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Happy Sunday everyone. I wanted to open a blog for those of you who want to comment over the weekend and just cannot wait until my wonderful filler on Monday. This is, from what I can tell through research, Karen's very first Sunday Surgery. If that's correct and Karen doesn't correct me, she has been doing the Sunday Surgery for 14 years. There should be some kind of award for that. Like a vacation to a foreign country or something.

NOTE FROM Karen: WOW!! This is ... amazing. 14 years!! Little did I know I'd still be doing this all these years later. Thanks to all that read and thanks to David and Sonya for the up-keep!! My first blog was during the Spixie wedding. Awww! Also, Alberta did the AIDS walk with Sonya Eddy and a handful of other GH cast members. Unfortunately the photos are lost ... I'll try to find them someday. 
MISS YOU ALL!! Thank you David!! 

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Surgery: General Hospital Tid Bits & Rumors!

TEAM SCRUBS Wubs has TSHIRTS to help support the cause! Karla and Paul will be walking for the can help by either donating to their page, clicking on sponsors on the Wubs Net or ordering a wonderful Wub Tshirt. (you can also wear them to your many GH events to show you are a WUBBER!)

Ah, what a Friday I finally got info about all the WEDDING FASHION for you!! The info mainly comes from SOD and a few wardrobe peeps!
Maxie's gown: Made in house by wardrobe. Bradford's tux: Hugo Boss
Lulu's gown by Enzoani, Jason in Armani, Bobbie in Marc Bouwer, Robin in BCBG And Coleman in a vintage '70's suit (how fun is that!?)
The minister is wearing an Anglican robe (Episcopalian)

Oh, what? Did you say you didn't see BOBBIE in those scenes on Friday? If you look closely she is sitting in the 'audience' when they pan over it. Interesting how she didn't have a speaking part. LOL. She will appear on camera when Mac faints. Why the hell they didn't have her talk to Maxie before the wedding is beyond me. Oh, wait...they didn't want to spend the money?
The Rehearsal party's comin' up.... should be fun.

HUGE RUMORS all ovah the place about Claudia's demise (you knew they were coming)!! Newest is: Claudia gets blown to bits by Daddy Z. Lily Deja Vu. This is what FINALLY pushes Sonny outta the mob. That and the fact his kid is a fed. Hmmmmmm. Guza says: Don't hold your breath! LOL Also up: The whole "Romeo/Juliet" and "Star Crossed Lovers" references that Molly keeps bringing up tie into Claudia's death because Jason thinks it's Sam that goes boom. Another rumor has Claudia dying and the fingers pointed at Olivia. Spoiler: (On here first!) When Sonny puts the breaks on a baby, Claudia turns to DOMte! Anyone else remember his showfax script for audition? It had Claudia seducing him over pizza..heh. Check out new spoilers later today on the Wubs Net.
Oh, and when you read the Cassadine stuff, take them with a shot of tequila...all that sheezbot is changing daily. I don't know what the hell is going on with the arc on that saga. And I refuse to try anymore! heh.

KGMB took a tour of GH studios and there are some fabu pics of it here: SET TOUR

BTW, those of you keeping tabs on the AMC move? Well, seems head honchos have caved a bit about the "you're in or you're out" thing. Actors will be allowed to commute. Wait for the block taping to make AMC look a lot more like GH in the future!
Have a great Sunday! Thanks for all your wubbly support.


  1. May I be the first to say...Thanks for the great SS! Even 14 years ago you were nailing it!
    It was an off/on week but at least things are moving along.
    IMO...Cyrus planned this attack to get Drew out of jail.
    This whole victim Anna thing is tiring. She always looks so defeated.
    NuMolly remains annoying and will for months to come.
    NuKristina is doing a great job.
    LOVE the phone booth photo on FB! Thanks Dave and sonya for filling in!
    Still trying to force Liz/Finn on us.

    1. Yes, thank you to all of you for 14 years of this wonderful blog!!!!!!

      Yes, this Anna victim thing is wrong on so many levels. And this Pikeman thing with Valentin makes no freaking sense and is not even remotely making sense or entertaining. END IT.

      Plus, since when would Anna need protection/ help from Sonny. Plus, give Ava back her spine too. She was a killer and in the mob for goodness sake. This victim Ava makes no sense either. These writers just don't like women IMHO.

    2. "zazu says, Thanks Dave and sonya for filling in!"

      You're welcome!! :)

  2. Thank you for the wubbly Sunday Surgery Dave. I hear Gladys gets her comeuppance this week and will be arrested. last. I look forward to that.

  3. I think several things happened this week...but things are dropped and now I don't know if the fire IS personal/Charlotte/someone else or is it connected to Pikeman? They have RUINED Vanna for me ----- his lies.....TOTALLY agree that once again Anna is NOT a kick-ass WSB agent....
    ------I still don't think Charlotte did the fire----not sure about the hotel room but dang those Tarot cards are not good - just when I LIKE Jake and Charlotte they do this to Charlotte?
    ------still think the surrogate is gonna do something evil....
    ------I thought Cyrus had Drew beat up cause (1) he wanted to find him and say he saved Drew (2) he told crazy solitary guy that Drew did something to start something and so Sonny would think the other guy was the one who wants to take over....
    -------having said that - HOW is no one with a brain thinking of CYRUS? and did the warden open the freakin SIM card??? SURELY when Drew tells Sonny the whole story that Sonny will say 'something ain't right.....................I just don't want Carly turning on Sonny
    -------hopeful that Dr. Bronson DID misdiagnose Gregory...
    -----just ready for Nina to be caught --------
    oooooooooooo and HOW they gonna explain Monica NOT seeing her son Drew in ICU?

    1. If they don't SHOW Monica they need to be mentioning her at least. Please

    2. Like "oh you just missed seeing Monica"

    3. She's at a conference. A neverending conference.

  4. WOW! 14 YEARS!!! Happy anniversary Karen! Well almost! In 3 days! Gee I didn't start reading and commenting until 2010! :)

    "thanks to David and Sonya for the up-keep!!"

    You're welcome!!! You have been doing a great job David! :)


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