Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Sing in Harmony

DA Lady--she's won't believe them that Shiloh is a sexual predator. They play the tape for her. She says there's circumstances that are preventing her from doing anything. Jason says they got all the pledges. He burned them. EXCEPT FOR HERS!! dun dun dunnnn....
Margot calls in Shiloh's arrest. 

Shiloh grabs Harmony and asks about the baby: DID YOU KNOW? She says NOPE. He charges her with finding the baby..that's her mission. She'll be out of DOD if she doesn't.

Sam is going to be Willow? Julian is getting her to burn the paper trail to Wiley's adoption. They end up stealing the paperwork from some town clerk.  Julian and Sam bonded a bit over this. 

Brad is talking to Michael and Michael is holding Wiley. OMG Wiley is ADORABLE he looks about 50!!  LOL ..bow tie. Very cute. Brad leaves.... Chase and Michael talk about Willow. 

Lucas goes to talk to Willow about Wiley. Willow explains why she didn't want Shiloh to know. He says he doesn't either. They talk about what's best for him. 

ADOPTION/SHILOH: MOOT POINT when Nelle rears her head again. 

Peter, Maxie and Lulu talk about what a good story Ryan's kidney will make. I guess Lulu's trying to catch some guy that scam's women out of money and property. OH YOU mean SAM~~ but a man??

PS. Julian doesn't know the baby is Michael's-- he thinks Brad got the baby from a homeless woman.



  1. Karen, I think you mean Shiloh was arrested at the end of the show?? . . .

    Once again, a parade of people in and out of Willow's empty classroom . . .

  2. Ok - haven't watched yet - but I think Antjoan that most people that want to confront Willow would prefer to do so in the absence of a classroom full of children - just a guess

    1. Yes, sure, so everyone just marches into her classroom all day long, knowing that there are no children there, in fact there are no children or other teachers anywhere to be found, and anyone is just allowed to come into the school? Just a guess, but I think that this makes no sense . . .

    2. Lucas didn't even have a visitor 's pass.Is there any kind of security @ the school?

    3. Also, how does everyone know just when her classroom will be empty? Do they all know her students' schedules?

  3. Lucas and Willow scene was awesome. She is fitting into the canvas nicely. It doesnt feel forced.

    1. "Lucas and Willow scene was awesome."

      It was!!!! :)

      "She is fitting into the canvas nicely."

      Yes she is!!!! :)

      "It doesnt feel forced."

      No it doesn't!!!! :)

    2. Totally agree 30 Something! And I have to say, they would make a very cute couple, except for the Lucas being gay!

  4. The hospital:

    King Mufasa's room: and King Mufasa: So basically,

    King Mufasa: Find out where my child is!!!! Yes master. I will find your baby master.

    King Mufasa: Good girl.

    Town clerk:

    Sam and Julian: Oh wow!!! Love Sam's outfit, looks great on her! Love that Julian and Sam are working together!!!! :) It was great! Love the little slap on his arm that she did hahahaha.

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Hiney, Maxie, and Lulu: Oh I like their scene. :) No Lulu don't leave!!!!

    Miney: Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Maxie you are talking about Dante way too much. Can you talk about something else? Or do you have a tiny crush on Dante? :)

    School/Willow's room:

    Lucas and Willow: Well glad Lucas knows that Willow is a good person. :) Oh Lucas that is a very nice offer, to tell her that she could be in Wiley's life, although she is not the mother.

    Chillow: Chase gets a phone call and he is so excited! So is Willow!! Chase is so excited that he wins the line of the day!

    Chase: YES!!!

    HAHAHAHAAHAHHAA! The way he yelled it and the movements! Hahahaha! and Willow: So basically, Willow my sweet sweet girl. My beautiful daughter. Tell me where your baby is!

    Willow: No! He will find out. Tell me.

    Willow: No!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Brad, Lucas, and Jonah: Jonah is so adorable!!!! He looks so sleepy. :)

    "Karen says he looks about 50!! LOL"

    ROFL! You're right he does!!! Hahahaha!

    Brucas: Oh glad Lucas is relaxed.. So is Brad.

    Sam and Julian: Hey Sam is being nice to him and giving him a compliment. Me likey. :)

    Jasam: Man the lighting is making Jason's blue eyes pop!!!!! :) *drool* :)

    Carson home:

    Sason and Margoooooo: Margoo when you went through the initiation with King Mufasa, did you sleep with him?

    The hospital part 2/King Mufasa's room:

    King Mufasa and Chase: Chase arrests King Mufasa! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!

    1. 2 thumbs up for the line of the day. Chase was a stitch!

  5. I'm confused. Julian does know Wiley is Michael's. There was a whole scene with julian telling Brad to lose the guilt because him and Brad were better than the dangers of being a corinthos.

  6. Julian does NOT know that Wiley is Michael's; Brad told him that the baby belonged to a homeless woman.
    You know how Julian is always making disparaging remarks re Sonny& this was one of those times.

  7. Karen said "I guess Lulu's trying to catch some guy that scam's women out of money and property. OH YOU mean SAM~~ but a man??" BWHAAAAAA!!!! I spit out my coffee! Thanks for making my morning.

    Margoo is an idiot (ranking up there with Neener) and I hope yesterday was her last day. The writers really did not do the actress any favors at all. Worthless character!.

    Loved Willow yesterday in every scene she was in. I am really a fan!

    1. I also like Willow. I hope she remains as a regular and gets a contract soon.

  8. I'm sure Willow is sticking around as the Michael baby story is dragging on FOREVER . . . And so is Skanky Shiloh . . .

    God, Harmony is SOOO pathetic as a character, does she really believe she will be Skank's most treasured minion after she brings him his child after he treats her like s--t?


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