Sunday, September 3, 2023

Sunday Surgery : Revelations


WELL!! This week was a hoppin' with surprises for me!! I'm spoiler free as much as possible. It's funny because I started out WAY back in the 90s with a spoiler site and now I'd much rather watch the show and be in the dark about things. I enjoy it so much more. Yes, I love to speculate but being able to watch and not know Nikolas was going to pop up like that was priceless. 

Let's get into it! 

Revelations can be one thing or another. Cyrus certainly quoted it on Friday-- but the reveals we had were biggies! I'll present these in no particular order: 

REVEAL ONE OF THE WEEK:  WELP! Gladys told Nina EVERYTHING. Ok, almost everything. She let her know the doctor was blackmailing her and keeping Sasha drugged. She also told her about her gambling problem. She didn't tell her that she was part of the whole plan to keep Sasha out of it go keep her guardianship. Nina figured it out though. Good scenes, I liked them. 

REVEAL TWO OF THE WEEK:  Deception Court happens and everyone finds out it's Tracey that's behind the lawsuit AND they find out Brook was an instrument of their destruction. I think we all know there's another person that is in this mix that Tracey is helping but this was delicious. 

REVEAL THREE OF THE WEEK:  Oh, Kassie DePaiva is coming to GH?? Why am I mentioning it here? I'm saying she's Martin's wife number three and part of this Deceptor thing. Yes, Martin had time to marry her. OLTL has been off the air for 12 years now (sobbing).  THIS IS A GOOD ARC. Tying Tracey's homecoming with The Deception thing has played out great. It involves a lot of people and vets. Brook finds out just what a real Q will do for money and or revenge. 

REVEAL FOUR OF THE WEEK:  Who is behind Cyrus thus far? Well, the warden of Pentonville for one. Now, I think she's a cog in the whole Pikeman wheel but this seemed to come out of left field. 

REVEAL FIVE OF THE WEEK: And it was A DOOOZZZZZZY. Nikolas? Drinking domestic BEER? WHAT? Oh, when one is in PAWTUCK one does what the locals do!! There he was, all alive and smiling on Thursday. We knew he'd be coming after seeing Ava's flashbacks (using Adam Huss) but THAT FAST? Dear lord, I had a heart attaaaaaack! It was so fun!! SOAPY FUN!! Yes, I do wish it was Tyler. But not going to happen. I'll have to see how Adam settles in. For now? I'm thrilled. Let the games begin! 

ARREST OF THE WEEK:  OH BLOOP! Sonny is off to the pen with the feds!! Kristina is SUCH a mouth about this. I mean, she's a mobster's kid she should know better than to be all pissy to those marshalls! First things first: Will the arrest stick? I'm assuming that he was arrested for the giant "PIKEMAN" box but it was a fake because he planted the computer information for Betty to steal. If Carly hadn't warned Dex he would have been in that round up as well. Thing is.. Sonny DID smuggle weapons for Pikeman in the past. I also can't figure out the whole Valentin involvement in this. We know he IS involved-- and acting all cagey. Is it this or the whole WSB Anna thing? Are they related??? Is the head of the WSB just targeting everyone in Port Charles AND is head of The Pikeman Co? 
OH so many questions. This whole thing could have played out MUCH BETTER than it has. The intrigue has been lost in complications. Throw Nikolas into the Mix with Austin, Cyrus and Mason and you have to wonder if HE'S Pikeman or in that whole mix. Lordy I need a Tylenol. 

WU OF THE WEEK: I'd also like to know if Selina is involved with any of this. If She is, she's playing it close to the vest for sure. Her sauntering into Sonny's office was glorious. She's 'concerned' about Curtis' Club. Sonny doesn't care and wants her to lay off his friend. BOO ON YOU SONNY we need a gambling House in PC. I also want Brad back, damn it. 

SASHA OF THE WEEK: This whole thing is just exhausting. Should have been over and done with eons ago. Gladys is destroyed, the doctor is a nothing character and now Cody is going in to 'save' her. Um... just not a great story on SO many levels. 

AVA OF THE WEEK: I just love her. Maura West makes drinking a martini a whole THING!! Just when Nikolas is shown she's deciding to sell Spoon Island. She even calls Lucy who smells a big fat residual check. My speculation? Nikolas buys it anonymously. 

MOVE IN OF THE WEEK: It took a LONG LONG string of scenes and one weird coughing fit to get Brook to agree to move into Chases' apartment. Let's hope they decide to move into Maxie's old place because I really don't like his little brick oven. 

