Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Celia's Choice (Tuesday)

Hello everyone. It's Dave again. For those of you who have been around awhile. you know the routine. I will open up a "blog" every day while Karen is gone for all of you to write wonderful stuff about today's show and life in general. Unfortunately, unlike previous sessions, I do not have the time to write  long-winded silly blogs like I have in the past. I will post a photo or a video for you to comment on, but that's about it. 

As you know, Karen is on a vacation for a few days. To keep the blog going, here is a space for you to comment on todays' show. Enjoy.


(Who was Celia's better match?)


  1. "for all of you to write wonderful stuff about today's show"

    Oh I thought you were going to say write wonderful stuff about Karen! ROFL! Anyway, who is Celia's better match? GRANT!!!

    1. we are counting on you for the recaps!

    2. "david says, we are counting on you for the recaps!"

      OH OKAY! :D

  2. Wasn't Grant a KGB agent or something similarly nefarious? Therefore, I vote Jimmy Lee.

    1. there were 2 grants. grant putnum and grant andrews. both portrayed by brian patrick clarke

  3. I liked Grant better. I wasn't really a Jimmy fan

  4. ---not sure why she called Portia since I would think Portia would want him to sell the club...
    ----at least Selina isn't using violence to make Marshall change his mind - like burning it down
    -----at least cause it's Charlotte it isn't Alexis and Peter or Anna with a split personality....was Laura gone when Anna's house burned? OF COURSE - I forgot = they left in JULY!!!! #timeforthemtocomehome BUT we did think the shoes belonged to a woman.
    --- I thought Jake/Charlotte storyline was coming - not a mean Charlotte-----
    ALSO good that it means the WSB isn't after Anna, right? that Sonny must have been the target?
    -----I liked Sonny and Dex convo today
    ----I realize they are dragging this out, but Vanna and Charlotte storyline was not even 1/4 of today's show.....
    Where the hell is Spinelli - beyond ridiculous SAM hasn't called him!!

  5. Charlotte was a bully and a mean girl. Then she was nice. Now she is not. And Valentine lies to Anna once again. This relationship is heading for the pits.
    Best thing: previews show Kin Shriner is back! Yay. And soon comes Dr. O.

    1. YEAH KIN! I still have a feeling she didn't do the fire maybe but Valentin doesn't believe her...Anna is safe.....and then she is not.....I dunno

    2. IF she did the fire she'll say she didn't mean for it to be so bad. She def did not do that shooting which may just disappear into the 'GH never ever will we know what happened' department. lol

  6. So today's show!

    Nina's office:

    V.C. and Nina: Come on!!! Show us the video! Who is it?!?! V.C. don't want Nina to show anybody the video! Then he leaves.

    Vampire Eddie Maine, Olivia, and Nina: Olivia wants to know why Nina is in the office. They talk about Vampire Eddie Maine's recording session. Nothing really exciting.

    The safehouse cabin:

    Sante, Sasha, and Cowboy Cody: Sasha had to take a shower and then when she is done, Cowboy Cody takes a shower. They both feel better. They talk about needing proof that Dr. Underwear was drugging Sasha and wanted to kill her. Cowboy Cody flashes back to telling Dante that Mac is his father. Where is Spinelli? He could help!!

    Purtis home:

    Purtis and Portia: This was a weird scene. Curtis and Trina wants to play a video game, and Portia wanted too, but then Curtis and Trina make fun of her, and then Portia looks upset, then all of a sudden Portia didn't want to play and then she gets a phone call from someone and then she leaves.

    Curtis and Trina: They talk about Spencer. Trina thinks she is in wuv with him! Awwww. :) It was a nice scene. She tells him that she is going out of town with Spencer and that her mother doesn't know yet. Oh oh. Trina you gotta tell her. They talk about how life it too short.

    Sonny's office:

    One of Pikeman's men, Sonny, and Dex: That man from Pikeman gives a suitcase full of money for Sonny! An apology for what happened. Sonny declined.

    Sonny and Dex: Sonny wants Dex's take on what happened. Dex tells him that Pikeman has legitimate contracts but also some on the outside, and it wasn't one of your men. Sonny wins the line of the day.

    Sonny: Damn. Turn you on and you just go.

    ROFL! Yeah I guess you did turn him on! ;) I mean the way he was looking at you, it looked like he was going to say I'm in love with you Sonny! :)

    The Savoy: Olivia thinks this place is a ghost town. Uh there are still people there Olivia. It's just not a busy place at the moment.

    Mr. Hat man, Ms Wu, and her date: Whoa! Ms. Wu and her sexy dress. I'm not sure if that guy is her date or not. He must be. Mr. Hat man won't sell the Savoy to her.

    Neketa on the phone: She is calling someone. She looks nervous. Is she scared of Ms. Wu? :)

    Neketa and Portia: OH! Neketa called Portia! She is worried about Mr. Hat man, and she doesn't trust Ms. Wu! :)

    Olivia, Vampire Eddie Maine, and Mr. Hat man: Mr. Hat man thinks they are on a date! Haha. Mr. Hat man wants Vampire Eddie Maine to finish his song and then sing it at the Savoy next week!!! :) YAY!

    Olivia and Vampire Eddie Maine: They are celebrating Vampire Eddie Maine finishing his song and singing it at the Savoy next week. He wonders if they are on a date. Olivia says they are celebrating so why the hell not! ROFL!

    Anna's hotel room:

    Anna and Charlotte: Charlie is looking for her papa!!!

    Anna, The cops, Charlotte, and V.C.: The cops tell Anna that it's malicious mischief. I'm thinking it's either Charlie OR Anna who destroyed the room and put that note on the mirror. V.C. tells Charlie to get another room for him and Anna.

    Vanna: V.C. lies to Anna about the footage! That there is NO footage!!!! Is she going to believe him? Looks like she did.

    Charlotte and V.C.: V.C. is looking very worried.

    Nina's office: Nina alone with her laptop: The video!!! IT'S CHARLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE IS THE CULPRIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Oh I forgot to mention the previews! SCOTTY IS BACK! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! WOOT WOOT!

    2. I'd look worried if I was Valentine. Hopefully Charlotte just had a hissy fit and wrecked the room but didn't start the fire.

    3. "Di says, I'd look worried if I was Valentine. Hopefully Charlotte just had a hissy fit and wrecked the room but didn't start the fire."

      Oh no! I hope she didn't start the fire!!!! Oh shoot the song we didn't start the fire popped into my head! Hahahaha!

    4. Thanks a lot! Now one of the voices in my head will be singing that all night!! PMSL

    5. "Di says, Thanks a lot! Now one of the voices in my head will be singing that all night!! PMSL"

      Hahaha. I'm sorry! Now that ear worm is stuck in your head! :) Now you gotta watch the video on youtube! :)

    6. "Di says, Watched 2 of them. LMAO"

      You did?! Hahaha! :)



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