Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Take Me Out to the Ball Game


In one week, I'll be off to Jolly Ol'!! Not looking forward to the flight but -- that's what I have to do. 

Ok, on with the show: 

Gladys hears from Janice at Ferncliff that Cody and Sasha escaped. Janice the nurse tells Gladys Sasha might have gone willingly with Cody. Gladys leaves. 

Everyone is at Charlie's celebrating their baseball victories. Kristina is actually working! People cheer they won and toast Sonny 'beating the rap". Jake walks in with Charlotte. AHAH I think he thought they'd all be going to Kelly's after the game so he went to Charlie's!! Violet asks if they were on a date. Then Violet goes and bugs Willow about it. 

Charlotte wants to write a graphic novel and have Jake illustrate it! aww

Willow is SO HAPPY TO BE feeling better and out and about (she's at Charlie's with ). Michael tells her thank you for talking him into not turning Sonny in. He leaves. 

Sonny's back home. He and Nina kiss. He says there was no way he'd be convicted by the FBI. Tells Nina about the coffee bean switch. Michael comes along and is saying to Sonny he's happy he's out. Nina gets a 911 call from Gladys. Michael goes on and on and comes out with "you can be let down by people and not try to destroy them" REALLY GOOD scene with Chad-- he did a bang up job. Basically tells Sonny he doesn't want to see him go to jail. I was kind of hoping he'd spill about Dex but no. 

Gladys tells Nina that Sasha got "kidnapped" by Cody. Nina is shocked. WHY would CODY want to kidnap her? She thinks he tried to recuse Sasha. Gladys says he was working with the doctor probably to get money. Oh brother, she's going to hell for that! 

Sasha and Cody are in a safe house Sam arranged for them. It's a little cabin. I think Sasha is detoxing. OH yep, she freaks out. She yells, Cody yells. Riveting. He gives her water. Mentions Liam and Brando to make her see she has to be strong.  Someone on Twitter put out there --wondering if Cody/Sasha were twins! I mean, it could work. Sasha doesn't know her mother. Cody and Sasha haven't really been romatical at all.. so...?? Leia and Luke? Hmmm.. It would be interesting.

Decent Show today! 


  1. Two days in a row we have a good show. Nice.
    Great scene with Michael and Sonny.
    As much as I like the actress, Gladys is surely scum.
    Only one little thing. In between the needles of Dr. Death Sasha seemed lucid even begging the doc to not shoot her up. Now she is wildly detoxing. Cody is being so sweet and strong.

  2. Nison home:

    Nison: Sonny is randy today! :) I'm glad Sonny told her the truth. She hasn't gotten upset. Will she be upset later and whine to Ava about it? Yeah Nina you are NOT ready to be a mob wife!! No way! You proved that running around town whining about Sonny's arrest.. You gotta calm down and get over it. Even the green beans know whats up and is calm about it. :)

    Michael and Sonny: WOW!! Great scene!!! Bravo!!! :)

    Michael's thoughts: I love you Sonny and I know about you and Dex being in love. I approve.

    The cabin:

    Sasha and Cowboy Cody: Great scene!! Sasha screaming made me cry! Yeah that theory I saw on twitter, wow! Part of me wants them to be in a relationship, but another part of me, wow Mac having twins! That's *Sniff sniff cry cry* Would be so beautiful!!!


    Cop, Nurse Janice, and Gladys: Geez Janice if you really think that Sasha left on her own accord with Cowboy Cody then why call the cops? And where is Dr. Underwear? Is he still tied up? :)


    Nina and Gladys: Whoa! A glass elevator!?!?! Cool!!! :) Where are they? On the roof somewhere?! Oh Gladys your nose is growing Pinocchio! Nina can't you see it? Her nose is grew and went into the glass elevator!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant: Yeah! The hospital softball team and the PCPD softball team won!! WOOT WOOT!

    Fiz and little V: Even though little V is adorable, Finchy you gotta tell her to stay out of people's private life! ROFL! Little V wins the line of the day.

    Little V: Daddy it wasn't that spectacular.


    Little V and Willow: Willow is being subtle to her, but really, Willow shouldn't be.. Just tell her Willow! ROFL!

    Jake and Charlie: Awwww. They are so adorable! This date is so unexpected! :) Jakelie! :) So a graphic novel huh? and wants Jake to illustrate it? I LOVE THAT! :D

    Sante home:

    Sante: Hehehe. I'm glad Dante isn't mad at Sam for helping Cowboy Cody get Sasha out! :)

  3. ---Annoying Nina - I mean when she said with a straight face to Sonny after he said, 'this is my life'-------------'I know that Sonny - I know to accept the good and the bad' I actually screamed at my TV.................she bothered CARLY and ANNA and even AVA about Sonny's arrest..........and Ava even put her in her place........she can SO not be a mob boss.
    -----like PEE-TAH it is way way way past time for Gladys to go away -
    -----Michael was really good today and I liked that they didn't hug - that made it more realistic...........I thought he was about to tell about Dex but we all know that is coming months down the road.
    -----Jake and Charlotte are very realistic too
    ------Kristina saying to Willow when she found out Sonny had run an errand "At this hour' was the other time I screamed....it's not late - the ballgame was barely over.....COME ON writers - ya'll are better than that.
    ------mark it down - I actually enjoyed today's show!!!

    1. me too...! a lot of characters on today and they interacted!

  4. I'm happy with seeing Jake and Charlotte!

    Karen I love the idea of Cody & Sasha being siblings. We will have to see how it plays out by Dec 2025.

    1. "We will have to see how it plays out by Dec 2025." ROFL

  5. also since Sonny doesn't know who is in charge of the Pikeman and he didn't know the Feds were coming, that must mean that Cyrus never opened the SIM card - Brick clearly said they could trace whoever opened it......OR the writers are gonna drop that detail too --------------

  6. I would love to see Cody and Sasha as twins - more for Mac's sake but it would tie the characters more to legacy and Sasha has really grown on me (though I can't take much more torture porn for her) and Cody seems to be staying...

  7. Having Cody and Sasha be twins and the offspring that Mac never knew about is about the only thing I can think of that would make me care about those characters.


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