Friday, September 15, 2023

FRIDAY at The Metro


So I'm flying a bit blind because I haven't seen Wed/Thurs GH shows yet. So, if I mess up or act surprised that's why.

BLAIR comes to town to meet with Tracey at The Metro. Martin and Lucy are walking in and he's like: NOPE. Lucy walks in anyway. She and Marty sit down for dinner. He tries to hide behind the menu. Lucy says she never would have done Deceptor if he hadn't given her the idea. 

Tracey tells Blair that she's going to 'bleed Lucy dry until she begs Martin to marry her" and then Blair won't have to pay the 50K a month in alimony. Tracey wants ELQ stock back from Lucy. Not sure how she hooked up with Blair. Tracey hates Lucy and is angry with her for her brother and also putting Valentin Cassadine as the head of ELQ. 

Anna gets a note from Dante that tells her Valentin is basically on Pikeman's payroll. She shares it with Valentin and asks "is this true"?? He says yes. He went to NYC when Pikeman asked him to..that was the night of the fire. Anna's like WHY DO YOU LIE TO ME. He has a song and dance about not wanting to upset her about Pikeman, yada yada. This is such a WEIRD storyline. 

Alexis talks with Spencer. He gets full control of the Cassadine Estate since he's the "only' Living heir! They talk about Cassadine bond and he bitches about his father.  Then he asks Alexis to keep an eye on Ace and Esme because he and Trina are going to NYC to get away for a bit. Esme listens to it all. 

Ava drops Avery off at Carly's. Carly wants to know why because she thinks Ava's in trouble. She tells Ava that Austin visited someone in the prison. Ava is shocked. They get into an argument that's dumb. Carly says she knows Ava did something and Mason and Austin probably know about it. 

Joss and Trina are moving back into the dorm room.  Joss didn't unpack because she had zex with Dex instead. *SIGH*. Trina wonders if she was nervous the first time.  Joss and Trina talk about her NYC trip with Spencer this weekend. She's excited and ready. They are going to see a show, go to dinner and the hotel has a heated pool on the roof. 

Nikolas tells Austin he's leaving to go to Europe to "tie some loose ends up". That was fast. He got new clothes and a passport that's fake. He wants to go to Europe to let Laura know he's alive-- but he's not going to let her see him. Nikolas knows that the entire estate goes to Spencer if he's dead for 6 months so he'll cast doubt on that. He doesn't want Spencer to control the entire empire. 


Anna and Val's suite is trashed. Note on the mirror says "you think you got away but you didn't. You're not safe"... 


  1. ---settle down cause I officially liked Carly with Ava today, i.e. her bluntness and yet she is willing to help cause of Avery...
    ----Hey, Blair - Marty is NOT living high - he is taking care of his mother....although wow the writers changed hte Deceptor story....questions answered today about Tracy but WHY didn't Blair ever try to get the Deceptor launched and WHY would Marty mention to Lucy? I DID like ONE of the consequences that Tracy said, 'we were right - Lucy is broke and will force Marty to marry her' BUT he won't be getting 50000 a month.
    -----just sad that Vanna is not gonna last - the way to write would be Val confesses everything to Anna and THEY work together.......I'm gonna scream when the cameras in the HALLWAY don't work------------Metro Court certainly is NOT a safe place
    ------the message I don't think is truly Anna and WSB garbage - I think it's Pikeman with a distraction....
    -----HOW HOW did Ava either not think of CYRUS?
    ----don't care about Nik/Esme/Joss/Trina...........and yes Nik is gone (maybe TC will come back) BUT Laura left in JULY - little too late now Nik although the explanation was good: Spencer can never have any control over me....

    1. I was ok with the conversation, but couldn't Ava have left Avery with Nina/Sonny. I guess she prob wanted to be with her sisters but we always have to involve Snarly.

    2. Because she's one of the stars of the show!! Contracta have quaranteed hours whether we like it or not.

  2. Alexis's office:

    Vampira and Alexis: Does Vampira live above Kelly's now?

