Sunday, September 17, 2023

Sunday Surgery: A Whisper To A Scream


I had zero time to catch up on episodes this week! I saw Mon, Tues and Friday. That's it! 

SO! I'm doing what I can with the photos I find on Twitter!! Sorry if this is not up to my usual. I'm also going to be gone until Oct 2nd at least so enjoy some fillers by Dave and I'm hoping Sonya keeps up her recaps. 

Note: Please read my previous post about Billy Miller. It's still not real to me and I feel torn about publishing the blog so close to that news. 

SAFEHOUSE DRAMA: After their dramatic escape from Ferncliff, Cody and Sasha end up in a cabin that Sam provided. She's coming off the drugs. Interesting idea someone floated on Twitter: Sasha is Cody's twin. It's interesting that nothing romatical has happened between them yet. Also, she mentions her mother and also Mac has said that she reminds him of Dominic. Hmmm.. could be? 

PLAY BALL OF THE WEEK: I actually liked the whole crew being in Charlie's after the game. Having Jake and Charlotte share some sodas was also cute. I know some people are grossed out because they have the same grandmother but--meh. Jake is Jason's so..not blood related and they didn't grow up together. The other bonus of these scenes? Kristina was actually working as manager! Don't see that everyday! 

SPRINA OF THE WEEK: We're going to NYC!!!  Wonder what show they'll see. Love Lies Here? 

MEETING OF THE WEEK: Ah, there's our BLAIR!! I didn't get as much sass out of her as I normally saw on OLTL but I still loved seeing her! They explained why this is all happening;  Blair wants Marty to marry Lucy so she doesn't have to pay alimony and Tracey wants revenge and Lucy's ELQ stock shares. That's about the size of it. 

MESSAGE OF THE WEEK: I don't know. This is just not grabbing me AT ALL. The shooting, the fire...these psycho messages. The whole Valentin thing? He JUST lied to her about Victor because of Charlotte, remember that? Now he's doing it again? Meh. And, I don't really care about who's behind the threats unless it's Faison. I think Anders Hove's ship has sailed however so again, don't care. 

THAT WAS QUICK OF THE WEEK: I came, I saw, I drank beer. Now Nikolas is off to Europe to look for his mother but NOT to let her see him. He just wants to plant the 'idea' that he's alive. WTF? Whatever. Kind of a dumb sequence if you ask me. I mean, the surprise of Austin having him and Nik waking up from the coma was ok...but this? Lame. 

SUCKER OF THE WEEK:  Remember Kojak? Is this supposed to be... I don't know? Dangerous? Cool? Because it's the second damn time Mason has gone to the Gallery to 'talk' to Ava with a lollipop in his mouth. *sigh* MOVE IT ALONG, PEOPLE! 

SPEAKING OF MOVING IT ALONG:  Unless he's going to kill Drew... this getting tiresome

SCENE OF THE WEEK: I often don't like the acting choices made by Chad and I give him a lot of crap but when I see good stuff, I'll call it right out. This was some fine acting. Maurice wasn't giving much back but Chad just killed it. I was so hoping he was going to out Dex but..that will happen in a year or so. 

This was the week of News and Notes!! I'm starting there first. Kassie DePaiva reprised her OLTL role as Blair on GH this Friday. I love her so I was happy. She posted this pic of "Todd and Blair" on Twiter. 

Who else is coming for a short time? Rena Sofer!! You knew she might and they finally got her for the Nedly story. Can't wait to see it. Hope I'm back and it's not during my time off. 