LINE OF THE MONTH:  Tracey to Olivia: Oh My GOD! Don't you have some lasagna to make? 


Nikolas is alive and well and with Austin in a cabin in the woods

Tracey shows up at the Deceptor hearing and Lucy finds out she's behind the lawsuit

Brook Lyn is also outted 

Martin acts all cagey when Lucy talks about the Deception case 

Brook Lyn decides to move in with Chase 

Olivia tries to get Eddie to remember by walking him through the pool area but no go

Gladys comes "clean" to Nina and asks for help to save Sasha

Cyrus and the warden have cooked up a plan for Sonny

Carly warns Dex on the docks; he escapes arrest 

Sonny is arrested in The Metro Court. Wiley cries

Ava decides to sell Wyndemere

Valentin assures Charlotte that everything will calm down soon 

Alexis and Spencer have a talk about Ace, Esme, Trina and his father

Sam gets Cody committed to Ferncliff 

Maxie moves into Lulu's old house

NEWS AND NOTES:  Repeat show on Monday (Labor Day). Nikolas appears again on Tuesday. 

I return to 'regular' work on Sept 7th... so up and down on the live watching! 

I do want to point out what I feel is a big misstep in the Deception court scenes is that neither Scott or Martin were around to rep the company. Nothing against the random lawyer lady but--REALLY? WHY? Scotty and Obrect should be in Port Charles. Period. I mean, Dr O "saved" Willow. She's the only tolerable thing about that cancer story!  

Rumor has it that with all this Lulu talk she can't be long for her coma. I'm ok with that but Sasha has to go..Gladys too. They served their purpose. NOTHING against the actors, they are great. This cast has to be trimmed!! I'm not talking about visits like Walt Wiley or Kassie. I mean main characters. 

See you Tuesday I hope!! Have a great long weekend and be safe out there. 


  1. Thanks for the great Sunday Surgery. I enjoyed this week. So much movement at last, and a few great surprises. Can't wait to see where some of these roads lead.

    And I loved the Nina/Gladys scenes too. Boy was she put in her place. I guess we can't have Sonny involved in that right now so Gladys is running out of options. Can't wait to see what happens when she meets that doctor...with no money...muyhaha

    And Dante needs to get Kevin in to check on Sasha. Some visiting Dr. shouldn't be in charge of her care. And he should see the judge about removing Gladys as her caregiver. he is a cousin by marriage, right? And a cop.

    1. Kevin is in stupid wherever looking for Nikolas. :eyeroll: but yeah, get another opinion !!

    2. "kdmask says, Kevin is in stupid wherever looking for Nikolas. :eyeroll:"

      Aren't they in Greece? No they were, and then they went somewhere else, I forgot where.

      "but yeah, get another opinion !!"


  2. I think it was a fake shipment or something and Sonny knew he would be arrested - thus in public - cause the schedule was wrong on the SIM card --------- (WHO HAS PIKEMAN on the box????) and Cyrus thinks he was just too easy
    ----- ALTHOUGH I am ticked off we never saw him open the SIM card. IF it's not fake, I am really gonna be Ricky Ricardo saying "LUCY you got some 'planin to do" the schedule was fake so how did Cyrus know????.
    ------and somehow the judge is involved but I still think Pikeman is bigger than Cyrus or the warden
    -----ready for Tracy's back story to be revealed like she is broke or something..
    ------and ready for Laura and Kevin to return; Laura is mayor and has to deal with Cyrus---I just feel that Adam/Nik isn't here for months and months?
    ------WHY can't Curtis run the club? I've never understood that - he is paralyzed but not mentally challenged????
    -----the extent that I hate the Gladys storyline cannot be explained.......wrap it up now
    -----and ready for Nina to be exposed....

  3. Thanks for another great SS!
    Definitely movement this week but we all know what could come after a week like that.
    Still too many ongoing stories, Sasha's needs to end, and characters that have disappeared like Dr. O and Brad and the list goes on.
    SEC, surrogacy and now the magic word of the day is Pikeman. Again I wouldn't be surprised if the identity is still a mystery to the writers.
    There is nothing princely about AH. And I am hoping for Ava to find her self again. She has been manipulated for far too long.
    Ned or Eddie...let's get something going here. So much potential as there often is with these stories but they end up going nowhere.

  4. I's love to know who actually likes the Sasha story. It's torture to watch.

    1. Well I sorta do. I like the acting and I like how evil Monty Q is, but I don't want to watch Sasha being tortured constantly. I'm just waiting for Cowboy Cody to show up to bust Monty Q!!! Cowboy Cody needs to hurry up!

