Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Veronica Cartwright to Guest on GH

WOW...the wonderful VERONICA CARTWRIGHT is coming to GH!! Why am I so excited?? I remember her in SO many things. She was a child star and I totally remember her from The Birds: 

Veronica was also in Alien as Lambert (was due to play Ripley but got bumped for SW), LA Law and... the X-Files.  Her IMDb is huge. She's NOT to be mixed-up with her 'more famous' sister, Angela who was in The Sound of Music and Lost in Space. 

Her character has a 5 arc show and she's seen in previews with Ava. Who could she be? Famous art buyer?  Someone's mother or grandmother?? Maybe something to do withe Nelle and the baby?? Hmmmm... let the speculation run wild.  By the way, I'm not angry there's a 'new character'--she's on for a guest arc. I think those add to the show!!  

PS. Thank you for the well wishes on my nose situation. I'll write more in today's blog if I watch live. 


  1. I was going to go with Kevin and Ryan's mother (presumed dead, but kept in a mental institution by Ryan all these years. Ryan dies and she comes a-callin to see who did this to her son)

    But instead I am going to go my usual fun, sarcastic, off the wall route. I want her to be Griffin's grandmother. She comes to town to confront Ava and see exactly who was cradle-robbing her little grandson. Maybe Griffin committed suicide over Ava/Kikki off screen and granny is coming to drop off a little momento for Ava?

    Whatver she does, I hope that she is a force to be reckoned with. I dont want her to be a timid creature by any means. She can play hard and I want her to bring it.

    PS. She played Jack's mother on Will & Grace.


  2. Welcome back, Karen.

    I don't mind guest stars either. Maybe she'll be the nurse who took Nina's baby and gave her to Harmony.

  3. Welcome back Karen! Hope you aren't experiencing too much discomfort. Really excited about VC - excellent actress. Angela was the little girl on the Danny Thomas Show, if anyone remembers that.

    1. I do I do!! Loved The Danny Thomas show! And I even enjoy the reruns!

  4. Feel better Karen. Hope they gave you good drugs.


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