I miss Tyler too, and his cousins. Not often my kids got to see their faces reflected on the screen in the U.S. so I was sad to see him go, and annoyed that his "bodyguards had to go too. I find Adam to be a good replacement and more of a dark prince than Marcus C who seemed a little on the mild side to me when it came to emotion.

      But this is just my opinion. We all have different ones and different favourites. (I just didn't understand why you found him creepy.


    4. So uh...is Nik the boss??? šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ I mean he's alive and healed and it's just the two goombas and Nik so....

    5. Why does he give you the creeps. Eh, to each their own. I'm glad Nik is back, whoever is playing him. I thought that was Maxie's real hair, she colored it recently. As for Nik, I think he's the (laughing here) boss. šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

    6. That would definitely be a twist but I don't see it.' He was supposedly in a coma for a while and the pawtucket crowd don't strike me as one that would follow a prince.

      My vote is for the warden.

    7. The boss has got to be someone huge - if we are talking about Pikeman - since Valentin and Robert said they recruited ex WSB agents and they are smuggling weapons to 3rd world countries.................well, at least that was what was first reported..................

  4. 1980's glitter. Hmmmm. Is that Genie's engagement ring or Laura's?


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