Thursday, June 20, 2019

I see Sam's weird Moss growing in Corinthos' kitchen LMAO. Jarly is arguing about Jason going alone to Beecher's Corners'. Cripes. BORING
Carly is such a mouth. Carly wants her to go to a therapist.
Carly should not be pregnant.
CARLY AND JASON should have had a HUGE AFFAIR under Sonny's nose. Can you imagine???Sonny finding out?? OMG!! SOAPY!! 

Liz is having Coffee and Sympathy with Kim. Kim looks really haggard, like really realistic. Liz says "I don't know how you're feeling but.." UM WTF? YEAH, YA DO..Jake DIED remember?? Pretty tragically as well.  That was a dumb line.

photo: SID

Sonny and Turkey Boy. "Dey didn't helps me of the WSB so I toog the mooly and escaped" Good lord. ICE gonna come for this kid or what? 
Upshot is: Sonny tells Chase that Dev is an old friend of the family. Yada yada. 

Drew to Franco "Do you think you can be the brother you were once to me" LOL..Franco haters gonna LOVE that. Pffffffffft. Franco's working on a party invite for he and Elizabeth. 

Later, Drew gets a call from Kim. She wants DINNER. Ummmmmmm booty for Baby

Willow and Michael. She's telling him about her Dad. He followed her mom all over and joined whatever she did. He didn't like DOD though. He left and she shunned him. He reached out and she finally said she'd go see him but Shiloh decided it was time for her initiation at that point and she did that instead. And when she did go there, she found him dead in his hotel bathroom. 

Kevin and Neal know each other from the past.  Neal wants a session with Kevin--he has conflicting feelings for a patient. He also says he shares a history that would help Alexis deal with what she's going through. 

Diane and Alexis dish about Alexis' sessions with Dr. Neal and Diane can tell she likes him. Diane googles Neal Burns. AND Says 'NOT David Burns"..Alexis doesn't KNOW WHO THE TALKING HEADS ARE?? WTF? I will NOT accept that. NOPE. 
Anyway, A death notice came up for him. Hmmmmmm, if this is Willow's DAD why didn't she recognize him at the Cabin? IF Kevin knew him 7 years ago-- he didn't change his face, right? I DON'T GET THIS. 
Oh NOW I DO!! Ok, so "Joanna Burn" died... his daugther! SO probably SHE was in DOD!! Ok, got it.
Aren't you glad you worked through that with me. 


  1. Karen, my eyes thank you for the alternate spelling.

  2. KD said... Liz says "I don't know how you're feeling but.." UM WTF? YEAH, YA DO..Jake DIED remember?? Pretty tragically as well. That was a dumb line.

    ...Yes it was. Just another example of writers who haven’t bothered to check the history.

    I tried to FF through screechy Carly but they're on to me and they kept the scene

    I think Sonny will get Robert to sort out the passport thing since the WSB is supposed to be protecting this kid.

    1. "I tried to FF through screechy Carly but they're on to me and they kept the scene"


    2. LOL DI!!! Karen I had the same reaction as you, Alexis doesn't know who the talking heads are???

  3. Kelly's:

    Diane and Alexis: Diane wins the line of the day.

    Diane: Dr Burn can't be the only therapist under the sun. So find yourself a new one and take him for a spin on your couch.


    "Karen says Ok, so "Joanna Burn" died... his daugther! SO probably SHE was in DOD!! Ok, got it."

    Yeah I'm confused myself. Hmmmm. So if Willow is his daughter, that means he has two daughters. Or if Willow isn't his daughter, then he has 1 daughter who died.

    Michael and Willow: Oh look Willow killed her father. Oh no wait she feels like she killed him because she has all the guilt feels. How did he REALLY die? Did King Mufasa kill him? Daisy?

    Carson Kitchen:

    Jason and Carly: Oh come on Carly!!! If you want to go see your daughter at the police station, then GO! Great scene, but she should have gone to the police station, and she should have eaten the bacon burgers. So she gets a text from Joss, and it says they have a surprise? HUH?! Carly doesn't know this boy! So why would it be a surprise for her?

    Police station:

    Dev and Sonny: Great scene!!! Hmmm that story he told, I really want to believe him. I wonder if Dev is short for Devon. :)

    Dev and Joss: Oh look. They are having eye sex. :)

    The hospital:

    Drew and BobTodd: Great scene!!!!! :)

    Drew: Do you think you can be the brother you were once to me?

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    "Karen says, Franco haters gonna LOVE that."

    ROFL! Oh I bet! :) And then I can say, I told you so.. Hmmm nah I won't say that. :)

    Doc's office:

    Doctor Neil and Doc: Hmmmmm very very interesting. They know each other.. Ohhh Neil has feelings for Alexis!! Well, then you just got to not be her therapist anymore, and then she can find another one, and then you two can date. :)

    CarlyKim's home:

    CarlyKim and Liz: When Liz brought food, I was thinking, lasagna? :)

    Liz: It's a vegetarian Lasagna!

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! :) GIMMIE! :) When they were talking about Julian and asking him for a baybay, I was wondering if she going to ask Liz if she can have her baby? :) You know, carry her baby for her.. Nope. :) Oh oh! She wants Drew's baybay! :)

  4. First, how did Turkey boy know where Sonny and Dante live?

    Second, therapists cannot date their patients if they stop treating them. I know that "Kevin" (Ryan) did that with Ava, and now Alexis is being encouraged to leave treatment to date Neal, but therapists cannot have contact with patients outside the treatment room, even after treatment is over.

    Third, Liz came to CarlyKim's with a lasagna, but no purse.

  5. Maybe she left her purse in the car?
    Why can't a therapist/pt date AFTER the sessions are no longer needed? Or if they find another therapist? Seems stupid.

    1. I don't think it's safe to leave your purse in your car . . .

      Here's why therapists cannot date or socialize with former patients: The relationship between therapist and patient is one-sided. You know everything about them, and they should know very little about you. As they made clear in yesterday's show, you can share past experiences if that is helpful to the patient, but they should NEVER know anything about your current life. So, of course, patients might want to socialize with you, as it is very pleasurable to have a one-sided relationship where you are the focus. However, in actual relationships, people tell each other their problems. Your patient might idealize you because they don't know you, and it likely would be a shock to them to interact with you on another level. Plus, and this is REALLY IMPORTANT, MANY patients end up returning to therapy for one reason or another. Once you have become their friend/lover, you no longer would be able to treat them, which likely would be a loss to the patient. I have had sooo many patients return to me, and I was glad to be able to be there for them. Otherwise, they would have to search out someone else to treat them, and have to start all over.

      The relationship between therapist and patient is like a delicate spider web that you weave over time, and it does take time, to build trust and to build a connection that allows the patient to feel safe. Violating boundaries pokes a hole in that web, and it loses its integrity.

  6. I like the name screechy Carly! Lordy she has been such a pill this week. I tried ffing thru too, lol!

    I really wish Dr. Neil was Willow's dad. They would be great together and I'm still holding out hope. The whole Kim bay-bay thing is is not to my liking. She needs to sleep for 2 days and rethink the entire situation, sheesh!

    On the plus side I haven't had to watch the Krissie murmurer for the past couple of days. Bonus!



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