Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Trick or Treat --Postponed.

 Trina has a nightmare about Cyrus. Joss jumps up. Adam comes to the door, he heard it too. Then he leaves. Joss wants to know about the dream. She says that Cyrus tried to kidnap her and the worst part is that Spencer didn't help. 

Cyrus visits Esme. She wonders why he's out of jail. Spencer comes in. Esme has to go to work. She takes Ace. Spencer wants to know why Cyrus is really there. Cyrus says it's to see his sister and he's pissed that Spencer would question that. 

Liz is in the cabin painting. Finn wakes up. They talk over breakfast. He tells her he loves her. She didn't say it back. They go apple picking. Lord help me.  They WASH the apples. It's the third time they've had a sink shot. So boring. Then they want to "nap".  Which turns into zex. 

Maxie talks to Carly about coming to Kelly's for Halloween and she's happy she doesn't have to walk all over the place with the kids. Later, Trina comes in and helps her decorate. They talk about Cyrus being out. Then Spencer comes over. 

Joss invites Adam to Kelly's to help decorate after they study. 

Anna is in Kelly's taking to Felicia about finding another place to stay. Felicia suggests she sublets Maxie's place. 

SHOOT over to Maxie's old apartment, Anna and Felicia going to Maxie's place. LOL it's like they teleported. Anna loves it. She takes it. She's going to move right in.  She calls Sonny and tells him she doesn't want her bodyguard anymore. She's in a great place with a doorman and very secure. 

Sonny and Laura talk about Spencer. She tells him about Nikolas and him not wanting to come home. Yada yada. Nothing big. 

Charlotte wants to trick or treat by herself. Val is like ABSOLUTELY NOT. They talk about it and he says if she goes to see Kevin and talks to him, he'll drive her to trick or treat with her friends. Charlotte hugs him .

Laura finds Cyrus yelling about God and Forgiveness when she goes home. Tells Spencer she wants to talk to Cy alone. She tears into him for coming to the house. He's angry he can't see his family. 

Valentin calls Laura to get Charlotte in to see Kevin that afternoon. He's worried about her. Charlotte overhears the whole thing. 

IT WASN'T Halloween today on the show LOL ..I think they are still behind. 

                                    BEST Halloween GH .... FOR SURE ... RIP Mary Pat. 


  1. That Mary Pat moment was GOOD! I had forgotten!!


    Joss and Trina's dorm room:

    Joss and Trina: OH! Horrible nightmare!!! It will be okay Trina!! She should have her very own Tribbles! Tribbles will comfort her. :)

    Joss, Trina, and Adam: Hi Adam! He is so sweet!!!!

    Joss and Adam: Oh Joss! You shouldn't have invited him to Kelly's! He is going to get the wrong idea! Will Dex be there I hope? :)

    Kevlar home:

    Vampira, Baby Ace, and Cyrus: Vampira could bite Cyrus on the neck and he could bite her on the neck right back. :) Oh hi Spencer! :) Oh hi Laura! Now we can have a party! :)

    Cyrus and Laura: Family family family! :) OH! Laura has rules for him! I wonder if he is going to wait by the phone all day for Laura to call! *Snicker*


    Maxie, Anna, and Felicia: While Maxie and Anna were talking I forgot Felicia was still there. Maxie's old home would be perfect for Anna!!! :D

    Maxie's old home:

    Maxie, Anna, and Felicia: Maxie wins the line of the day.

    Maxie: I said the microwave works.


    Sprina: Oh Trina texting him emergency just to help with the decorations at Kelly's was so dumb.

    Sonny's fake restaurant:

    Sonny on the phone with Anna: Badger Bob could be Anna's bodyguard. Nobody has to know! He can be discrete!!

    Central perk:

    V.C. and Charlie: Uh huh. Charlie what are you up to? Going to stalk Anna again? Be with your friends so that is your alibi? Then sneak off to do something bad to Anna?

    V.C. on the phone with Laura: V.C. should have been more careful!!!! Now Charlie might do something! Maybe to her daddy or grandma Laura.


    Fiz: Apple picking? Washing apples and being all hands in the sink?! UGH! More zex! UGH! Geez they act like they are on their honeymoon! Is Liz painting the Tribbles? No too bad. WHOA! What the hell is that thing Liz is eating? Looks like a HUGE rock!!!! :)

  3. I just - I mean - wow lame show.......I do think Cyrus is gonna buy Spoon Island with that no money he has.

    1. Oh, I hadn't thought of that. It does look like a place Cyrus would chose to live in.
      And wouldn't that tick off Nik when he decides to show up. Too bad Helena is dead, I can see her and Cyrus plotting away.

  4. I did forget this - NO WAY Maxie's place has a doorman.

    1. Agree. It also seems like it's a building for young singles/hipsters, if Maxie's apartment is any indication. Not families and strollers, as mentioned today.

    2. "mufasa says, I did forget this - NO WAY Maxie's place has a doorman."

      ROFL! Maybe the landlord decided to get a door man! Hahahaha!

  5. Is it weird that when I see the old School GH folks like Anna and Felicia (60 years old today) in Kelly's I get weepy? I am married straight suburban dad of kids in college and it just makes me cry. Lots of good memories of coming home from school in the 80s and watching GH.

    1. Me too, getting off the bus to catch the last 12 min of Luke and Laura

    2. I was working at the same place as my parents back in the Ice Princess days. We got off work just when General Hospital came on. The drive home was about 10 minutes and Daddy, I'm a southern girl and that's what we call our fathers, always drove right home with no stops because he wanted to see what Luke, Laura, and Robert were up to.

  6. Watched live today - with no ff available - I simply must remember a barf bag for the Finn/Liz scenes

  7. Horrible news: Tyler Christopher (original Nikolas) died of a cardiac event at age 50.


    1. This is a gut punch! The best Nikolas. I am sick hearing this news. - OldSchoolGhfan


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