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Confession time: I loved Ginny Blake. Well, Judith Chapman. I felt she was a very good character, tough and extremely vulnerable, which is the making of a good soap character. I always wanted her to return and wreck havoc. But alas, Judith has secured herself on other shows. I need ask... does anyone else think that a young Judith looked a little like young Jane Elliott?

Something I didnt know until I did research. Ginny had a son right before she left town with Rick. His name was Rick Webber, Jr. Shouldnt he be mentioned? When Rick returned for his death storyline, was he mentioned at all? Would love him AND Mikey to return. (In a perfect world where the cast wasnt so overblown). The can run a conglomerate that tries to take over ELQ. 

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As you know, Karen is on a vacation for a few days. To keep the blog going, here is a space for you to comment on todays' show. Enjoy. 



  1. ----wow the ending - gotta watch - just a twist that the rumors alluded to but I didn't think until today that she had really done it......#victor
    ----more and more Valentin and Nina together - the more and more I LIKE IT! if they were going to ruin Vanna, might as well be Nina and Valentin... #lauratimetocomehome
    -----I have NO remembrance of the original Kristina singing in the Nurses Ball/solo-----are they making that up? So Blaze can sing with her at that fundraiser?
    -----well nu-Molly is not growing on me - getting worse LOL--
    ----I feel it's a-coming - Nina exposed cause Carly mentioned it again today that he was in jail cause someone turned them in--------and and Carly blaming AVA may set off Ava to blurt out the truth----so weird that Sunday is October 1 which means November is a-coming and I just didn't think I could last for November sweeps.....
    --------tired of Anna crying - I want her to kick butt and find out who is doing all of this...
    -----nu Molly is not growing on me - quite the opposite and Kristina saying sssssssssister drives me nuts.....
    Jake and Liz = so sweet................and PLEASE have Monica MOVE somewhere and stop with the ridiculous 'at a conference in Berlin'

    1. Hi Mufasa!

      I have a theory about Monica. I think Leslie C. is retiring and they want to wait until the right time to have her die. (they might want to take care of Bobbie's loss first)

      I feel that Monica's cancer has metastasized and she has been going to treatments. She has been telling her family that she has been on vacations and conferences as a cover. She doesnt want to be a burden for a dysfunctional family such as the Qs. She wants to spend time alone.

      After the character passes, we will see Leslie on screen one more time with Monica in a videotaped will in front of the family (Diane would be the lawyer running it) Monica would then give some very personal and poinant items to everyone.

      (Tracy would get the house.)

    2. that makes more sense - I appreciate it - just so bizarre she is always out of the country...

    3. "Mufasa says, more and more Valentin and Nina together - the more and more I LIKE IT! if they were going to ruin Vanna, might as well be Nina and Valentin..."

      Yeah me too!!!!!! I forgave V.C. for what he did to Nina. My ValeNina heart. :)

  2. ahhh yes. Charlotte has definitly been programmed.

    And if Carly blames Ava for what happened to drew then she's liable to lose it and blab that it was nina. I hope so.

    Looks like poor Gladys is feeling isolated. It's your turn now.

  3. I knew Monica would be at a neverending conference. She has been recast before. Why not since then?
    Always reward a possibly unbalanced, possibly violent teenage girl with something nice like a house. I do like where Charlotte may be going. Last scene was good.
    NuMolly really grates on me.
    Poor Anna again.

  4. Sonny's office:

    Sonny and Dex: Dex comes in to tell Sonny that Drew has been beaten up and is at GH! Sonny slams things off his desk. Too bad it's not glasses to break. :) He hits his phone on the desk which was really funny. ROFL! He wants to find out who did it!

    Nina's home:

    Anna and Charlie: The way the camera was acting all wonky I was wondering if Charlie was having a dream! She was!!! Dream Anna wins the line of the day.

    Anna: He's mine now. He's all mine. He's mine.

    ROFL! Bad nightmare! Hahaha!

    Nina and Charlie: I'm glad Nina is there! She is comforting her and telling her it's just a dream.

    Nina, Charlie, and V.C.: Nina told V.C. what her and Charlie did and then V.C. wants to to show them what he has planned.

