Sunday, September 10, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Fed Up??



Tough one to write because I feel like everything good that happened on GH this week could have been done in one episode. Everything else? Just filler. Very random week when you go over it day by day. VERY RANDO. 

Word of the week: THE FEDS 

Curtis made us all coffee so let's go go ...

Ok, so we've all watched a million shows where the feds or the upper crust of law enforcement has arrested people. I personally watch enough British and American cop shows to fill 45 blogs. ERGO, when Sonny's arrested by HOMELAND SECURITY, I expect top-notch dialog and staging. The set wasn't too bad and I finally had some lighting changes. The dialog? *sigh* The "interrogation"? *sigh*. The sheer confusion of all of this?? Off-the-charts. Either we should have twists coming to make us go "WOW" or just stop trying. Couple this with the fact that Sonny's arrested and what-- WE GET PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT IT ALL WEEK instead of any movement drove me insane. They really could have played it out like a well written few episodes and then a payoff but.. GH 

FILLERS OF THE WEEK: EVERYONE talked about Sonny's arrest. WHO turned him in? Joss? Michael? WHAT Will his FAMILY DO? Alexis warns Nina, Nina runs around like a frantic idiot. Olivia gives her advice about mobular life. Oh, Carly does too. AND AVA! Don't forget about her!!  Nina is getting so many words of wisdom from Sonny's ex's it's laughable !!  SO much filler time.  

MOST OFFENSIVE OF THE WEEK: Portia made Anna cry! WTF!! Portia!! Like Anna wanted this to happen. She said that Anna and Sonny 'lead dangerous lifestyles then just mingle with the people". UM, REALLY? ANNA? Last I looked Curtis is almost partners with Selina Wu so.. Also, not for nothing but her "lifestyle" GOT YOUR DAUGHTER BACK from Greenland!!  By the way, NO ONE---not Nina, Ava, Curtis OR Portia said "Sorry to hear your house burned down" to Anna. Not one. Back it up, girl. BACK IT UP.

WORSE EXECUTION OF THE WEEK: Oh dear. Vanna COULD be a great Mr/Mrs Smith story but it's floundering. Valentin has no direction on what he's supposed to be up to-- good? Bad? What. They are living in The Metro but walk on weird eggshells. Valentin is cagey; Anna has gulping motions. Even the spy vs spy sneaking to the house was a bust.  The LAST time Val kept something from Anna (Charlotte danger) we could feel it and understand. Follow the story. This weird dance is just maddening. I'm going to say it: not written well. 

BONDAGE OF THE WEEK:  I was like: WHY IS HE NAKED? Oh, yeah, Cody took his suit LOL.  I'm just happy as all hell that Sam left them the van and they are OUT-OF-THERE. Sasha has some coming down off the drugs to do but anything is better than her getting injected every show. 

Oh Dex... you have fallen hard for the Dimpled Don, haven't you? I don't think I've ever heard anyone wax so poetic about him (not even JASON!!) Sonny changed Dex's life... his absence will leave a hole... he's the finest man since Abraham Lincoln. Yada yada. Good Grief. 

HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK: Although not written as I'd like it, The Eddie/Olivia reverse love story is going well. They aren't on enough but I'll take what I can get. These scenes were unexpected and actually worked. Having Leo there added a nice layer. The set looked real and I loved the song. (Can't always say that!!) Wally did a great job with the whole thing and so did Lisa. Using the song over the ending on Friday's show was also a perfect touch. :clapping: 

SPRINA MOMENT OF THE WEEK: They were at the pool for about 5 minutes of airtime! 

MOVE IN OF THE WEEK: A shirtless Chase welcomes Brook into the apartment but is angry she only brought one suitcase. I tell you what, if that bike isn't gone from the hallway wall soon, I'll revolt! Greg stopped over and everyone had wine and pizza and he didn't tell Chase about his ALS. 

SCRAMBLED EGGS OF THE WEEK:  Oh help me with this one.  The surrogacy is moving so damn fast my head is spinning. We at LEAST should have been in on the contract part of things and told about host egg and such. Did they even talk to this person's spouse? Not only that, can't stand NuMolly. Period. And WHY is she so mad at Kristina? Because Krissy had the idea she might be the surrogate? Also: Molly hugging that damn horse made me LOL. Scared Tillie. 


Sonny tells the feds he needs his lawyer

Feds see photos of the inside of the Pikeman crates; they look empty

Nina's upset about Sonny's arrest! 

