Tuesday, September 26, 2023

WHO'S ALIVE THIS WEEK?? Scorpio Edition (Tuesday)

Three family members all with a presumed dead storyline. 
This show gives new meaning to the phrase "keeping it in the family".
This has to be some kind of soap opera record.
Of the 3 reveals below, do you have a favorite? 

PS. I know that Anna was on another show and they took that from us
GH viewers, but don't let that be a factor.

Robin finds out Robert is alive.

Robin finds out Anna is alive.

 Not to be outdone, EVERYONE finds out Robin is alive.

 As you know, Karen is on a vacation for a few days. To keep the blog going, here is a space for you to comment on todays' show. Enjoy. 


  1. "PS. I know that Anna was on another show and they took that from us"

    Yeah they did!!!! On AMC!!! Then they had to have Anna find out Robin is alive on AMC! They had to have the reunion there!!! I will never forget it and will never forgive the writers for it.

    "Robin finds out Robert is alive."

    I'm not going to watch the video. The reunion was horrible!!! The way he was treating her!!! I forgot who the writers were then! This was just unacceptable!

  2. Ohhh Tomorrow should be a humdinger. Glad things are moving so quickly.

  3. ---great show today!!!
    ----wow Valentin is a horrible parent - LOL - letting Charlotte dictate everything instead of confronting her.. new house and new clothes and walking on egg shells and today were surprises right? she was warned about Anna but I am not sure it is mind control if she doesn't hear a word or a sound??
    --- WHY would Charlotte TRUST Victor???--and my mouth dropped when she calmly pulled out those cards LOL---this is truly a mystery
    .......I like Jake and Finn so I hope Charlotte doesn't make Jake horrible too
    -----Ava almost spit it out - I still think Nina is gonna find out a different way but I WANT Ava to scream 'Nina is the one who turned you in'! right in front of everyone
    ---Anna and Sonny were the best part of today and HOPEFULLY our real Anna is about to come out...
    ------woo hooo -------------so this Gladys thing is almost over??
    ----I am ALL for keeping these writers!!!!! I will always be #teamcarlysonny

    1. Agreed about Val's parenting. I know he feels terribly guilty about his past absences, but this child needs a psychiatrist STAT (Laura and Kevin, COME HOME!) It would be a nice parallel to Finn talking about mental health with Jake, but it wouldn't be soapy, would it?

  4. What a soapy day today!!! :D

    The hospital:

    Ava, Nina, and Carly: Carly wearing a really bright blazer. I wonder if it glows in the dark. Anyway Carly lashes out at Ava and blames her for putting Drew in jail! DOH! Sonny shows up and defends Ava. Carly is all sad and doesn't know what to believe anymore.

    Sonny and Carly: Carly is blaming herself for what happened to Drew.

    Ava and Nina: Ava makes a good point. If this is how she reacts to thinking Ava did it, can you imagine how it would be when Carly finds out it was really Nina?! :) I hope it's a brawl! :D

    The doctor and Carly: We don't hear what the doctor says!!!!

    Sonny and Carly: OH! The surgery was a success!!!!!!!!!!! YAY! :D

    Jake and Finchy: Jake is so upset over his uncle Drew that Finchy takes him to another room. Awww Jake there is nothing wrong with crying!! Jake says everyone is leaving him! Oh Jake! :( I just want to hug him. Liz of course shows up to listen and then walks in.

    Anna and Sonny: Sonny wonder if the life he chose was worth it. They talk about Curtis. They are having a nice chat.

    Finchy and Anna: Finchy is there for her because he is her friend. Awwww. :) Oh and they find out that Drew is okay!!! :)

    Jake and Liz: They are at the chapel praying. Liz has a text message that Drew is okay!!! Jake and Liz hug! Awwwww. :)

    The cabin:

    Sam and Sasha: Sasha notices that the trees are changing color. Sasha isn't sure of Cowboy Cody's plan will work. Sasha talks about Sante and they are a perfect match. :)

    Police station:

    Chase, Dante, and Cowboy Cody: Cowboy Cody turns himself in! Chase arrests Cowboy Cody and puts handcuffs on him.. Why is he putting handcuffs on him when he is already AT the police station? ROFL! Cowboy Cody wins the line of the day.

    Chase: You have the right to remain silent.

    Cowboy Cody: I love that part.

    ROFL! Dante takes Cowboy Cody to the interrogation room, when Gladys shows up.