  5. "I'm spoiler free as much as possible. It's funny because I started out WAY back in the 90s with a spoiler site and now I'd much rather watch the show and be in the dark about things. I enjoy it so much more."

    Yeah me too. I like being surprised! :) I'm glad I didn't know about Nik popping up! :)

    "Oh, Kassie DePaiva is coming to GH?? Why am I mentioning it here? I'm saying she's Martin's wife number three and part of this Deceptor thing."

    Yes! I think so too!!!! :)

    "Yes, Martin had time to marry her."

    Yes he did!

    "OLTL has been off the air for 12 years now (sobbing)."

    Yeah. :( *cry cry sob sob* :(

    "LINE OF THE MONTH: Tracey to Olivia: Oh My GOD! Don't you have some lasagna to make?"

    HAHAHA! That was perfect. :)

  6. Can someone please tell me the date of today's repeat episode. My TV's guide says it's new. Don't usually watch repeats but I see MC. My goodness Leo has grown as has Spencer, in different ways.

  7. Happy labor day everybody! :) Since today's show is a repeat. I'll copy and paste what I said back then, and make new comments.

    "So many funny one liners today!!! Hahahahaha!

    Metrocourt pool:

    Nina and Balbrecht: Oh oh calm down worker lady! Don't freak out hahaha. Yes breath deeply. I guess Nina will have to go to the picnic after all! Hahaha! Oh good Balbrecht are going too! :D

    Q breakfast nook:

    Nina, young uncle Leo, and Yuri:

    Uncle Leo: Mommy said you stole Carly's business.


    Sonny, young uncle Leo, and Olivia:

    Young uncle Leo: Maybe the truck driver drank some too and fell in love.

    ROFL! Oh oh little Leo hates loud noises. I'm glad Olivia didn't yell on the phone. She is a good mommy. :)


    Crew: FIRE! FIRE!! Dammit Drew you were thinking with your fire hose and forgot to shut off the grill!!!

    Crew, Sonny, and Olivia: Fire out! All is okay now. Thank you Sonny! Crew kept giving each other eye sex right in front of Sonny, Olivia, and right in front of Nina when she showed up hahahhaha! Nina was so worried about Sonny awwwww! :)

    Parachute guy's horse home: Geez! Parachute guy really should lock his door!

    Spencer and Nik: Poor Spencer! In so much pain!!!!!!! :( I just want to hug him!

    Fiz: Liz on cloud 9. You can tell in her face she is in wuv. :) When she took his phone, and put it on the table, and when they were making out, I got distracted.. Where did his phone go? Finchy's phone ringing!!!!! OH SARAH! After that flashback I heard Finchy say SHE! I didn't hear that before, so I thought it was Jeff. Then thanks to the flashback I was thinking Liz's mother!!! Liz is going to be furious and probably will turn into Beth!

    Q home:

    Victor and Ava: Was Ava licking her lips because of the drink or because of Victor? :) Ava got close to Victor and the sparks were flying! :)

    Ava: I would love to get on your good side, if only you had one.


    Nava: Kissy kissy.. :D OH! Spencer in shock that his daddy and Vampira slept together? Will he be angry? I mean really why would he? He don't wuv her.. He has and always will wuv Trina.


    Fiz and Terry: OH! Terry talked to Chet?! REALLY?! I'm glad she is still talking to him. Too bad he likes his job. :(

    Fiz and Balbrecht:Good question Dr. O! Why IS Finchy wearing black!! It's summer! Oh because of grass stains. ROFL!

    Balbrecht and Victor: Dr. O wins the line of the day!

    Dr. O: And I hope you plunder into a patch of poison ivy.


    Sona: What are you doing Nina? Testing Sonny? As you can tell, he don't give a crap about what Crew were doing! :)

    Spencer and Victor: Whoa. Why is the camera so wonky? I hate when that happens! Quit doing that director and camera man!

    Terry and Yuri: TERRY AND YURI?!!?! :O :O I was in shock at first, and was thinking, Oh no! What about Monica?!?!!? Terry and Yuri? Hmmmmm.. Anyway did Yuri and Monica break up? Well, if they are going to become a couple we can call them Turi.. :)"

    Today's comments: I miss Dr. O and I miss Scotty. I miss them together and want them back together!!! I wonder how Chet is doing. I wonder how his job is.

  8. you know the sneak preview is a little odd - some Fed asking Sonny if he has ever done business with a company called Pikeman - I TRULY thought this was a fake shipment and it may still be------------------but I kinda got the feeling the Feds are trying to find out WHO is the head of Pikeman themselves ------------


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