Adam Huss has left GH for the time being until they decide to bring on Nikolas again. Well, THAT was weird. I mean, ??? See Michael Fairman's post ,

John J York shared his cancer diagnosis and asked for the GH family to register to be a bone marrow donor if possible. (Ages 18-40). His link for monetary donations is: Match For Mac 


Spencer gave Trina the Turtle Doves; they are planning a weekend get away

Nikolas left as soon as he got here

Spencer got control of the Cassadine fortune--for now

Dante outted Sam for her entire plan with Cody

Cody and Sasha go to a safehouse where she's detoxing

Cyrus overheard Carson talking about Drew being a mole

Anna confronts Valentin about his Pikeman involvement; their suite gets trashed

Joss and Trina move back into the dorms

Ava drops Avery off at Carly's for a week

Sonny enjoys being out of custody

Michael makes peace with his father

Charlotte and Jake got out for ice cream 

Blair comes to town and she and Tracey discuss their plans to destroy Deception/Marty/Lucy

Marty is upset to see Blair in PC

Curtis visits The Savoy 

Mason intimidates Ava 

Maxie fires BLQ

THAT'S A WRAP!! Again, I'm off for awhile and won't see GH. I don't think I'll catch up on that many shows when I get back either! Hopefully, I'll be all refreshed and ready to get back into it! 


  1. I haven't really watched much, sad to say. Now that you mention it though Sasha does look kind of like the 2nd Dominique. That would be a better story if they are twins. Can stretch it out some until JJY comes back. I don't like the story line, but Sofia Mattsson is doing some good acting.
    I LOVE VAnna and they are one of the only reasons I watch, so to see them being tortured by these writers is not fun at all. Unless Olivia Jerome is involved, this all makes NO sense. Not Faisons style, and I think the actor is not coming back either.
    Give poor SPRina a break already and let them be happy (without Esme)

    Thank you Karen. Take care of yourself. Have a good break

  2. The whole Pikeman storyline would make more sense and be interesting if it was revealed that the boss was (taa daa) Jerry Jacks. That would fit in well with the character's background. Unfortunately, I think actor Sebastian Roche is pretty busy these days with guest spots, so not sure if he would be available.

    Why is Nikolas leaving? It makes no sense. Is it because he may be facing a crime because of Esme's captivity? Well, Liz skated by the charge and I am sure Nik could pay off Esme and get her not to cooperate.

    1. Sebastian Roche is the best bad guy. He always plays a bad guy no matter where he shows up (1923, Man in the High Castle etc.). Phenomenal actor. I don't think he's come back as GH probably doesn't pay enough. Jerry Jacks could fit into any "bad guy" story line on GH so easily though. Miss him. One of the best bad guys GH has ever had IMO

  3. Have a great time Karen! Thanks for putting out a great SS despite the sad news.
    At least the show moved along this week.
    This Pikeman/Masonpop/boss story is ridiculous. Seems like as it keeps going it gets more chaotic and nonsensical.
    I know who is 'terrorizing' Anna. It's grown up Charlotte. Actually that would be interesting.
    Love seeing Blair. Hoping she runs into Todd on Monday.

  4. ----I actually like Adam showing up - we see what Austin did - and then leaves cause I don't like him as Nicholas.......I also have a feeling the new writers wanted to wrap that part up and TPTB said 'let's let the old writers work with it when they return'...
    ----I LIKE new writers................
    ------Karen the Vanna stuff doesn't grab us cause it is never consistent/obvious the writers changed some things........I don't care anymore either unless Vanna start being honest and work together.................still waiting on the Pikeman boss reveal + the head of WSB now
    -----Yep Mason is soon to be gone and WHY WHY is NO ONE thinking of CYRUS - BEYOND DUMB!
    ----I read the two theories of Charlotte terrorizing Anna but she wouldn't burn down a house right? I don't think Sasha and Cody are siblings - I think they are dragging it out - on some level I always thought Sasha was Cyrus' daughter.
    -----keep us posted about your trip!!!!!!!!
    ------PLEASE writers wrap up the Nina reveal like yesterday!

    1. I thought of the Charlotte angle before I read the 'theories' online. After all she did start out as a bad seed. At that time I thought they would take it farther. Remember that whoever started the fire waited until Anna had left. The shooting was probably something else completely. It's so all over the place anything can happen. Or not.

  5. Well Anders Hove is always down to play Faison (he told me when we met back in March) so outside of a resurrection (he was lobotimized or was he???) as much as I would like him to return, I guess its unlikely....

