Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Aunt Charlene (Wednesday)


She was a breath of fresh air, wasn't she? With her arrival came her sons, Colton Shore and Decker Moss. But that's saved for another blog. She was also Lucy's aunt and in 2023 in Pine Valley, Lucy mentioned her Aunt Charlene to Jackson.

Maree Cheatham in July 2023 at a GH event.
Before GH, she was on DOOL off and on from 1965-2010!
She has an extensive IMDB list. 

As you know, Karen is on a vacation for a few days.
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  1. Aunt Charlene!!! Loved her! Decker Moss YUM! I loved Decker and Dawn together.. D&D! :) Colton Shore I hated him! He was such a bully to Felicia! I hated them together. Then when Colton got with Olivia Jerome he changed and I liked him. I loved Colton and Olivia together.

  2. I was a Decker & Dawn fan too. I had forgotten that Charlene was their mama.

    I thought Colton was kind and patient to Felicia but that was so long ago I could be wrong. I was such a Frisco & Felicia fan I would be ok with her doing almost anything to be with him. I still remember her being chased in the forest and Frisco finding her and them kissing. They had the magic for sure on & off screen!


    1. "Linda says, I thought Colton was kind and patient to Felicia but that was so long ago I could be wrong."

      No Colton did not have patience and was a big bully. He would make me so angry.

      "I still remember her being chased in the forest and Frisco finding her and them kissing. They had the magic for sure on & off screen!"

      Oh yes!!! They sure did have magic!!!! :D

    2. Yup Frisco and Felicia just set the screen on fire. Lol. One of the best couples on GH ever.

  3. OMG....NuNuNuMolly! They said "Molly Davis is now being played by..." YAY.

    1. I am so glad - she looks the part!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. I hope she's permanent if our Molly can't come back. She's at least not not playing her all manic and hyper.

    3. Couldn't believe there was another new Molly, WOW! I'll give this one a chance too, and so far so good!

  4. -----really like Brook Lynn and Olivia's friendship
    -----finally we got to hear Eddie sing and Tracy actually smiled!
    -----HOW did Sam and Dante not have someone outside the door in case Gladys decided to run cause it's a dumb plan asking her to confess.......I want Sonny to get ahold of her.
    -----new Molly is so much better - the character is still horrible to Kristina though -
    --- Trina's blue dress was gorgeous! I couldn't tell if Esme was lying or not about the day care?
    ------do ANY Quartermaines know about Drew????
    ----I googled Craig Sjodin and is was a cinematographer for GH back in the day and photographer for the Bachelor - SOOO Sad - he just retired and was killed when a car hit his bicycle......

    1. I was wondering why no one was outsid sasha's door for backup in case the doctor showed up too. And I didn't see Molly being horrible. She didn't really say anything and after their blow up I don't blame her. Kristina needs to give her some space. She's like a pesky chihuahua who won't take no for an answer.

      I thought Esme might have been lying too. Loved that blue dress too.

    2. "Di says, Kristina needs to give her some space. She's like a pesky chihuahua who won't take no for an answer."

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Good one! :)

    3. pesky chihuahua! OMG, love it!

  5. Was just flipping through channels and came across "What Happens in Vegas" on E Network. Who do I spot? Amanda Setton (Brook Lynn) - as "Hot Woman". LOL GH Stars are always popping up somewhere.

  6. Police station:

    Cowboy Cody, Sante, and Chase: Chase wants to know what is going on, so Dante tells him all of what is going on with Gladys. Chase wins the line of the day.

    Chase: That woman is crazy!


    The Savoy waiting area:

    Mr. Hat man and Vampire Eddie Maine: Mr. Hat man thinks he is going to sing his new song.. Vampire Eddie Maine isn't telling him he isn't going to sing it and he isn't finished with it.

    Brooky and Vampire Eddie Maine: He is getting ready to sing with his band, and Brooky visits him. She wants to hug him, but stops herself. :(

    Olivia and Vampire Eddie Maine: It looked like he was going to kiss her!!! But alas he just hugged her. Damn too bad he didn't kiss her. Maybe he wanted to. It sure looked like he wanted to. She is all frazzled now and wants to get out of the room so quickly.

    The Savoy:

    Purtis, and Tolly: A NEW MOLLY!!!!!!!!!!!! :D YAY!!!!! Wait isn't that the 2nd Molly we had and then left? Portia is wearing a robe it looks like.

    Curtis and Mr. Hat man: Mr. Hat man is hyping Curtis up! Saying the people are not there for Eddie Maine. That they are there for him! The Savoy is Curtis! :) Curtis hasn't made up his mind yet if he wants to sell the Savoy to Ms. Wu or not.

    Olivia and Brooky: Olivia tells Brooky that she thought Eddie Maine was going to kiss her, but he didn't and just hugged her. Olivia WANTED to kiss him! :D She feels so embarrassed! She thinks that once Vampire Eddie Maine finishes his song, that Ned will come out! Yeah so do I!!!!!

    Olivia and Blaze: They talk about how Brooky signed Blaze up!! And then they talk about Eddie Maine.

    Brooky and Blaze: They talk about her father. Brooky misses her dad. :(

    Mildew and Krissy: Michael is all worried about Willow. Michael looks strange. Must be the hair. Krissy doesn't want Michael to be all controlling like Molly! Oy! *Facepalm*

    Tolly and Krissy: Krissy walks up to them and congratulates them on the baby then she walks away.

    Krissy and Blaze: Blaze asks Krissy if she has a boyfriend! HA! Trying to sus her out Blaze? :)

    Vampire Eddie Maine and his band on stage: Dammit we didn't hear any of his singing until the end when he sang I'm the man you will ever need. :) YEAH GO GO GO! :D And he dedicated it to OLIVIA!!!! :D

    Kevlar home:

    Vampira and Spencer: Spencer is all ready for his trip, but wait oh oh! Vampira said he can't go because Ace has chicken pox!!! Uh chicken pox is not really a big deal. Vampira can handle it, and Spencer is not his father!!!!!

    Trina and Joss's dorm room:

    Trina and Joss: Looks like Trina is wearing a robe too. Trina is all excited for the trip! Then oh oh Spencer calls and tells Trina that they can't go on the trip because of Ace having chicken pox! Trina is not happy and disappointed. :(

    Sprina: OH! They ARE going on the trip! It's not chicken pox! It's poison oak!!! YAY!!!!

    Sasha's home:

    Sasha and Gladys: Ooooo Sasha all yelly and telling Gladys off! Gladys lied about where she was going with her suitcase. Telling her that she was packing to find Sasha! Sasha tells her she knows the truth!!! Gladys is feeling a lot of guilt feels. GREAT SCENE!!!!

    1. Oh forgot to mention Tracy! Tracy watched her son sing, and she was smiling!!! :D She liked it!!!!! :) Of course she won't admit it I bet. :)

    2. Sonya, to be fair to Esme most new mothers would freak out when they think something is wrong with their little ones. I know I called my mom a lot when my son was an infant and I spent a lot of time babysitting as a teen.

  7. Another good show today. Just something is different. It's flowing better. Maybe it's longer scenes or more sensible dialogue, I don't know.
    Go Sasha.
    Eddie was so good. Nice time at the Savoy. Even for Tracy.

  8. Aunt Charlene fit right in with Lucy. Lol

  9. Thank goodness the mistaken casting of Molly was corrected so w didn't have to suffer too long. The new one looks much better.. Loved Ned at the Savoy. I have seen him with his band in concert and have met him and he is really talented.


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