    New house:

    Nina, Charlie and V.C.: WOW! He bought a house to make Charlie happy and to feel better, so he won't hurt Anna!!!! Come on V.C. that's not going to work! Beautiful house though.

    The hospital:

    Anna and Portia: Oh so Portia apologizes to Anna, but yet still blames her. It's not her fault Portia! The bullet could have been meant for Sonny! Why aren't blaming Sonny?!

    New doctor and Liz: Whoa! Who is this new handsome doctor? :) They are talking about Drew and his injuries, but then Jake shows up and wants to talk to her about Charlotte, but she is too busy to talk. That's realistic. :) HUH?! Why does Jake want to talk to her about Charlie?

    Liz and Carly: Liz tells her to wait for the doctor to tell her the test results on Drew! Liz also says that Monica is in Berlin for a conference?!!!?! WHAT?! Why can't they just say she retired and moved to Florida? Liz think she should tell Jake about Drew.

    Jake and Liz: Jake wants Liz to know he wasn't with his friend, he was with Charlie. :) He likes her! :) He is telling her he was with her, because she took pictures of them together, and she might just put the pictures up in social media, and then Liz would find out. Very smart Jake. He wants to talk to Carly about Drew. He asked her can I, I thought Liz was going to say, you mean may you. :) Liz had to tell Jake about Drew. He is very upset. :(

    New doctor and Carly: The doctor said that drew broke his ribs and it's threatening his aorta!!! Oh oh. Carly hopes that the surgery will fix it. The doctor won't know anything until after surgery!

    Tolly and Curtis: Molly tells them that Andrea is pregnant!!! TJ is so excited and happy! Awwwwwwwwwwwww. :) I love that TJ is excited and happy! :)

    Carly and Sonny: Carly is upset at Sonny for not protecting Drew the way he said he was going to!!!! Throw Tribbles at him Carly! :)

    Purtis and Tolly: Portia is very happy that Tolly are going to have a baby! Awwww. :)

    Purtis: WOW!!!!! Sonny was going to walk up to them, but she grabbed Curtis's wheelchair and wheeled him away so fast!!! Well, I guess she does blame Sonny too.

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Brooky and Blaze: Brooky is way late in meeting Blaze. Brooky apologized and wants to sign her up as her first client. Blaze agrees!!! Blaze shows her the article about Brooky. Brooky isn't happy. Blaze told her not to worry. They talk about Krissy and gush about her. :) Brooky talks about her mama!!!!! :D

    Alexis and Krissy: Krissy whining again about Tolly and the surrogate. *Throws a tribble at Krissy*

    1. Oops forgot to mention Charlie and her flashback of getting the tarot cards. Someone sent her tarot cards and a letter. Who wrote the letter and sent her the tarot cards? Helena? Victor? Faison?

    2. Victor cause she was in boarding school then - Faison and Helena were already dead - gotta say I would rather her be programmed than just randomly hate Anna, you know?

    3. "mufasa says, Victor cause she was in boarding school then"

      Yes that's true.

      "Faison and Helena were already dead"

      Or are they? ;) ROFL!

      "gotta say I would rather her be programmed than just randomly hate Anna, you know?"

      Yeah being programmed is a much better storyline!

    4. Poor Tribbles. What did they do to deserve all that violence. lol

    5. "Di says, Poor Tribbles. What did they do to deserve all that violence. lol"


  5. And Dave, I turned on an old ep of magnum P.I. tonight, the originl series and Judith Chapman was the quest star.

  6. NO to Ginny Blake; didn't care for her. And NO to Nina and Valentin

    1. oh, you're going to hate the rest of the week. (ha ha ha)

  7. and Portia (Brooke Kerr) is on an old Steve Harvey Show - teenager - dating Romeo - saw it again last night.

  8. David McCallum, Star of ‘The Man From U.N.C.L.E.’ and ‘NCIS,’ Died today at age 90
    McCallum was the last remaining original cast member on CBS’ NCIS. He played Chief Medical Examiner Donald “Ducky” Mallard, an eccentric but highly efficient investigator with a knack for psychological profiling, for two decades.

    1. David, I remember seeing seeing him in The Man From U.N.C.L.E. back in day. Loved that show.

    2. Me too. I swooned on him weekly in that show. And loved him on NCIS too.

  9. I like the tarot cards twist with Charlotte.


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