    1. Plus IF Faison had Huntington's disease he wouldn't be able to walk around doing all this stuff; but it is GH.................

  6. "I'm also going to be gone until Oct 2nd at least so enjoy some fillers by Dave"

    We will!!!!!!! GO DAVE!! :)

    "and I'm hoping Sonya keeps up her recaps."

    Oh I will!!!!!!!!!!! :D

    "MESSAGE OF THE WEEK: I don't know. This is just not grabbing me AT ALL. The shooting, the fire...these psycho messages. The whole Valentin thing? He JUST lied to her about Victor because of Charlotte, remember that? Now he's doing it again? Meh. And, I don't really care about who's behind the threats unless it's Faison. I think Anders Hove's ship has sailed however so again, don't care."

    Yeah It's not getting me either. The storyline is so stupid. And in the mirror it should have said REDRUM!!!!

    It's the second damn time Mason has gone to the Gallery to 'talk' to Ava with a lollipop in his mouth.

    It is?! Oh I don't remember. I thought it was the first time.

  7. Okay the previews with Nina and Valentin looking at the camera footage - BET BET IT IS CHARLOTTE!!!!!!!!!! cause of their reaction

    1. Looks that way! First time I ever had a theory, before I saw any online, that came to happen. If it does.

    2. I just hope they don't go all wierd on us and have Anna doing this herself after she has a psychotic break caused by all the stress.

  8. Today's episode.

    Brase home:

    Brase: Awww Brooky isn't sad because of her losing her job! (Of course not she doesn't give a crap about that job!) She is sad because she lost her friendship with Maxie! Awwwwwwww. :( Chase is there for her awwww. :) Brooky wins the line of the day.

    Brooky: I did my fair share of conniving and deceiving my family.


    The hospital:

    Alexis and Finchy: They are talking about Chase and if Gregory told Chase about his ALS or not.

    Stella and Liz: So, Liz notices that patients have the same doctor.. So what?

    Fiz: I am so confused with this scene. I thought Liz was going to talk about how she thinks Gregory was misdiagnosed.

    Mr. Hat man and Stella: I thought at first that Mr. Hat man was lying to Stella about Curtis wanting to sell the Savoy.. Nobody should be selling the Savoy!!!! Okay maybe they should sell it to the Tribbles. :) Oh hey The Tribbles, the green beans, and Badger Bob (Not Brutus) should be co-owners together. :)

    Alexis's office:

    Gregory and Vampira: Lavender ice cream? I never heard of it. Can there be a scene showing Gregory and Vampira eating lavender Ice cream?! :D

    Gregory and Alexis: Oh! He wants to have lavender ice cream with Alexis! ROFL! I want to join them! :)

    Anna's metrocourt hotel room:

    Vanna: REDRUM REDRUM!!! Isn't anybody going to clean up? I mean if they are not going to call the police. V.C. is going to find out who did this.

    Anna alone: OH! She IS calling the police, but not before flashing back to every conversation she had.

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Marty and Blair: BLAIR CHEATED ON MARTY WITH DAVID VICKERS?!?!?!?!?!! :0 My jaw hit the ground. Wasn't David Vickers with Dorian at the end of OLTL? OH! So it WAS Blair's idea for the deceptor!!! Oh yes Marty you don't want to mess with Blair. I know her. She is NOT to be messed with!

    Musy: Damn that kiss could start a hundred fires. :)

    Nina's office:

    Nina and Lucy: Talking about Sasha and Tracy. Nothing new here. Nina kicked Lucy out! ROFL!

    V.C. and Nina: V.C. needs Nina's help! V.C. wants to know who is on that footage.. Roll that beautiful bean footage! :) OH OH! Who is it!!?! Is it Charlie? Alex? The Tribble's best friend's brother?!?! Mufasa? Di? Zazu?!

  9. About Billy Miller. Sad.

    1. He surrendered his life? Oh no he killed himself?!?!! :(

    2. Oh my goodness and here I thought the suicide rumors were wrong. How painful for his mom and the rest of his family and friends.


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