    Chase and Gladys: Gladys is freaking out and wants to know where Sasha is and she wants to talk to Cody. Then Gladys gets a call from Sam who pretends to be a lady from Port Chuckles Savings and Loan about Sasha's account. ROFL! She tells Gladys that they received a subpoena from DA office for records of all of Sasha's accounts, and those records will be turned over today! *Snicker*

    Cowboy Cody and Dante: Cowboy Cody can't believe the lies Gladys is telling!

    Sasha's home: Gladys is speed packing to get the hell out of dodge! ROFL! Oooo Knock on the door!

    Gladys and Sasha: OH YEAH! LET'S GO! :D

    V.C. and Charlie's new home:

    V.C. and Charlie: Charlie showed her papa the tarot cards! She lies about where she got them. Flashback galore on what has happened with Anna. Flashback of Charlie and the letter!!! IT'S FROM VICTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Anna is not who you think she is! She cannot be trusted the letter says!!!! WHOA! SOAPY GOODNESS! :) So Victor is brainwashing Charlie with the tarot cards?!!?!?!?!! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNN!

    1. Oh forgot one thing. V.C. called Jake, Charlie's friend! Hahahahaha. When they start dating, he will not like it! ROFL!

    2. I thought Charlie kicked Victor to the curb after he kidnapped her to control Valentin. So, why is she believing anything Victor tells her in a letter.

    3. I thought the same thing Gary. A little silly, but I'll go with it, lol!

      Sonya, I am anxiously waiting for Sasha to just go ballistic on Gladys. It needs to be on like Donkey Kong!! And VC is my nomination for worst GH parent ever, at least for this week. Shame on him!

      Seriously wouldn't it be a hoot if Ava just blabbed everything about Nina? Heads would be exploding everywhere. Anna and Sonny....I enjoy all of their scenes. They just have "something" together.

  5. Love the Gladys sting going on. Where did Dr. Death go?
    Charlotte is a mystery right now. Valentin seems useless.
    Nina, Ava and Carly...all Sonny's ladies in a row. Cute.
    Today's show was good. Even last week there was something different The show seems more watchable except for a few actors and stories that can go away soon please.

    1. "Sonny's ladies in a row".....hahahahhaha! That made me spit coffee!

  6. There's something special between the actress paying Charlotte and the actor playing Valentin. It's very sweet and heartfelt. I like how they weaved the history Nina has with Charlotte, however I like Vanna together. It's very soapy to have a teenage daughter trying to break up a relationship. In fact, without having Lulu around they should make her really bad and have mean Esme be her bad influence. This Charlotte is my preferred actress.

    As much as I want Jake to be a great kid, he will get more screen time if there is some wrong doing some how. Which equals more screen time for Becky.

  7. I like all the Scorpio come backs but Robert would never have been mean to Robin. They were always really close

    1. i think there was a lot of things off with that clip. I like Kimberly very much, but her acting in keeping with the character didnt seem right. Directing? Writing? I dont know.

  8. So, here is my theory: Years ago, the Cassadines set it up to make Luke think he killed Jake in a drunk driving accident. A few years later, we learned Jake was alive and being held by the Cassadines. I think Jake was programmed by Helena and/or Victor, and Charlotte is controlling Jake with the tarot cards. It's a mind-controlled Jake who burned down Anna's house, trashed her suite, etc., at Charlotte's bidding.

    1. Oooooo. That would be good writing

    2. I nominate Kevin for writing on #GH

    3. "lindie says, Oooooo. That would be good writing"

      YES! :D

      "Linda says, I nominate Kevin for writing on #GH"

      ME TOO! :D

    4. Now that would be worth watching. I miss the days of being shocked and surprised.

    5. Heck of a theory and I LOVE it! Yep, Kevin should be the new writer!

  9. Snarly in full form today. She will have a lot to be yelling about soon and my FF button will be ready after the first day as I know Nina deserves it. I just can't handle the hateful delivery.

    1. You don't want to even see a little bit of Nina's karma? :)

    2. Not me, Sonya. I'm #teamAntiCarly all the time. Love Laura, but hate Carly.

    3. Nina 100% deserves what she coming to her in losing Sonny and the wrath of Carly for a bit (we all know she will have to pay for years to come and the Snarly screeching after a few epys will have me hitting my FF button). That being said Carly made me a Nina/Sonny fan and I like Nina with Dr. O, Friends with Valentin, Curtis, Charlotte, Maxie, and Ava so I don't want her done all together as in dead. She definitely has some heavy consequences coming.


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