Friday, September 22, 2023

For the Love Of Leslie (Friday)


I found this online. Denise is one of my favorite actresses on the show. Probably because I am old and watched her in the 80s. Her later scenes and banter with Monica (in their Golden years) were priceless. It hurts me that she isnt on the show anymore, even as a guest star. I need a Laura/Lesley scene. 

This is by far one of my favorite scenes of all time. Whoever wrote it, sure did their research. Every line was letter perfect and the acting was flawless as always.

Laura Remembers Leslie (When she was "dead") 

Denise Alexander today. Still lovely. 

As you know, Karen is on a vacation for a few days.
To keep the blog going, here is a space for you
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  1. Thanks for that Dave. I sniffled all through the first tape. Watched 2 so far. Will recuperate and come back for the others.

  2. Laughing at their hairstyles! It was a good rivalry. I was almost always team Lesley.

    Oh my goodness little Lucky! And the always beautiful Laura.

  3. BTW I watched the short interview with John J. York on Good morning America. It started at around the 1 hr 12 minute mark and ran for around 4 min. He was still at work at the time but it was good news.

    1. It was great news for sure! and they made it sound like he wouldn't miss any filming at all..

    2. I recorded it to watch after work. Love him so much!

    3. That's why I listed the times for you to make it easier to find in a 2 hour show.

    4. Here's a Youtube link for those of you who couldn't record it....just his interview.

  4. -----rumors abound - Kristina and Blaze new couple AND that the surrogate tries to sell the baby on the black market.......which makes sense cause she is too good to be true.
    -------No way Brook Lynn woulda been late for her it's obvious they want K and B to talk.....
    -------Jordan - are you mayor in that dress? Laura come home. 3 months gone?????and we still haven't seen what Nik is doing in Greece to make his mom think he is alive.
    -----I am officially no longer a Sprina fan - there I said it - he is a spoiled brat.....he said 'silly paper'.........I feel that this is a new direction and Portia gotta be planning something?
    -----When people find out that NINA is the reason DREW was in prison and hurt people are gonna go nuts on her!!! Make it soon writers..............cause I don't want Carly to change her mind and turn in Sonny to get Drew out of prison and HOW again is NO ONE thinking of Cyrus????
    --------the timing is so weird (I know it's a soap) but what time does Alexis go to work? And Esme? cause Charlotte and Nina already ate breakfast/Robert and Anna ate breakfast/Carly is already at home/Molly was at court.....and yet Alexis said said she didn't wanna go to work and Esme said early doctor's appointment......LOL

    1. Totally agree on the "mayor's" attire. And Sprina.
      Not sure that Cyrus is the big bad guy.
      I really do not care or want to see this non stop surrogate story. Unfortunately it's probably a very long haul story. I always liked TJ but this NuMolly is just wrong.

    2. Genie is gone on her annual 4 month summer vacation to Maine.

  5. The courthouse:

    Alexis and Molly: Alexis asked Molly how her day in court went. Molly lost.. Alexis blames the judge. ROFL! Molly gets a phone call from Andrea and wants to see Molly. Andrea is going to meet Molly from where Molly is. Molly is worried.

    Alexis, Molly, and Andrea: Molly is just jabbering on and on about if Andrea isn't pregnant. Shut up Molly! Damn! Well as it turns out, Andrea IS pregnant! YAHOOOOOOOOO! :D Molly and Andrea are going to go out to celebrate. Alexis isn't going with them.

    Alexis and Molly: Alexis says she doesn't want to be a Debbie Downer, but it's too early to celebrate. Alexis has a great point. Molly just wants to celebrate the good news because of all the bad news she has had. Alexis wants to tell Sam and Krissy about the good news. ROFL!

    Alexis on the phone to Gregory: Alexis is so happy about the news she calls Gregory and decides to skip work today and wants to cross off one of Gregory's things on his bucket list. Oh? And what is that? Sex maybe? ROFL!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Blaze and Krissy: Ooooo chem testing! :) Krissy knows Blaze, but Blaze don't know Krissy. They talk about the nurses ball and what happened there and Krissy sang in one of the nurses ball. Blaze watches it! Hahaha. Probably on youtube. :) Blaze gives her a compliment.. Hmmm. They are cute together. Hmmm Blazssy? Krisaze? Krissze? K&B? :)

    Carly's kitchen:

    Carly and Diane: They are talking about Drew. That maybe Carly can give the FBI Sonny so that Drew is free. Carly won't do that! Diane says good girl. ROFL! All the while The Tribbles are watching and listening.. :)

    The hospital: When Jordan came out of the elevator, I didn't recognize her at first. Until TJ said mom!

    TJ and Jordan: TJ is so worried about being a daddy! Jordan is there for him. What a great scene! :) TJ calls her grandma and Jordan wins the line of the day.

    Jordan: Okay you know what? I'm still rethinking that name. I'm just too young to be called grandma!


    Purtis: Curtis is at the hospital for a check up. Curtis tells Portia that Trina is going to NY with Spencer! He wanted to know if she knew. She didn't know. She is not happy about it, but she can't stop her. She says she has learned her lesson! :) Uh huh. Portia you are up to something aren't you? :)

    Portia, Vampira, and Ace: Awwwwwwww Ace!!! :) Ace has a pediatrician appointment. Vampira thanked Portia for suggesting the parenting class. Hmmm. What is this all about? What is Portia up to? She didn't even bring up Spencer and neither did Vampira. Hmmm.

    Prison shower: Oh oh! A naked and vulnerable Drew in the shower!!!!

    2 jerks and Drew: They are attacking him! Drew attacked them back, but there are 2 of them and they overpowered him! :(

    Cyrus and Drew: Drew is out and Cyrus is yelling for help and a guard showed up. and Cyrus saved his life!!! Well, it's only fair since Drew saved Cyrus's life when he had that heart attack.

    Trina and Joss's dorm room:

    Sprina: Trina is working on her paper, and Spencer shows up! Trying to convince her to do the paper on Monday because he wants to go to NY now! They banter, but eventually she puts her foot down and he agrees and then leaves. They are so cute when they banter! I can't wait until they are in NY! :D

    *Jumps into my time machine to go to 1990* Frisco singing his song take me to your hideaway! Great song!!! :)

    1. OH! Forgot one thing.

      Carly and Diane: Diane gets a phone call and it's about Drew! He is going to GH! Carly is going to go there! The Tribbles are going to keep an eye out on the house. :D

  6. Are we sure Drew is really Drew? He must not have been a very good Navy Seal. Just sayin'.

  7. was today a "friday" show? you know that is always important to Karen.

  8. I love Lesley too. Always rooted for her over Monica. But I did grow to like Monica too.

  9. Thanks for the Lesley Webber flashbacks. I always loved her.

    I am a bit enthusiastic about a Kristina/Blaze pairing. They seemed to have good chemistry.

  10. Nicholas Chavez is such a wonderful a actor. The sky is the limit for this kid.

    1. Agreed. Nicholas Chavez is a great actor. Hope GH doesn't lose him. I feel he improved quickly too; at first he seemed a little "stiff" acting like many on GH


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