Wednesday, September 6, 2023



Nik Chaves' Birthday Today! He's a VIRGO! 

Sam is at Ferncliff and has to fill out more paperwork about Cody. Cody is going "crazy" in front of his new psyche guy to try to get to stay there so he can save Sasha. He keeps going and going and the doctor finally gives him medicine to sleep. He leaves. Then Cody spits it out. 

Sasha is pretty normal and is "thanking" Dr M and trying to convince him to let her out. He says No way and stabs her again with the needle. She passes out. Janice the nurse sees her later and is concerned. 

Sam sees Dr. M in the hall while she's filling out the paperwork. He says HELLO YOU. She tells him she has a friend in there. 

Nina is leaving a message for Diane about Sonny and Krissy walks in for information. They are at the Metro. Krissy is wondering why he's not out on bail. Nina says it's a federal crime so.. Krissy leaves. Alexis comes in and warns Nina that if Sonny's in jail, she and ALL OF HIS FAMILY are in danger. Very strange. Um.. Alexis he's been arrested about a million times. 

Also at the Metro are Valentin and Anna who moved into a suite. She thinks the mail has been moved around. Val says it's probably the housekeeper. She's upset that Sonny got arrested. Wonders if Pikeman is involved. She has Valentin call them to find out what they might know. He says he has to meet them. Anna sneaks out and follows him to a house. Valentin comes right back out and says: well HAVE HIM CALL ME THEN! 

Anna runs back to the hotel room ahead of Val and jumps in the shower. He comes in and told her he had information because he met the guy at the airport cafe. Then he says "wait, did you say you took a HOT shower"??? 

Dante bursts into Michael's office and yells 'DID YOU TURN OUR FATHER INTO THE FEDS" Then yells at him about a bunch of other stuff too. I'm so here for that. Then Krissy comes by and Dante leaves. Krissy wonders if Michael is secretly happy that Sonny got arrested. He's like NO!

Molly and Alexis are at GH ... the surrogate is getting a 'procedure'. Molly's wondering if she moved too fast with all this. (Um, now is not the time to think that LOL) TJ is there too. The surrogate goes into the room to get the procedure done. Molly and TJ talk about Sonny's arrest. 

By the way, in NYS you can only be a gestational surrogate. Can't be your egg. So they must have used a donor bank. 

Olivia tells Dante that Sam told her Cody was taking the week off. 

Valentin knows Anna is lying about things and Anna knows Valentin is lying about things

Cody makes it into Sasha's room

Dante asks Sam about Cody situation 


  1. What a boring show today! Cowboy Cody saved the show today in my opinion!

    Metrocourt hotel:

    Vanna: Zzzzzzzzz. Come on Vanna just have zex!

    The mail: Yes Anna! The housekeeper touched me and it was a thrill!

    Strange house: Damn I thought we were going to finally meet Pikeman! I guess Pikeman wasn't there!

    Vanna: Hot shower? Anna you don't look all hot and sweaty! ROFL!

    Metrocourt hotel:

    Nina and Krissy: Zzzzzzzzzzz.

    Nina, Krissy, and Olivia: Zzzzzzzzzzz.

    Nina, Olivia, and Alexis: Yes Nina. They had children with Sonny! ROFL!

    The hospital:

    Molly and Alexis: Zzzzzzzzzzz. Where is Ric?

    Tolly and Surrogate: I'm confused. I thought the surrogate already did the procedure!!!

    "By the way, in NYS you can only be a gestational surrogate. Can't be your egg."

    Really? Why is that a law I wonder and can't be your egg? Who's egg? The surrogate?


    Monty Q and Sasha: Cowboy Cody BETTER hurry up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nurse Janice and Sasha: Yeah of course Sasha is getting worse!!! Monty Q is evil!!!!

    Cowboy Cody and doctor: Cowboy Cody better stop overselling or he is going to get drugged!!! Cowboy Cody wins the line of the day.

    Cowboy Cody: OH! OH! What do the ink blots look like? They look like butterflies!

    ROFL! Seriously stop overselling Cowboy Cody! These are great scenes. One minute he is humorous and making me laugh, and the next minute I feel bad for him and want to hug him. :( I wonder what he would do with the Tribbles. :)

    Cowboy Cody and Sasha: GET HER OUT!!! NOW!!!!

    Sam and Monty Q: Flirty flirty! ;)

    Sante home:

    Sante: Sam isn't going to tell Dante what is happening is she? Yesterday when Sam was talking to the lady at ferncliff, it sounded like a machine. And hey where are the Tribbles?! It's not on the Sante table.

    Michael's office:

    Dante and Michael: Dante slap Michael!!!! *Snicker*

    Krissy and Michael: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I think they need Tribbles of their own to take care of.

  2. Cody looks fantastic! He is acting his little heart out. All the better to end this tortuous disgusting story.
    Molly = mute...always. I have a feeling this will be the longest baby story ever.
    Sonny is in for your lives. LOL

  3. DID Nina GIVE Gladys the money???? Totally dropped that - she was wearing the same suit as the late afternoon when Sonny was arrested? WHAT is going on?
    SO many characters need to go away like now....
    I am just tired.....
    STILL think the Feds set up Sonny.

  4. Where to even begin with this episode?

    First, Cody's room would be locked and he wouldn't be able to just roam the halls of Ferncliff freely.

    Secondly, despite what Alexis says, the mob typically does not target family members. If Sonny was locked up, his family actually would be safer.

    Third, Josh Kelly's acting crazy just does not cut it.

    On the bright side, the coming attractions make it look like Gladys is murdered tomorrow. Here's hoping.

  5. I ff'd Cody after a while. Like Kevin said, "his acting crazy does not cut it". There is no actor > viewer chemistry between him and I, unlike me and Dante! :)

    I really do need the Sasha story to end. She's been tortured enough.
    And I'm being tortured with the surrogate story.
    I did enjoy everyone accusing Michael then Joss the past few days. HA!
    I did take exception to Nina saying to Krissie that Michael will never learn. Never learn what exactly? He's acting civil to you Nina and lets Willow call the shots where you're concerned, and you sure as crap don't deserve it.

    Fingers crossed Gladys bites it, but I do like the actress. I might miss her!


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