Thursday, September 14, 2023

Thursday Sept 14th :RENA SOFER NEWS


Here's your spot to post. And--YES WTF with MAXIE I get she's moving but 
COME ON!!! SO many fashion choices and hair styles!! I don't get it. 


PEOPLE reports that Rena Softer is returning as LOIS!! NOT sure for how long but yeah! Read all about it on People Mag. 


  1. Lois is coming back baby! Oh yeah!

    1. I was just going to share that! YAY!!!!!!! :D

    2. I'm so excited. You have to wonder how ex's feel about acting together again!

    3. "Linda says, I'm so excited. You have to wonder how ex's feel about acting together again!"

      Well I did read that he said he didn't want her to be a love interest. Yeah it's probably not a good idea.

    4. She aged really well and looks just as beautiful. Hopefully she will put Tracy in her place. Olivia knows her, Sonny, lots of possibilities!

  2. Metrocourt restaurant:

    Nina and Dex: Dex was going to talk to Nina, but he got a phone call. From Joss. OH! She is moving into the dorm! Wait! NOW?!!??! September 14th!! That's really late. Anyway Dex has a message for Nina from Sonny. That he is with Carly and Drew.. I think Nina's message should be to start acting like a mobster's wife and chill out!

    Olivia and Nina: Olivia is happy and has accepted Ned as Eddie Maine.. Good good. :) Nina asked her if Olivia is in love with Eddie Maine! DOH! Olivia won't answer that and gets back to work!!!! Great question Nina! :D

    The hospital

    Pawtucket Holtster on the phone: Who is he talking to? His cousin Telly Savalas?

    Ava and Pawtucket Holtster: Ava wins the line of the day.

    Ava: Your lollypop licking cousin.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OH! She is threatening him! Yeah you don't want to mess with Queen Ava buddy! She is right you don't know what she is capable of!!!! :) She can throw Tribbles with a knife inside at you!!

    Airport lounge spa jail:

    Crew and Sonny: Sonny telling Drew about his plan. Blah blah blah nothing interesting there.

    Drew and guard: Ooooooo. Drew will help the Guard's son if the guard helps Drew!! Drew wants info about Dr. Underwear. Ooooooo Cyrus is listening!!! Will Cyrus kill the guard?!?!!

    Warden Garden office:

    Warden Garden and Cyrus: Warden Garden really really wants to lock up Sonny! So badly she can taste it. Why Warden? Did you two have a one night stand and he didn't call you afterwords?

    Cyrus: Did you think I wanted to give you wrong information?

    Whoa! That made me gasp!!! So the Warden Garden IS the boss?!!?!?!?!?! :O

    Ava's art gallery:

    Sprina: She was on a ladder, and he startled her and almost fell off the ladder! I said out loud OH! Cus that scared me. Glad Spencer caught her. :) They are going on vacation together to NY and he is so excited he is sweating. She is sweating too. He is acting like she said yes to a marriage proposal! Hahaha. She has the dove awwwwww. :)

    College dorm:

    Jex: He is helping her when Adam shows up. :)

    Jex and Adam: Ooooo Adam likes Joss. :) I think they both know, because Joss is trying to get rid of Adam! ROFL! Joshua Bernard sounds like he has a cold. Adam gone now Jex wanna have all the zex.

    The cabin:

    Sasha, Cowboy Cody, and Sante: They talk about Gladys. Sasha knows now what Gladys will do to get what she wants. I hope Sasha tells her off! :) Maybe Sasha can throw some pizza at her. :)

    *Jumps into my time machine to go to May 1999* Queen Helena tormenting Laura. Stephan steps in.

  3. -----well we all see it - Adam (Maurice Benard's son) and Joss coming up this fall!
    ----WOW could Spencer be more selfish and childish - he has NO job and he doesn't want Trina to go to college or work in lowly Ava's gallery? Sprina ain't gonna last.
    ----MY AVA IS BACK - bout time the scared Ava was gone.
    ----VERY CLEVER to have Cyrus say his change is why he wants evil Sonny off the streets - I mean he is STILL acting like he has changed.
    -----I think some will disagree but I STILL just don't think the Warden is the top person------(I know it's not the Pikeman boss but like Brick told Sonny someone wants him gone and it's not Pikeman people)
    --having a warden we have never seen until last week is outta the blue and a woman ALTHOUGH I bet Mason and Austin don't know about her.....but we never saw who Mason was talking to behind GH (GRRRR) and I need more of Cyrus and Austin......but at least we learned she is power hungry and Cyrus got her the job....
    ------LOVE Sam/Dante/Cody/Sasha all being honest and helpful.
    ------I KNEW Cyrus was gonna hear Drew but the whole thing is again stupid - HOW did Sonny, Carly, and Drew never ONCE think of CYRUS who was Austin's patient at GH? AND AND if the warden opened the SIM card like Brick said, I thought they could trace it but all they do is say Austin visited someone at Pentonville......
    ----Olivia falling in love with Eddie + Lois returning = women fighting over Eddie!

    1. "mufasa says, well we all see it - Adam (Maurice Benard's son) and Joss coming up this fall!"

      Yup!!! I can see it happening. We better get prepared and get ready! ROFL!

    2. Might make a better couple if he sticks arizona

    3. I am one of the few that am not into Joss/Dex. I love Eden I am just not seeing the pull towards them as a couple or him as Sonny's right hand man. I don't see the toughness.

  4. Lois returning is awesome and much better with Rena Sofer. Sure hope they do that story justice!!!!

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  6. I'm thrilled about Rena/Lois returning and squeeeeeing like a fan girl!
    Much love and prayers to John J. York and his family. I KNOW he'll find a match.
    I know it's late mentioning this, but Jordan's dress?? Egads!
    Same with Maxie's outfit. Is wardrobe on strike, too?
    The whole Cyrus/Warden/Lollypop Licking Cousin/Austin/Pikeman/Sonny thing makes my head hurt. I've quit trying to figure any of it out and just sit back, watch, and accept whatever they dish out.

  7. We were right! Adam (Nik) last day is today -Nicholas is leaving again - I didn't think he was back full-time.

  8. Anyone notice there were at least three actors wearing a blue shirt just like the one that Michael often wears.


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