Alexis, Ava, Olivia and Carly tell her what life with a mobster is like

Surrogate gets the embryos. Molly and Krissy fight

Greg goes to tell Chase about his ALS but has pizza and wine instead

Dex professes his love for Sonny

Trina wants more alone time with Spencer

Nikolas isn't sure he should tell Ava the truth about being alive just yet

Cody breaks Sasha outta Ferncliff 

Sam tells Dante her part in the Cody Plan. 

Brook Lyn moves in with Chase 

Eddie records a song while Olivia and Leo watch 

Curtis is home, fixes coffee tells Marshall and Portia he doesn't need a babysitter

Anna follows Valentin to a "Pikeman" house. He lies and said he went to the airport 

Ok, that's it. I think my point with this blog is that everything is so disjointed I'm losing interest again. Nikolas is start--stop. We get a look at the Pikeman crates...then it's not on for 4 more days. Spencer talks about Esme but nothing is shown and Trina is just floating around between sets. While a good idea, the Eddie Maine thing came out of nowhere. We haven't even seen Ned with Sonny in a month. Random Nina "Sonny's in the mob" warnings all over town. The cat and mouse with Anna and Valentin? Even that is getting boring because it's not CONSISTANT!! Maxie's scenes with the house should have had a follow up move in within a day or two. Maybe a sad Dante drop-by. Even if it does happen down the road, it's just defeating the build up of things. The whole Deceptor was also just cast to the winds this week. I know it was only 4 days but oy. Follow-through is so appreciated! 

See ya--I've got a pretty full week so I'll see how much I make it!! 


  1. It's so horrible. I haven't hardly watched. In the 80's and 90's the story lines dragged on FOREVER, but there were only like 3 going on at the same time and they were GREAT, and showed them EVERY DAY with suspense so you wanted to keep tuning in EVERY DAY. I haven't really watched in like 3 months hardly and it's still the same old crap. Old writers, scab writers or whatever it's just so bad that I really think someone wants it off the air. :(
    I am so sad. I want Genie to come back because I really like her so much, but even Queen Genie can't save it for me.

    Thank you Karen for all your hard work. I do so love your blog though!!!!

    1. PS. VAnna and Sprina are my favorite couples, as well as, BRace, but they have really ruined all 3 couples by such terrible writing.

    2. I hear you. It's very hard with the fi-core writers because they are totally off the vision of Chris/Dan. I know CandD take long to do things but the payoffs are usually awesome. I MISS the old writers. I do. Dialog counts so much

    3. While some of the writing is WTF, the stories are moving and that's a huge improvement. I'm trying to think of the last C&D payoff that was "awesome." Liz's horrific anniversary year story? Austin hanging out in PC for 2 years as a cipher with nothing to do? Heather as the hook? Sorry, I haven't seen awesome in a very long time

  2. Great SS! Thank you.
    It is all so disappointing. Yes, there was some movement but so much filler as well.
    The best, IMO, is finally Sasha is out of that place and away from Dr. Death. Maybe, just maybe she and Cody will develop and be happy for a second or two.
    Another total ruination of a character...Portia. She went from being a nice working doctor to an unforgivable you know what. Whining all the way.
    This Sonny thing is confusing.
    I see no Sprina. Nada. Or Vanna. Poor Anna.

  3. I blame the writers for sure (for example Sam never telling Cody she saw Sasha at Ferncliff) BUT BUT BUT it's the editing and those editors aren't on strike?
    I just cannot believe that Frank and the editors SEE the final shows daily and say 'let's go with that - it is fine'....Say what? NO it's not....scenes are chopped up and inconsistent
    -----I wish GH would hire some of us to keep them on track and to remind me -----'no, the boss was a she'-------okay now it's a he????? Cyrus???
    ----on Zoom Donnell they film lots of things out of order - like days and weeks and it's difficult to keep up with how his beard is supposed to look...
    ----agree Portia is destroyed.......we need Taggart around.....
    -----I used to think Ned is gonna remember what Nina did since she is gonna be exposed, but I am now leaning on to someone hearing Nina and Ava talking.
    ------I really thought Dr M was gonna kill Gladys and Cody would be arrested....but at LEAST Sasha is OUT
    -----standing on Sonny set this up...
    ----WAY past time for Laura and Kevin to come home and WAY WAY past time to casually mention that Phyllis moved somewhere or back to Nixon Falls.....

    1. I think they should say Phyllis moved to Florida with Bobbie and Monica. All 3 are MIA with no explanation. Maybe not Florida. That's where Bobbie was a hooker atelier all. Lol


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