Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Two days Off


Oh I have work and hair for the next 2 days!!! Sorry. Hope GH is good!! 💗💗


  1. ----the difference between Carly and Nina's reactions to Sonny's arrest is worlds apart! Mature woman who accepts Sonny and childish Nina running around town acting like a victim...loved Carson conversation
    -----Blair is supposed to be there tomorrow----maybe we will get answers as to WHY Tracy is doing this ------is she broke? Did Blair paying her to sue for the Deceptor? Cause Tracy seems to need money
    ----NO WAY Maxie is dressed that way to go to WORK!!!
    ---WAY past time for Laura to come home - pious Jordan acting like SHE solved cases is laughable..................
    -----Spinelli please show up and find the freakin bank statements showing money is missing!
    -----WHEN will Carly realize Mason was the guy in the dive bar?

    1. "Mufasa says, NO WAY Maxie is dressed that way to go to WORK!!!"

      ROFL! I know! It looked like she is wearing her pajamas and just woke up!

    2. ugh I'm out tomorrow as well...

  2. Poor Maxie. You can tell how randomly the scenes are taped and when they air just by her hair color and 'style'. What kind or wardrobe/makeup dept. would let her film looking that way. She was a fashion diva.
    Continuing the fashion subject. Jordan. Was that an old wedding dress, matron style?
    MasonPop, new name, needs to go away soon. Since Nik is nearby somewhere jogging around why can't Ava see him. She should be one up on them, whoever them is.
    BLQ showed true emotion in her face today. She is like a grown up high school girl.
    1% of ELQ....that's what this is all about. Of course.

    1. "Zazu says, MasonPop, new name,"

      Hahahaha. Because of the lollypop? :)

    2. I love the actress that plays Brookie!

    3. "Linda says, I love the actress that plays Brookie!"

      Me too! :)

  3. I'm going to be so PP'd if that Fed follows Dante to the cabin and sasha ends up back in custody.
    We got answers today on why Tracy is doing this. It makes perfect sense.

  4. AGREE about Tracy and I still think there is gonna be one more twist in all of this.
    ----zazu - LOL about Jordan's dress - I was thinking WERE YOU JUST AT A WEDDING

  5. Sante home: They are talking about Cody! She wants Dante ignorant as possible to keep him safe. OH! So spilling coffee on Dr. Underwear WAS an accident. Okay. Dante wins the line of the day.

    Dante: Son of a bitch!!!!

    ROFL! And he pounds on the desk! Made Sam jump!

    Q home: When Tracy was on the stairs, I thought this was a repeat. Ha! No.

    Tracy and Lucy: OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! That's what Tracy wants!!!! 1% of Lucy's voting rights!! After all these years she wants it back! To keep ELQ in the family. Great scene!

    Brase home:

    Brase: Brooky wants sex. Chase says he can be late for work. Gee why be late? Just have a quicky. ;)

    Brooky and Maxie: Why is Maxie dressed that way? She looks like she just woke up from bed. Brooky had to tell Maxie all the tea. Maxie angry. She said that they could have worked together. Maxie fired Brooky! Meh Brooky didn't want to work there anyway.

    Ava's art gallery:

    Mason Jar and Ava: Mason Jar just walks in looking like Telly Savalas licking a lollypop! Who loves ya baby! :) WOW! Telly Savalas telling Queen Ava to shut up?! Oh no she won't be letting him get away with it! Would she? He is telling her that the BIG BOSS is pissed off because the file was not real!!!

    Ava calling Pawtucket Holtster: She is calling him and I think leaving a message! Telling him that Telly Savalas was here. If she goes down she says, she will take him down with her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Carly's home:

    Carly and Sonny: They are in the living room! Awww no kitchen. No Tribbles. :( He tells her the truth about what he has been up to and Betty! She understands now why Ava hired Betty when Ava didn't like her.

    Police station:

    Jordan, Mac, Chase, and FBI guy: FBI guy really really wants Sonny badly! Chase is looking at the FBI suspiciously! ROFL! You can't ever get Sonny FBI guy! So give it up!

    The safe cabin:

    Sasha and Cowboy Cody: Sasha is feeling better! YAY! She is outside feeling the nice air. Cowboy Cody told Sasha that the doctor was being payed, by Gladys!!!! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

  6. This breaks my heart:

    General Hospital veteran John J. York announced earlier this month that he’d be taking a hiatus from the ABC daytime soap — and now we know why.

    York revealed that he’s dealing with some serious health issues in a video he shared on social media on Wednesday: “I was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome, or MDS, and [smoldering multiple] myeloma, two blood and bone marrow disorders. Over the past many months, I’ve had three bone marrow biopsies, many chemo treatments — I have another one coming up in a couple of weeks — and I’m closing in on a blood stem cell transplant.” ( first reported the news.)

    York asked fans to consider seeing if they could possibly be a match to be a donor and also thanked them “for all the support over the years,” adding: “This isn’t goodbye. This is just ‘So long!'” He did note that he’ll “have to take a break for at least three, maybe four months” from GH, but he vowed: “I’ll be back.”

    1. I just read that and was going to share that.. I didn't know he was taking a hiatus! I didn't know he was sick. Oh no. :( I hope he is going to be okay!!!

  7. For some reason, the episode from 9/13/23 isn't on my Hulu. :-( Anyone else have this problem?


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