    Alexis and Spencer: Uh Spencer you are not going to like this, but your dad is faking his death again! ROFL! Awwww Spencer is grateful for her! And she is grateful for him! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! #loveOfFamily :D

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Mucy: Lucy make up your mind! Do you want to eat there or not?! ROFL! Lucy wins the line of the day.

    Lucy: Who is that blonde bob person?


    Tracy and Blair: BLAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY! LONG TIME NO SEE! Blair talking about her family! Awwwwwwww! :) Marty is running you dry Blair? Well the money isn't for him, it's for his mama!!!

    Marty and Blair: *Snicker snicker*

    Vanna: Oh V.C. just spill all your guts!!!! Do you know who burned down Anna's townhouse?!

    Joss and Trina's dorm room:

    Joss and Trina: Gee Joss isn't going to talk about Adam? How rude. *Snicker* Love Joss's shirt. Yeah Trina ARE you ready to do the shaggy shaggy with Spencer? :)

    Carly's home:

    Carly and Ava: I thought Carly knew everything of what is going on with Ava? I guess not! When are they going to show the kitchen? I miss the Tribbles! Why can't some of the Tribbles go in the living room? :)

    Pawtuck cabin:

    Nik and Pawtucket Holtster: This is so strange. What loose ends? Why is Nik smiling strangely? Anybody notice?

    Anna's metrocourt hotel room: Or is it Vanna's room? Anyway I thought all that red stuff was blood!!! Damn too bad. THE MIRROR!!! Meh it should have said REDRUM!!!!!!

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to Sonny's penthouse* Sonny and Brenda - The wire scene!!!! This was a fantastic performance!!! :) Fantastic scene! Bravo!!!!! :)

  3. I don't watch anymore, but did Blair mention Starr? Starr was actually on GH for a while and dated Michael.

    1. I don't believe she did. She sure looked good though!

    2. I haven’t seen this Blair before but I hate bringing in actors from old shows since they can’t find work instead of using more of our cast.Nothing exciting or attractive about this Blair to me. Tracy sure looks great for 76.

    3. I am happy about Rena Sofer, though.

  4. She didn't mention Starr....
    ---I know it's a soap but why wouldn't Anna tell Sonny that Valentin is meeting with Pikeman people? It's a Cyrus story and then the Pikeman and then someone after Anna-------but Valentin is clearly underminding Sonny and I think Anna would tell him
    ------So Nicholas Chavez was supposed to leave for months with a new show, but the writers and actors strike happened, so I'm wondering what changed in the storyline with Spencer 'gone' for months...

    1. Mufasa I would it means he will stick around. Sprina fans deserve to see them happy and blissful for at least a few weeks (2 days in soap time)

  5. ooooo CSx Victor - Shane Donovan back on DOOL!

  6. Is that a note on the mirror to Anna or to Valentin? So stupid

  7. I don't think Anna and Valentin are going to break up for good. This is a bump in the road for dramatic reasons.

    I still think Anna's stalker is not connected to Pikeman and is Olivia Jerome. But who knows?

  8. Lois came back, would be really nice to have Olivia Jerome back. The OG of course!!!!!

  9. This Pikeman saga is confusing and needless. I think the concept of this one entity's tentacles reaching out to different characters might have worked if the writers knew what they were doing.
    Happy Trina and Spencer is just never going to happen.
    What even was the point of bringing back Nikolas at all. Hopefully he will be recast but probably not. AH plays him like a dirty scumbag. Nik is not dirty. lol
    Love CD! Bring on more OLTL characters. It would be heaven for CD and RoHo to share a scene. Monday will tell. Nice photos of them all on FB.

  10. Billy Miller dead at 43. The real Drew - so sad and so young.

    1. I just read that and my phone would let me open it. Going to see if I can't find more info. OMG

    2. "LSV422 says, Billy Miller dead at 43. The real Drew - so sad and so young."

      WHAT?!?!?!?!?!! :0



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