Friday, September 29, 2023


Who says you can't find good help?

Stella Fields

Reginald Jennings

Alice Gunderson

Cook 2

 As you know, Karen is on a vacation for a few days. To keep the blog going, here is a space for you to comment on todays' show.



  1. I loved Stella, Reggy, and Alice!!! I also love cook 1 who we never met! She always kicked people out of her kitchen hahaha! You should have had a picture of cook 1! A picture of a sillhouette! *Snicker*

    1. Or when Alexis dressed as "Dobson" to be close to Kristina as Ned had custody. Alice had a big crush on Dobson, lol.

    2. "Linda says, Or when Alexis dressed as "Dobson" to be close to Kristina as Ned had custody. Alice had a big crush on Dobson, lol."

      OH YES!!! Dobson! I loved Dobson! He was my favorite! :D

  2. ---in real world Amy would be fired 'why are you both wet"
    -----Nina told Sonny about Gladys but neglected that she knew the doctor was drugging Sasha and Nina said all of Sasha's funds are gone - is that true?
    ---- and Willow had the dream that Harmony warned her not to trust someone and Michael said he had contacts at the SEC - so it's about to go down with what she did -----------especially when Willow said things were gonna well with Nina.....
    ------Mason tooke Ava?????? and Nik IS back? so confusing unless Mason takes Ava somewhere and Nik is there.....
    ----I was so afraid Nina was gonna say yes to eloping ------ shoot - that means that they find out after Nina and Sonny are married.......the worst outcome I wanted.....
    ------I just cannot believe it wasn't a plan with Doc and Sasha = the previews look like doc left the room and said he would see Sasha around town - surely surely Sasha isn't gonna kill him? Let the girl have fun....
    ----Sprina was just excellent....

    1. Nina only knows what Gladys told her, not the entire real story.

    2. I guess I misunderstood cause I thought Gladys told her the doctor was drugging Sasha until she paid the money.

  3. I loved the way Sprina look at one another. I know Spencer can be an ass, but I do love these 2 together. Loved the flashbacks and even his hair being messy dining outdoors!

    I think I could watch Ava for a full hour... she is fabulous!

    Finn looked pretty good in the shower ☺

    1. "Finn looked pretty good in the shower ☺"

      Yes he did! ;)

  4. Why would Cyrus want Ava taken and/or hurt? This story changes too much and is lasting far longer than it should.
    "Love in the afternoon" has made a brief return.

  5. NYC/Dinner: Are the actors really in NYC? Hmmm.

    Sprina: They are having a nice time. She tells him she loves him!!! She did not say the man I love. She is smarter. :)

    Spencer: I cannot believe you. I was just professing my love to you at the hotel room and you didn't say it back.

    Uh no you didn't you idiot! All you said was the woman I love. What the hell is that?! Gee I wonder what you are going to say when you propose marriage to her. You wanna? *Facepalm* Anyway awwww they are in wuv and they said it YAY! :D


    Sprina: Yowza!!! They make the wuv!!! :D I hope they use a LOT of lubricant since she is a virgin!


    Family friend and Kevlar: The family friend called Laura Mrs Spencer! Hahahaha. What kind of family friend is this who didn't know Laura got married to someone else and is no longer a Spencer. Thinking about Laura's full name, it's Laura Webber Baldwin Spencer Cassadine (which was invalid) Baldwin Collins. :) Whew! :) Anyway they talk about Nik and Kevlar finds out that Nik is alive!! The family friend finds proof!

    Family friend and Nik: Oh my!!! NIK!!! He wants his money! The family friend likes Laura and wants Nik to tell Laura the truth! Nik plans to!

    Port Chuckles:

    The hospital:

    Drew's room:

    Drew and Willow: Mildew heard that Drew was attacked and they both are worried about Drew. They talk about Wylie and Nina. Willow gushes about Nina. When the truth comes out about Nina, oh boy!

    Willow and ghost Ghost is trying to warn Willow about someone, but became mute. ROFL! OH! It's just a dream!!! :)

    Fiz: They are being playful and bantering.


    Fiz: He is in the shower! YUMMY! :D Liz sees his name tag then sees him, and puts her name tag down, and then she gets in the shower with him fully clothed. Man I miss Michael Easton's love scenes! Cus damn he likes it rough! :) When they were kissing it was rough! Then she just leaves!!! Poor guy had to turn the water to cold! ROFL!

    Nurses station:

    Fiz and Amy: Liz walks in with wet hair and then talks to Amy. Then Amy sees Finchy walk in and he has wet hair. Amy wins the line of the day.

    Amy: Why do you both have wet hair?

    BAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh come on Amy you are not dumb, and it's none of your business!! Quick! Tell her that there is a leak in the locker room! ROFL!

    Sonny's home:

    Nison: They talk about Charlie who is 15 years old and acting out, which Sonny knows it's typical for a teenager. Then they talk about Gladys and she tells him everything! Sonny is pissed off! Then eventually they talk about their wedding and Nina doesn't care about all the stuff for the wedding. I'm thinking well just elope! Then Sonny says let's elope! He read my mind hahaha. So Nina agrees!!! :)

    Mildew's home:

    Carly and Michael: Carly needs Michael's help! She thinks the judge put Drew in jail on purpose for political advancement! Carly needs to get proof! He needs Michael's help. He has his own plans. He found a whistleblower.. Oh? The Tribbles? :)


    Butler Giles and Ava: It's raining cats and dogs on spoon island but not in Port Chuckles. ROFL! The butler says it's because of micro climate! :) Ava is going to take a bath, but she can't. No hot water! Giles fixes her, her favorite drink but spills it on her when he jumps because of the storm. ROFL! He leaves and she is alone now. She can't wait until she moves!

    Mason Jar and Ava: Oh oh! He is after her!!! She grabs the firepoker and then next time we see Wyndemere, IT'S EMPTY!!! THEY ARE GONE!!!!!

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to March 1990* Frisco and Katherine Delafield singing straight to my heart.

  6. Don't quite understand why Sonny didn't call the police about Gladys, Sasha, and the Doctor???


    1. Hmmmm. I wonder when we will see the writers work.

  8. I have to say I really hate this Nicholas. He has such an unpleasant look all the time. SO disappointed that he is back. Sprina scenes well done. Liz suddenly remembered she was an adult. Unfortunately it was with Finn.

    1. Totally agree about everything you said. Especially the very unpleasant portrayal of Prince Nikolas.



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