Friday, June 21, 2019


Jax and Nina at the MetroTalking about the mag. Flirting a bit. Nina then threatens to quit if she doesn't get what she wants. She leaves.
Robert comes in. Sits down. THEN he talks about JERRY JACKS!! Says he knows he may be in touch with Jax and he wants to know. 

Valentin and Curtis at Kelly's. ANOTHER JERRY JACKS MENTION. Val wants dirt on Jax.  Blahyadayada. 

Curtis goes to talk to Jax. Curtis was asked by Drew to do security for Auora, remember? Well, he tells Jax he has to get to know him "inside and out" for that. Plus that gives him dirt for Valentin to get money that way too! 

Dev is eating the Cortinthos out of house and home. Joss is talking to him about 'rescuing' him from the PCPD.  She asks his real name but Sonny comes along. Interrupts. Sonny leaves for the metro.
There he and Robert talk about Dev. Robert says that Dev ran when the WSP offered him a new identity and cash. Didn't trust them. 

Last day of really IS the last day of school here! Nice job. Anyway, Lulu, Franco and Liz come in to see Willow and wish her well. Diane calls and tells her TO BE ON TIME even if she has to miss the kid's awards ceremony.  Lulu and Friz give her a spa gift cert and wine for all her help this year and for putting up with NINA lol
Later, Val and Nina come... Willow is saying what a 'year it's been" LOL. You know what? Nina and Sasha look NOTHING alike now!! 
Then the kids are there and Aiden gets reading rock star award and Char gets "kindness"? LOL OKayyyyy, anyway Lulu gives them flowers and a photo book to give to her. They say "We'll see you next year, right"??  The cut out the answer.
Willow is held up at school to see the principal. They won't let her out the door. LOL She's LATE FOR COURT!! 
(I bet the principal is giving her her job back?)

Alexis is waiting after her last case to talk to Diane, and ask about her strategy  regarding Wiley. Diane says to go home because Shiloh might find them together and he can realize the Wiley connection. AND SHILOH WALKS IN LOL.  Alexis tells him he will never find his baby. 
He says she should have continued DOD. DERP> she tells Diane she hopes he goes to jail or '6 feet under" Diane is like "did you just threaten to kill a man in front of a court appointee"? 
Alexis leaves.
Court starts and Willow: Abesnt

Shiloh's lawyer is played by Maysoon Zayid who has done a Ted Talk and is a comedian. She has CP-. 

Sonny tells Carly and Joss that "Devin" is going to stay with them for the summer-- he's his "Cousin".. 


  1. hmmm Maybe Robert wasn't really let go and he's there to try to track down Jerry Jax.

    I guess they're going to have Sonny groom young Devon "Corinthos" to take over the "business" lol I did notice that Dev said he could do an American accent. And he already has an open-ended opinion of breaking the law. I'm just hoping they're not even considering having a grieving Joss fall for him. Why does everyone have to find a bad boy on this show?

    1. "Di hmmm Maybe Robert wasn't really let go and he's there to try to track down Jerry Jax."

      I wish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  2. Everyone knows I LOVE Sonny, but they never show him as a crime boss anymore, just as a family man, so they had to give him a new baby and also Turkey Boy. I know that they want to keep him front and center, but how many children can one man have?

    1. But that's the message GH promotes. You can kill, steal, murder, rape and that's all forgiveable as long as you love your family. Already Dev issaying he's not a thief, he's a skilled professional.

    2. "AntJoan says how many children can one man have?"

      Millions!!!! ROFL!

  3. I feel this is a repeat teen story emily and juan. and she fell for bad boy zander.

  4. So Lulu FINALLY took off that fugly blouse, and now Liz is wearing some fugly sister-wife blouse, who is dressing these people?

    1. It's the style....oh and LOL at Turkey boy 😂

    2. I do know that it's the style--but it's still fugly.

    3. I thought the same thing. Last week was a long day.

  5. So, I am still trying to figure out how Robert Scorpio can stand to be in the same room as Sonny Corinthos. Is it Sonny's past friendships with Robin and Luke/Laura that keep Robert from gunning him down on sight? I wish I knew...perhaps if they let them talk for a few minutes about those relationships, I could see why they are now sharing scenes together. Someone refresh my memory...did Robert mention "Robin" when he and Sonny were in Turkey together as to why he did Sonny a favor there?

  6. I think that he did, maybe someone else is sure.

  7. Courthouse:

    King Mufasa's lawyer and Diane:

    "Karen says Shiloh's lawyer is played by Maysoon Zayid who has done a Ted Talk and is a comedian. She has CP-. "

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! I was wondering why she was shaking.. Thanks for sharing that with us Karen! :) I never heard of her before..

    Alexis and Diane: Oh oh Alexis! Don't threaten death in front of Diane! ROFL!

    Carson's kitchen:

    Dev and Joss: She keeps looking at him. She doesn't seem very happy that he is there hahaha.

    "Karen says Dev is eating the Cortinthos out of house and home."

    ROFL! And what the hell is Joss eating? Grapefruit? What is she 80? :)

    Dev, Carson, and Joss:

    Sonny: Dev is short for Devon.

    I thought so!!!!! :) Joss wins the line of the day.

    Joss: You have a cousin named Devon?

    ROFL! The look on her face! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Carly and Joss: Joss eavesdrops!!! Like mother like daughter. :)

    School/Willow's room:

    Friz, Valenina, Lulu, and Willow: What the hell is Liz wearing? Is she 80 too? :) Oh no! Willow has to go to the courthouse ASAP! Just tell them why you have to go!!!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Nina and Jax: So adorbs. :)

    Jax and Robert: They watching Nina walk away! ROFL! Naughty boys. :) Oh Jerry Jax talk!!! YAY! :)

    Robert and Sonny: Awww Dev talk. :) Sonny really wants to protect this boy! Awwww! :)


    V.C. and Curtis: Jerry Jax talk!!! :) Hmmm Jerry Jax was brought up twice. Is Jerry coming to Port Chuckles?! :) Dirt on Jax! ROFL!

    1. So, Sonya, you too commented on Liz's fugly blouse! I guess that the Lila Quartermaine style has become the fashion!

    2. "AntJoan So, Sonya, you too commented on Liz's fugly blouse!"

      Hahaha yup! :)

      "I guess that the Lila Quartermaine style has become the fashion!"

      Yeah I guess so!!!! :) Lila looked great in those outfits, but Liz is way too young to be wearing those types of outfits.


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