Thursday, September 7, 2023

El Chapo


Alexis and Greg in her office. He's telling Chase today. Supposedly. They talk about Finn and Chase being different. Krissy visits. Greg leaves. Kristina wants to go to lunch and talk about..SONNY!! Then Molly comes in and they argue. Alexis tells them to make up and they won't and Kristina leaves in a huff. 

Dante and Sam talk about Cody being in Ferncliff. Dante isn't happy she helped him get committed.  Dante's like WHATTTT why? She stabbed Cody, why sent him in there? Sam argues that Sasha is being drugged. 

Ferncliff: Cody is trying to wake up Sasha. He wakes her up and she freaks out. He tells her he's there to help her. She's not sure. She finally takes his hand. 

Felicia and Mac are at Kelly's. Mac tells her Cody is at Ferncliff. Then he talks about going in to save Dominick when Taub had her locked up. They talk about whether Sasha is really crazy or not. The exact conversation Dante and Sam are having. 

Nina gets Carly outside of Kelly's. Wants to talk about Sonny and everyone BEING IN DANGER! ALEXIS TOLD HER EVERYONE WAS IN DANGER. Carly's like: Meh whatever. Carly says it's not her problem. Nina says well, Jason can't step in-- you did before. Carly says: You mean when we thought HE WAS DEAD? THAT TIME?  AHAHAH OMG Great line. Anyway Carly tells Nina that Brick is doing what he can and to stop acting like a scared idiot running around town. 

Joss, Trina and Specncer. Joss gets mad at Spencer for asking about Dex and Sonny. Spencer goes swimming. Now Trina and Joss talk about Esme. Trina says they have NO alone time. 

Chase and Brook. She's moving in but has a tiny suitcase. He says you have to bring everything. She says she is re-evaluating her life. Greg comes to tell Chase but.. BROOK is there. Oh FFS. 

Gladys is meeting someone out in an alley or a garage...don't know. IT's Dr. M. He got the money wired to him. Gladys says Ok, so let's get Sasha. He says hold on a minute. The drugs have to clear her system so the earliest would be the weekend. Can Gladys just kill him? Gladys leaves. The Doc calls someone to "get something strong enough to make someone forget they ever met you" 


Dr M catches Cody trying to fee Sasha

JJ York posted this on Twitter today, no other details. Hmmmm... I Hope he's ok. I'll try to keep you posted.

Hey kiddos, just want to let you know that I will be taking a brief hiatus from the show in a few weeks. I’m in the process of getting some important information. So hang tight, and I’ll be in touch😁


  1. ---Team Carly for me all day today - childish Nina and especially saying 'we have to do what we can to protect the family'..................she SO cannot be a mob boss' wife...
    -----I just don't understand why Sam STILL hasn't told Dante she SAW how horrible Sasha is...
    -----Molly, Kristina, Chase, Brook Lynn = just not needed
    ----at the end Carly seeing Gladys and Nina arguing is interesting cause Carly doesn't know about Cody, right?
    ----even tomorrow still no Sonny sightings but one of the reputable sites said Sonny did all of this on purpose like we thought - I just want a realistic explanation of the stupid SIM card and fake schedule..
    ----I don't want Cody to kill the doctor ----------------- I mean I want doc gone, but not Cody -or maybe Sasha does it and Cody takes the blame? I just want Gladys gone...

    1. I am never team Carly but yes I cringed at those scenes too. Sadly the interim writers are just as bad as the regulars for Nina anyway

    2. I enjoyed Carly's scenes today. Loved that she gave Nina a reality check. And that "You mean when we thought HE WAS DEAD? THAT TIME?" line made me laugh out loud.

  2. Lots of fake spoilers have Gladys being killed. Love the actress so I hope not. But would love to see Dr. Death die by needle. Slow and painful.
    I still think Kristina will be Squeaker's surrogate eventually.
    This thing about Sonny's enemies coming for his family is hogwash.
    Cody looks so good!

    1. What a difference a shave makes. lol

    2. He may not be the best actor but he's not hard to look at. He has grown on me a lot

    3. "Di says, What a difference a shave makes. lol"

      ROFL! ;)

  3. Two things I want:
    1. I want Squeaky to have to beg Christina to donate an egg.
    2. I want Carly to slap Nina like Cher did Nick Cage in Moonstruck. "SNAP OUT OF IT!"

  4. Allyway:

    Gladys and Evil Monty Q: Careful Gladys. Evil Monty Q can kill you!

    Evil Monty Q on the phone: Ooooo something that will make people forget?!?! I hope he uses it on Gladys!!!! :D Soapy goodness! I hope it's not for Sasha. She suffered enough!


    Carly and Nina: Carly is right Nina! You need to calm down!!! Carly wins the line of the day.

    Carly: Oh you mean when we all thought Sonny was dead, but you knew he was alive. You didn't tell his family. That time?


    MacLicia: Dammit!!! Mac needs to know that Cowboy Cody is his son! NOW!!!!! What could go wrong Felicia? Well let's see....... He could get drugged by Evil Dr. Monty Q, or killed!!!!

    Metrocourt pool:

    Sprina: Awwwwwww!!! :) Love them in the pool!

    Sprina and Joss: Geez Joss! You are the one who was sarcastic! Spencer gives you a sarcastic remark and it bothers you? Give me a break.

    Alexis's office:

    Gregory and Alexis: Oh good glad he is going to tell Chase the truth!

    Krissy and Alexis: I didn't realize Krissy's eyes are so black!! And her eyes are so dilated. Must be the lighting.

    Molly, Krissy, and Alexis: Oy! Molly and Krissy are acting like children!

    Tolly home: 10 year old Molly crying all over her horsy.

    Brase home:

    Brase: Awwww love. :) Yeah she is scared to move all the way in Chase. Give her time.

    Gregory and Chase: YAY! He is going to tell him! Oh rats Brooky! Why?!!?! :(

    Gregory and Brase: Love how he is observing them together. :) Proud papa? :)

    Sante home:

    Sante: I thought he was going to break up with her. Whew! :) Now tell him you saw Sasha at Ferncliff!


    Cowboy Cody and Sasha: Sasha! GO with Cowboy Cody before you two get caught!!!!!

    Cowboy Cody, Sasha, and Evil Dr. Monty Q: OH CRAP!

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to the hospital* Lucy interrupts Bobbie and Tony! *Snicker*

  5. Oh forgot to mention, John J York said that? I didn't see his tweet! Oh no! I hope he is okay! :(

  6. I didn't realize that I posted the same thing twice. How did that happen? This blog is acting up! The delete button is gone too!

  7. I feel like they are really trying to make Molly seem young (maybe to deflect from the fact that she really doesn't look that young). They are dressing her in very youthful clothing, the long straight hair, and was that a teddy bear she was grasping today?

    1. No not teddy bear.. Her horse! Looked like she was going to throw it. She was having a tantrum.



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